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This character exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Mad Mike, formerly known as Big Mike, is a character in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a Chicagoan bear and one of the Da Bears, along with his partner Big Griz.


Big Mike is at least three times the size of Sonic. He possesses a large belly and muzzle, and has well big arms and short legs. He has dark brown and coconut-colored fur and green eyes, and wears a blue vest.


When seeing the Robotnik Express, Big Mike and Big Griz headed out to stop the train, considering it their "patriotic duty". Hearing Scratch and Grounder gloat through a long distance mega phone about capturing Sonic, Big Mike and Big Griz set out to rescue them. However, when they got there, they found Scratch and Grounder wrapped up in bandages (due to Sonic freeing himself and Tails). They freed Scratch and Grounder, believing they were Sonic and Tails, and were tricked by the Badniks into helping them stop Sonic and Tails, who they were convinced were Scratch and Grounder, from hijacking the Robotnik Express.[1]

Big Mike and Big Griz attempted several times to stop Sonic and Tails, but were continuously foiled. As they got stuck to the front of the train which was heading for a large cactus patch, Big Mike and Big Griz were saved by Sonic and were convinced that they had been tricked once Sonic and Tails proved who they were. To redeem themselves, they helped Sonic and Tails keep the explosive-laden train from crashing into the Buffalo village. Once Robotnik's munitions factory was destroyed with the train, Big Mike and Big Griz celebrated their victory until Sonic and Tails left.[1]

Some time later, Big Mike and Big Griz assisted Sonic and Tails in saving a starving village who were forced into constructing a Robotnik statue. As they prepared for the trip to the village, Big Mike was kidnapped by Scratch and Grounder who took him to be interrogated. When Sonic arrived in a disguise, Big Mike was used by Sonic to make Scratch and Grounder revealed the secret booby traps on the way to the village, though the process made Big Mike angry and he decided to change his name to Mad Mike. Once Sonic freed him, the two got away from Scratch and Grounder and rejoined their friends. Mad Mike and Big Griz then helped Sonic and his friends get the food to village by helping clear the booby traps. Once they brought food to the village and drove Robotnik off, Sonic redesigned Robotnik's statue to depict Mad Mike and Big Griz in their honor.[2]

A while later, Mad Mike and Big Griz were invited by Tails to Sonic's award ceremony and they agree to attend. During the show, Robotnik tried to sink the ship where the award ceremony was being held, with Mad Mike and the others trapped onboard. However, they were saved by Sonic and were soon after able to continue the ceremony.[3]


Mad Mike is fairly slow in the head and not very bright. He is also highly gullible, as he was easily tricked by Scratch. Despite his stupidity, Mad Mike is extremely loyal to the freedom fighter cause and will never give up a fight. Being a big fan of Sonic and Tails, he is set to help Sonic stop Robotnik in any way he can. He also has an explosive temper once he is provoked enough, which he actually enjoys.

Powers and abilities

Mad Mike is gifted with considerable physical strength. He can easily smash swarms of robots with his bare hands and can uproot an entire tree with brute force. He is also a skilled driver.


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