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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior

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"Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior" is the thirty-fourth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the thirty-fourth episode, it aired as the fifty-eight episode during the show's original run.




  • Junk Yard
  • Hollowed out Hilltop Interrogation Center
  • A Swamp
  • Rabbit Village
  • A Just add water dehydrated castle

Sonic's Disguises

  • Used Car Salesman
  • World War I German Interrogator


A rabbit named Updike is trying to escape from Scratch and Grounder. He is quickly rescued by Tails who takes him to Sonic, who is hanging out in the junk yard with his old friends, Big Griz and Big Mike, Da Bears. Updike shows Sonic that Dr. Robotnik is making his village build a large statue of himself. The people will not be given any food unless they work. Sonic declares that he is going to help.

Tails fixes a large truck with help from Da Bears. While Da Bears take the truck for a test drive, Scratch and Grounder burrow underground in Robotnik's Egg-o-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer. The Badniks tunnel up through the ground right in front of Sonic. Scratch grabs Updike, but Sonic distracts him dressed as a used car salesman. Sonic convinces Scratch and Grounder to test drive an old car. They crash into a pile of beat up cars. One of the cars from the pile falls on Big Mike knocking him unconscious. Seeing that he is defenseless, Scratch and Grounder capture Big Mike. They escape dragging Big Mike under the car being pulled by the Egg-o-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer. Sonic attempts to follow them, but Scratch throws dynamite, stopping Sonic in his tracks.

Scratch and Grounder begin interrogating Big Mike in a hollowed out hilltop interrogation center. Sonic shows up dressed like a German Captain from World War I. Sonic convinces Scratch and Grounder to reveal all their secrets and traps to Big Mike and Sonic listens and writes them down. Sonic frees Big Mike and they escape. Sonic apologizes for making Big Mike mad. Big Mike assures Sonic that he likes being mad.

After driving through some traps in their truck, Sonic, Tails, Updike and Da Bears are pursued by the Toad Warriors. Big Mike says he is now Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior. By dumb luck, the Toad warriors are defeated.

Scratch and Grounder add water to a pill which creates a castle. The Castle is stormed by Da Bears, Sonic and Tails. Updike stays with the truck. Sonic introduces Da Bears as Sir Griz the big and Sir Mike the mad. Scratch and Grounder run away and create a giant Black Knight robot which chases Da Bears. Sonic walkie talkies Updike and tells him to press the red button in the truck. Updike presses it and the truck transforms into a robot dragon. The dragon flames the Black Knight and he runs away.

Sonic and the gang deliver the truck to the rabbits in Updike's village. The truck is full of Chili Dogs which all the rabbits eat and rejoice. The rabbits then turn on Robotnik and chase him up his statue. Robotnik escapes in his Egg-O-Matic. Sonic redesigns Robotnik's statue to depict Da Bears which leads to everyone cheering. Robotnik tries calling Scratch and Grounder but they're both flattened and unable to pick up as the Black Knight robot walks away. As he hangs up, Robotnik is furious that he can't yell at anyone and shouts "I hate that hedgehog!"

Sonic Sez

Updike finds Grounder's headache pills. Sonic teaches him not to take pills that are prescribed to someone else.

Updike: (Finds Grounder's pills after he dropped them while chasing Scratch) "Just what I need!"

Sonic: "Hold it, Updike! (reads perscription bottle label, then turns to the kids) If you're sick and need medicine, ask your parents to get it for you. Never, ever take medicine that isn't yours. Someone else's perscription could be bad medicine for you!"


  • "Sonic Says"
    • While Sonic looks at Grounders pill bottle his hand is colored peach instead of white.
    • In the first scene where Sonic stops Updike from taking Grounder's medicine he is seen without a blue scarf, but after he is finished reading the bottle he is seen with a blue scarf on.

Title in other languages

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  • This episode's writer, Doug Booth also wrote "The Robotnik Express", the first appearance of Da Bears.
  • The robotic Dragonflies in this episode could possibly be meant to be Buzz Bomber, though their names are never mentioned.
  • When Sonic dresses like a used car salesman, his clothes are very similar to those of Wes Weasely.
  • Sonic uses a German accent while in one of his disguises in this episode. He also uses a German accent in the episode "The Robot's Robot" where he dresses as an Albert Einstein inspired Professor.
  • This episode's title is named after the character Mad Max, the Road Warrior.
  • This is one of the few times where Sonic calls Tails by his real name, Miles.
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