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Sonic Rush Adventure
Machine Labyrinth

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Machine Labyrinth (マシンラビリンス Mashinrabirinsu?) is the second stage of Sonic Rush Adventure. It takes place on a mechanized island driven by steam that is located west-southwest of Southern Island in Blaze's world. Bronze Material can be earned by completing this stage's Acts.


Possessing an orange and green sky, Machine Labyrinth is a fully mechanical island dominated by metallic stream-powered machinery and factories, with various types of pipes, grids and large cylinder-shaped boilers everywhere. With steam plumes emitting all around, the place is quite jaunty. The only organic things on the island are orange-leafed bushes fenced in by wire grid fences.

The buildings consist mostly of metallic archways and pillars on the inside and the solid surfaces along the paths are constructed from a patchwork of orange, brown and green metal blocks. The winding roadways are made of grey beams webbed together.


Following Tabby's advise, Sonic, Tails and Marine traveled to Machine Labyrinth in search of new Materials. Upon arriving, Sonic and Tails looked around while the curious Marine immediately wandered off on her own, prompting Sonic to go look for her.

When Sonic and Tails found Marine (who insisted she was looking for them), they were attacked by the Ghost Pendulum. Destroying the robot, Sonic brought back some Bronze Material which Tails could built a better boat with. Though the trio pondered about who was behind the Ghost Pendulum, Marine erroneously assumed that an evil organization was after her.


The major gimmick of Machine Labyrinth is the steam-powered Hang Glider which enables midair traversing. Other exclusive gimmicks include steam plumes that can push the characters into the air like Springs and enable Trick Actions (sometimes they are capped by a plug which can be broken), and midair steam pinwheels similar to the Flywheels which keep the characters moving in a circle until they jump off in the direction the player wishes them to go. There are also 3D drums that send the characters bouncing into the foreground or background, thus enabling the player to get around solid walls, before depositing them back in the level proper, and vac-tubes (based on the Winding Tunnels/High-speed elevators) that suck the characters through a pipe and deposit them in another area.


Main article: Ghost Pendulum

The boss of Machine Labyrinth is the Ghost Pendulum, a floating robot with pendulums hanging from it. It can be fought after clearing Machine Labyrinth Act 2. On the first time however, the player can only fight it with Sonic the Hedgehog.

In battle, the Ghost Pendulum can defend itself by sprouting spikes on its pendulums or releasing shockwaves. To beat it, the player must knock the pendulums around the Ghost Pendulum into the robot's body. Repeat this process until its health is depleted and land the final blow. Two larger balls will be added later into the fight which can deal more damage, but are also harder to move.







Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Machine Labyrinth (Act1&2 Mix)" 3:00




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