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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
MacHopper (episode)

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "MacHopper".

[The episode begins with a view of rain clouds. Thunder booms and lightning flashes, and the camera moves down to Robotnik's fortress. Inside, Dr. Robotnik is sitting at his desk, and the camera moves to the right side of the screen.]

Scratch: Dr. Robotnik, your supreme nastiness!

[The doors open, and Scratch and Grounder walk through them. Grounder is pushing a wheelbarrow that MacHopper, who is wearing handcuffs, is sitting in.]

Scratch: Here's the recruit who volunteered to eliminate Sonic! Bwahahaha!
MacHopper: In a pig's eye, mate! I've been battling Dr. Bigbuttnik...

[MacHopper grabs Scratch's right tail feather with both his hands and pulls it.]

Scratch: Yeow-how-how!

[MacHopper is now holding Scratch's right tail feather in his left hand, and he uses it to pick the lock on the right wrist of his handcuffs.]

MacHopper: Ever since I was a wee nipper!

[MacHopper hops out of the wheelbarrow.]

MacHopper: And I've got no plans to stop now!

[MacHopper tosses Scratch's right tail feather like a boomerang, and it hits a magnet. Scratch stares in shock and squawks. He grabs the wheelbarrow with both his hands, and grunts as he tries to hold onto it, but the magnet is too strong, and it pulls him in.]

Scratch: Dr. Robotnik, save me!

[Scratch squawks in fear.]

Dr. Robotnik: Excellent work, MacHopper!

[Robotnik presses a button on his control panel with his left index finger. The camera moves to the right side of the screen, where MacHopper is.]

Robotnik: It's exactly that kind of talent which made me realize that you may be the one Mobian citizen talented enough to capture the hedgehog!

[MacHopper looks around, and four arms appear from offscreen. They wrap themselves around him. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic is running across the forest as it is still raining. He stops when he comes to some trees.]

Sonic: Tails, get down from there!

[The camera moves up to Tails, who is flying above the trees.]

Tails: What's the big deal, Sonic? It's only a little rain!

[Sonic runs up the side of a tree. He snatches Tails and runs back down the tree just in time as a bolt of lightning strikes the tree. When Sonic and Tails are at the bottom of the tree, Sonic points his left index finger at Tails.]

Sonic: It's not the rain I was worried about, little buddy!

[The top of the tree, which has caught fire, lands near Sonic and Tails.]

Sonic: We gotta speed, keed! I just heard that our buddy, MacHopper is a prisoner at Robotnik's lab!

[Sonic runs away, and Tails flies behind him.]

Sonic: And we've gotta get him out before they do somethin' awful to him!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where MacHopper is sitting in a chair and wearing a device on his head as Robotnik looks at him.]

Robotnik: And now, it's time to deal with Mr. MacHopper's attitude problem!
MacHopper: Just wait till' me mates, Sonic and Tails find out about this! You'll be in trouble!
Robotnik: Grounder! Get over here!

[Grounder rolls in, and turns both his drills into cables with plugs. He rolls up to MacHopper.]

MacHopper: They won't let you get away with this! Oh, no, they won't!

[Grounder plugs the plugs into the device on MacHopper's head. Robotnik is now sitting at his desk again, and turns to face MacHopper.]

Robotnik: Oh, yes, they will!

[Robotnik presses a button with his right index finger. The light above them turns on, and emits electrical sparks. The camera moves down to Grounder and MacHopper, and the sparks surge through them. The camera then cuts to a view of Robotnik and zooms in on him.]

Robotnik: And once your brain's been suitably reprogrammed,

[Robotnik's eyes become hypnotic.]

Robotnik: Your one goal in life will be to capture Sonic and Tails!

[The camera cuts to a view of MacHopper, who is in a hypnotic trance, and zooms in on him.]

MacHopper: Capture Sonic and Tails!

[Robotnik gets out of his seat.]

Robotnik: And bring them to me!

[Thunder booms and a lightning bolt strikes Robotnik's fortress, creating an explosion that is used as a transition to the next scene, where Sonic runs across the path, then screeches to a halt when he comes across a Mobium. Tails lands near Sonic and tries to grab the Mobium with his left hand, but Sonic puts his left foot over it and points his right index finger at MacHopper.]

Sonic: Look, it's Mac!
Tails: That's great, Sonic, but if you don't mind, you just stopped on a dime, and I could use that change!

[Sonic lifts his left foot, revealing the Mobium underneath, which shines. MacHopper hops up to him and Tails. Tails is about to grab the Mobium with his left hand, but MacHopper grabs it with his left hand. Tails stares angrily at him, and swirls spin around MacHopper's head.]

MacHopper: Thank you, waiter! I was looking for that everywhere!

[MacHopper puts the Mobium in his left front pocket, and grabs Tails' right wrist with his left hand. He walks away, with him in tow.]

MacHopper: Now, if you'll take my order, I'd like a chili dog with a side of eucalyptus leaves!

[Sonic holds up his left hand like a stop sign.]

Sonic: MacHopper, are you okay? Don't you recognize us? It's me, Sonic!

[MacHopper walks up to Sonic and shakes his right hand with his right hand.]

MacHopper: Hey, I never forget a face! Now, who'd you say you are?

[The camera zooms out on Sonic and MacHopper as Tails walks up to them.]

Tails: It's Sonic and Tails, MacHopper!
MacHopper: And who is this "MacHopper" bloke people keep confusing me with?

[Sonic and Tails run up to each other.]

Sonic: Tails, it's worse than I thought! Dr. Robotnik has stolen his mind!
MacHopper: Mind? I don't mind if you don't mind!

[MacHopper hops away, and up to a tree tied back like a catapult, with a raft on it.]

MacHopper: Now, if you'll just follow me to this little gizmo I tossed together in my spare time!

[MacHopper hops onto the raft, as do Sonic and Tails.]

MacHopper: My unerring instinct for chili dogs tells me, if I take this axe here,

[MacHopper pulls out an axe with his right hand. Sonic and Tails stare in shock and scream. MacHopper is now holding the axe in his left hand, and uses it to cut the rope holding the tree together.]

MacHopper: And cut this rope here,

[MacHopper cuts the rope, causing the tree to launch the raft into the air.]

MacHopper: We'll be munchin' chili dogs in no time flat!

[The tree that was on the raft falls off.]

Sonic: Either that, or pushin' up daisies!

[Tails jumps off the raft, but Sonic runs up to him and grabs his left tail with his right hand.]

Tails: But I like flying with the top down!

[Sonic tosses Tails into the air, and Tails flies.]

Sonic: That's okay for you, little buddy, but some of us are gonna need a parachute!

[Tails flies down to a clothesline, which a sheet is hanging from.]

Tails: I knew that!

[Tails grabs the sheet with both his hands, and the raft begins to fall.]

Sonic: Let's rotor those tails, Tails! I'm waiting!

[Tails lands next to MacHopper.]

MacHopper: Oh, a hankerchief! That's just what I...

[MacHopper is about to grab the sheet with his right hand, but Sonic runs up to it and snatches it with his left hand. He ties it around the edges of the raft.]

MacHopper: What I...

[MacHopper sneezes. The force of his sneeze pushes him back, and he is about to fall off the raft, but Sonic grabs his tail with both his hands and pulls him back.]

Sonic: Gesundheit, Mac! But I'd stick around if I were you, because it's munchin' time!

[The raft floats down to Dogster's restaurant, and crashes through the roof. Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder drive a pink car down the road to Dogster's.]

Scratch: We gotta get Mac, or Dr. Robotnik's gonna turn us into paperweights!

[The camera zooms in on Dogster's, and Scratch points his left index finger at it.]

Scratch: Hey hey! Hey! That's the Dogeteria, the restaurant where MacHopper's supposed to ambush Sonic!
Grounder: Gee, maybe that means the "Capture Sonic" program's working after all!

[Sonic and Tails lay dazed on the raft, and the camera moves up to MacHopper, who is hanging from the ceiling fan, with hypnotic eyes.]

MacHopper: I say, waiter, could I have some service? Never mind, I'll get it myself!

[MacHopper pulls the switch with his right hand, turning on the ceiling fan, which spins clockwise and tosses him into the vat of chili. Sonic and Tails stare in shock.]

Sonic: Mac! Buddy! Speak to me!

[Sonic and Tails run up to the vat of chili that MacHopper is in.]

Sonic: Are you okay?

[MacHopper jumps out of the vat of chili and all over the restaurant. He lands on the raft.]

MacHopper: Wallopin' wallabies! Heh heh! That chili packs a punch! G'day, Sonic, g'day, Tails! What brings you blokes here? And care to join me in a dog or two?

[MacHopper falls over.]

Tails: Sonic! What do you think happened?
Sonic: The chili must have restored his mind!

[Sonic and Tails run away.]

Sonic: Which means we'd better get some more into him, pronto!

[Sonic pushes a hospital bed with both his hands, and Tails is carrying a syringe and funnel with both his hands. Sonic grunts as he picks up MacHopper with both his hands and places him on the hospital bed. He then holds out his right hand.]

Sonic: Syringe!

[Tails hands Sonic the syringe with his left hand.]

Tails: Syringe!

[Sonic removes the top of the syringe with his right hand.]

Sonic: Funnel!

[Tails puts the funnel in the syringe with his left hand.]

Tails: Funnel!
Sonic: Chili!

[Tails is holding a ladle in his left hand, and he scoops up some chili.]

Tails: Chili!

[Tails puts the chili in the syringe, and Sonic puts the top of the funnel back on with his right hand.]

Sonic: Now, say "Ah!"

[Sonic puts the funnel in MacHopper's mouth.]

Tails: Sonic, look out!

[Tails points his left index finger at a loose rope holding the raft together. The rope breaks, and the raft falls apart. Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper all fall off the raft. MacHopper's eyes become hypnotic.]

MacHopper: I say, young chap, have you ever had the uncontrollable urge to capture a hedgehog?

[MacHopper hops up to the counter and picks up a bag with both his hands. He puts it over the vat of chili, and the fumes from it cause the bag to inflate.]

MacHopper: Cause if you did, all you have to do is collect a bunch of chili fumes, like so,

[MacHopper is now holding the fume-filled bag in his left hand. He then pulls out a tray of linked sausages with his left hand. He picks them up with the same hand and ties them around the bag of fumes.]

MacHopper: Load in a string of hot links, like so, and fire them at the nearest convenient hedgehog, like so!

[Sonic stares in shock and gasps.]

Sonic: Yikes!

[The linked sausages wrap themselves around Sonic. MacHopper is now standing near the door, which Scratch pushes open with his left hand.]

Scratch: Ho ho! MacHopper! You've done it! You've captured Sonic! Bwahahaha!
Grounder: Oh, Dr. Robotnik will be so proud of us!

[As the camera cuts to a view of MacHopper and zooms in on his face, stars spin around him, and his eyes are hypnotic.]

MacHopper: Whoa, who's Dr. Robotnik? Who's Sonic? And who is this bloke MacHopper?

[Tails flies up to Sonic and grabs the syringe with both his hands. He sprays the chili at MacHopper.]

Tails: Let's see if this Chili can jog your memory!

[MacHopper blubbers as he shakes the chili off his face.]

MacHopper: Oh, hoo-whee! Now I remember everything! Oh, caterwauling koalas! What have I done?

[Scratch and Grounder walk up to MacHopper.]

Scratch: You've made all our dreams come true! Bwahahaha!
Sonic: The dim-bots are right, and that calls for a celebration!

[Tails, who is disguised as a waiter, and holding a pencil in his left hand and a pad of paper in his right, runs up to Scratch and Grounder.]

Tails: Shall we say, chili dogs all around?
Scratch: We're robots, we don't eat!
Grounder: I do! That spicy stuff cleans out my turbo charger!

[Tails runs up to Sonic and winks his left eye at him.]

Sonic: Then chili dogs all around is what it'll be!

[Tails grabs the linked sausages Sonic are tied in with his left hand, untying them from Sonic, and Scratch and Grounder stare in shock as they get tied up in them. Steam emits from Scratch's ears.]

Scratch: Hog-tied by hot links? How humiliating!

[Sonic and Tails run past MacHopper.]

Sonic: Now, let's get out of here!
MacHopper: Oh, where's "Here"?

[Tails, who is now holding the syringe in both his hands, puts it in MacHopper's mouth, and sprays chili into it.]

MacHopper: Oh, this "here"! Okay, guys, follow me!

[MacHopper hops out the door, and Sonic and Tails follow behind him. They come to a rowboat near a gristmill. MacHopper puts his left hand on Sonic's left shoulder, and his right hand on Tails' right shoulder.]

MacHopper: Now listen up, mates, here's what we do!

[Scratch hops himself and Grounder out of Dogster's.]

Scratch: D'oh, if I ever get my beak on that hedgehog, he's in for a peck of trouble!

[Scratch jumps himself and Grounder into the pink car. He then presses the ON button with his beak, and the pink car drives through Dogster's. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic runs up to a pink bicycle.]

Sonic: It's a great plan, MacHopper! I'll build it just the way you said!

[Sonic is now holding wrenches in both his hands, and he runs around the bicycle. He then runs away with it, and up to the gristmill's water wheel. He then runs away with it, and they are revealed to be the pedal-powered mechanism for the rowboat. Sonic is now in it, wearing a green life jacket.]

Sonic: Come on, slow-mos! Hop in!

[MacHopper hops into the rowboat, as does Tails. They are also both wearing green life jackets.]

Sonic: Because I'm up, over, and gone!

[Sonic jumps onto the bicycle and pedals on it. Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder drive the pink car through Dogster's, and into the water.]

Scratch: Ho! They're doomed! They're done for! Bwahahaha!

[As Sonic continues pedaling, Tails and MacHopper look behind him.]

Tails: Faster, Sonic! They're gaining on us!
Sonic: That's because I was coasting!

[Sonic pedals faster, creating a wave, and Scratch and Grounder stare at it. It splashes them. They scream as they sink into the water. They then poke their heads, both of which have stars spinning around them, out of it.]

Grounder: Scratch, I'm getting this terrible sinking feeling!
Scratch: Me too!

[Scratch squawks, and Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper look back at him.]

Tails: Way to go, Sonic! Grounder and Scratch'll never catch us now!

[MacHopper stares in shock.]

MacHopper: Whoa! On the other hand, mates,

[The camera cuts to a view of a waterfall, which a rainbow heads down, and zooms in on it.]

MacHopper: There'll be nothing left to catch!

[Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper head towards the waterfall, and the screen fades to black. In the next scene, Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper continue heading towards the waterfall. They eventually fall over it.]

Sonic: Hang on! MacHopper, what's in your pouch?

[As MacHopper talks to Sonic, he reaches into his pouch with both his hands. He pulls out a hammer and a kitchen sink with his right hand, and a screwdriver with his left.]

MacHopper: Oh, just a few things that occasionally come in handy!

[MacHopper reaches into his pouch with his right hand and pulls out a chandelier. Sonic snatches it from him with his left hand.]

Sonic: This chandelier will do!

[Sonic spins the chandelier and tosses it through the waterfall.]

MacHopper: Now why didn't I think of that?

[The chandelier wraps around a rock formation on the other side of the waterfall. The rowboat that Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper are all in lands on the ledge below.]

Tails: All right! We did it!

[Scratch and Grounder drive their car over the edge of the waterfall and scream as they fall down it. As they fall, Grounder's robocom phone rings, and as he and Scratch fall into the whirlpool below, Scratch is revealed to be holding it in his left hand. Scratch chuckles nervously, and as he talks to Robotnik, Grounder screams.]

Scratch: Don't worry, your highness of lowness! We did lose MacHopper, but since he lost his memory, we'll have him back in no time! Get us out of here!

[Robotnik, who is holding the receiver in his left hand, is revealed to be in a junkyard, standing next to his Egg-O-Matic hovercraft and three robots digging through the piles of scrap, one of which resembles Humpty from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.]

Robotnik: As long as you're sure Sonic hasn't saved him!

[Scratch and Grounder's car is revealed to have been washed up on the surface not far from the whirpool, which the camera moves to. Grounder turns his right drill into a harpoon and fires it at the back of the car. He then reels himself and Scratch towards it.]

Scratch: Oh, contraire!
Grounder: Oh, no, we couldn't do that!
Robotnik: Good!

[Robotnik reaches into his Egg-O-Matic with his right hand and pulls out a poster. He unfolds it with his left hand.]

Robotnik: Then all I have to do is post a few "Wanted" posters to let people know I want MacHopper,

[A view of the poster is shown. It says, ROBOTNIK WANTS MACHOPPER, $100,000 REWARD.]

Robotnik: And as a hefty reward!

[Robotnik runs up to the side of a building and puts the poster on it.]

Robotnik: And some greedy fool is bound to...

[Robotnik runs into the sewer and puts another identical poster on the wall near the ladder.]

Robotnik: Bring him back!

[The camera moves over to the right side of the screen, where two rats are. They look at each other in confusion. In the next scene, Robotnik puts another identical poster on a tree, and the camera zooms in on him.]

Robotnik (panting heavily): Eat your heart out, Hedgehog!

[Robotnik reaches into his right front pants pocket with his right hand and pulls out a stopwatch. A view of the stopwatch is shown, revealing it to say, 0:13.]

Robotnik (panting heavily): Three posters, thirteen seconds! Now that's what I call... fast!

[Robotnik groans as he suffers a heart attack. He puts his right hand over his heart and groans in pain, then falls over. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic is holding the half-full syringe of chili in both his hands.]

Sonic: We've got just enough to get you back to Robotnik's lab and reverse what they did to you!

[MacHopper is standing next to the rowboat, revealing the water wheel to have been turned into a helicopter's propeller. He screws it together with a screwdriver he is holding in his right hand.]

MacHopper: And when we get there, I'm gonna give that Roblobnik bloke a piece of my mind!

[MacHopper scratches his head with the screwdriver.]

MacHopper: That is, once I get enough to think, something or what.
Tails: Are we ready for launch?

[Sonic jumps into the rowboat, and MacHopper is revealed to be wearing a pilot's helmet, goggles, and scarf.]

MacHopper: Roger Wilco! Keep the Bow Up, Tails! Okay, Sonic, let her rip!

[Sonic pedals, which starts up the propeller.]

MacHopper: And away we go!

[Tails pulls the rowboat with both his hands, and MacHopper pushes it with both his hands. When they get to the edge of the rock formation, they jump inside, and the rowboat flies out of the waterfall.]

Tails: We did it!

[The camera cuts to a view of Scratch and Grounder in their car, and zooms in on them.]

Grounder: Oh, no! They're getting away!
Scratch: D'oh, not if you use your beak, bolt-brain!

[Scratch slaps Grounder's head with his right hand. Grounder then presses the ON button with his nose, and the car starts up again. A crossbow with two plungers emerges from it. The car follows behind the rowboat, but Grounder fights Scratch over the controls.]

Grounder: Hey, you got to drive last time! It's my...

[The car trips over a rock, causing it to launch Grounder in the air and land him in the crossbow's seat.]

Grounder: Turn! Heh heh, never mind!

[Grounder aims the crossbow at the rowboat, and at Tails, who is flying alongside it.]

Grounder: A-one, and a two, and a...

[Grounder pulls the levers back with both his hands.]

Grounder: Plungers away!

[Grounder fires the plungers, and Tails turns to face them.]

Tails: Oh, no! We're being attacked by toilet bowl utility objects!

[One plunger hits the back of the rowboat, and the other hits Tails' butt. Tails grunts as the plungers pull him and the rowboat in. Sonic pedals faster, causing it to tow Scratch and Grounder's car.]

Scratch: Reel em' in, Grounder, you dimbot!

[Grounder pulls the left lever back with his left hand, and it begins to reel the plunger in. Sonic pedals even faster. So fast, in fact, that this causes the propeller to fly off.]

Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper: Whoops!

[The rowboat falls, and Grounder pulls the left lever forward with his left hand.]

Grounder: Oooh, we got him now! Ha ha!

[A trailer emerges from the back of Scratch and Grounder's car. It reveals itself to be a cage, which opens. Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper all fall towards it.]

Tails: Yeow!
Sonic: Whoa!

[Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper all grunt as they land in the cage, which closes atop them. As Scratch and Grounder travel down the road, Sonic grabs the plunger stuck to Tails' butt with both his hands, and Tails grunts as Sonic pulls it off.]

Tails: What'll we do now?
MacHopper: Why, I don't have the foggiest...

[MacHopper's eyes become hypnotic. Sonic turns to face him, opens his pouch with his right hand, and pulls out the syringe with his left. He squirts the chili from it into MacHopper's mouth, and MacHopper swallows.]

MacHopper: Unless, of course, we all...

[Scratch and Grounder's car comes to a fork in the road, where a tree is.]

MacHopper: Lean right!

[Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper all lean right, and Scratch and Grounder's car goes to the right path, while the cage goes to the left. The rope gets caught in the tree between the paths, and Sonic, Tails, MacHopper, Scratch, and Grounder all scream as the car and cage crash into each other, destroying the cage and causing Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper to fly out of it. MacHopper flies into an apple tree. He looks up a sign with pictures of Robotnik, himself, and a bag of money. The sign implies that Robotnik plus MacHopper equals a hefty cash reward. MacHopper's teeth chatter, and his eyes become hypnotic again.]

MacHopper: Yes, master! I will capture Sonic and Tails, just as you ordered!

[MacHopper shakes his head, and Sonic and Tails run up to him.]

Sonic: Are you okay, Mac?
MacHopper: Right as rain, mate! But before we pay our visit to Dr. Robumnik,

[The camera zooms in, and MacHopper points his left thumb at Scratch and Grounder.]

MacHopper: There's a couple of bolted-together bumpkins who need a hand!
Sonic: I like the way you think!

[Scratch and Grounder's car is revealed to have crashed into the tree, and the camera zooms in on it. Stars spin around Scratch and Grounder's heads.]

Grounder: Oh, what's gonna happen to us now? Not only did we lose our prisoners, but we wrecked Dr. Robotnik's vehicle!

[Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper, all of whom are disguised as mechanics, run up to Scratch and Grounder's car.]

Sonic: Not to worry, the Handy Dandy Mobile Mechanics are here to solve all your vehicular ills!

[Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper all run around Scratch and Grounder's car, turning it into a rocket ship. MacHopper pulls out the syringe with the chili in it in his left hand.]

MacHopper: And now all it needs,

[Machopper opens the gas cap with his right hand and squeezes the chili into the gas tank with the same hand.]

MacHopper: Is a little high-octane fuel!

[Sonic stares in shock.]

Sonic: But that's the last of our chili!

[MacHopper is now holding a match in his right hand.]

MacHopper: Not to mention the last of Grounder and Scratch!

[MacHopper lights the rocket boosters with the match, launching the rocket into the air.]

Grounder: Whoa!
Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho!

[MacHopper waves his right hand at Scratch and Grounder.]

MacHopper: Hey, wish the Man in the Moon g'day for us, mates!

[MacHopper's eyes become hypnotic again, and the camera zooms in on them.]

MacHopper: And while you're doing that, I'll be getting all the credit for capturing Sonic and Tails!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, which is so dark, all that can be seen are Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper's eyes.]

MacHopper: Oh! What are we doin' down this bloomin' tunnel?
Sonic: You told us there was a shortcut to Robotnik's lab, where we're going to get back your mind!

[MacHopper lights a match he is holding in his right hand.]

MacHopper: I did?

[MacHopper looks at another sign identical to the one on the tree. His eyes become hypnotic again.]

MacHopper: Oh, right! I did! Well, come along, then! Time's a wastin'!

[Sonic and Tails climb the ladder out of the sewer. MacHopper hops after them, and the screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place in the bathroom of Robotnik's fortress. The camera zooms in on Robotnik's rubber alligator, which is over the bathtub drain. Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper all poke their heads out of the bathtub drain. Sonic now has the rubber alligator on his head, and he grabs it with his right hand.]

Sonic: Robotnik's rubber alligator?

[MacHopper is now holding a pair of handcuffs in each hand. Sonic turns to face him.]

Sonic: MacHopper, you've done it! We're here!

[MacHopper puts the handcuffs on Sonic and Tails' wrists.]

MacHopper: Right you are, Mr. Speedy Pants Hedgehog! And now I'm gonna turn you over to the great one himself!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic and Tails walk across the hall of Robotnik's fortress, with MacHopper hopping behind them.]

Tails: Hey, Sonic, what's goin' on?
Sonic: Looks like the chili wore off, and Doc Botnik's evil programming kicked back in!

[Robotnik is standing at his desk, and the camera zooms in on him as he turns to face Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper.]

MacHopper: How dare you interrupt me when I'm trying to look busy!

[Robotnik growls angrily, then he sees that MacHopper has handcuffed Sonic and Tails and lead them to him.]

Robotnik: But wait! Does this mean my ultimate hedgehog hunter actually did the job I programmed his brain for?

[MacHopper's eyes are now hypnotic again.]

MacHopper: You have definitely succeeded, my supreme lord and master!

[Robotnik walks up to Sonic, who is now standing next to his Insto-Freeze cannon.]

Sonic: There's always a first for everything!
Robotnik: Sonic! I'm so happy to see you! Now that my wonderful creation has taken you prisoner, I'm going to have you sent off on an ocean cruise,

[The camera moves to the left side of the screen as Robotnik pulls the lever to his Insto-Freeze cannon, starting it up.]

Robotnik: As an icicle! Your triple spinning days are done!

[The Insto-Freeze cannon fires a beam, but Sonic screams as he jumps and dodges it.]

Sonic: Robotny, old bean, you've got us dead to rights, but even the lowliest convict gets a final request!
Robotnik: Well, "I'm waiting"!
Sonic: One last chili dog for me and my little buddy, Tails!
Robotnik: A chili dog? Considering how chilly you're about to become, how could I refuse?

[The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place in Robotnik's kitchen. The camera moves to the left side of the screen, until it reaches the door, which Robotnik opens with his left hand.]

Robotnik: There, help yourself!

[Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper walk into the kitchen.]

Robotnik: Keep an eye on them, MacHopper! Oh, it's gratifying to know I finally built something I can trust!

[Robotnik closes the door and laughs evilly. Tails turns to face Sonic, and they both wink their left eyes at each other.]

Sonic: Okay, Verne, it's time to burn!

[Sonic runs to the fridge, then comes back, holding a chili dog in each hand.]

MacHopper: Mmmm! Those little flamers look good!
Sonic: Then have some heartburn on us!

[Sonic tosses the chili dogs at MacHopper, who catches them in his mouth. Steam emits from his ears, and he hollers.]

MacHopper: Hoo-whee! You take a bite out of those tinkers, and they bite you right back! But... where are we? And what in the digeridoo is goin' on?

[Sonic shushes MacHopper with his right hand, then signals him with the same hand. The screen transitions to a view of Robotnik standing at his desk.]

MacHopper: Dr. R,

[Robotnik turns to face MacHopper.]

MacHopper: I've just found out that some of Sonic's friends are on their way to rescue Sonic and Tails!
Robotnik: What do you suggest?
MacHopper: Well, I'd say we'd better install a magnetic force field, pronto,

[MacHopper opens his pouch with his left hand and pulls some tools out of it with his right. He then points his left thumb at Sonic and Tails behind him behind him, and the camera moves to the right side of the screen, where they are.]

MacHopper: Or the good guys'll break in and rescue those two, simple as strawberry pie!
Robotnik: Hmmm, as much as I like strawberry pie, a rescue is totally out of the question!

[MacHopper turns to face Sonic and Tails.]

MacHopper: Well, don't just stand there, prisoners!
Robotnik: You heard the kangaroo, lend him a hand!

[Sonic and Tails stare slyly at MacHopper, and all three of them build a magnetic force field.]

Robotnik: Can't you work any faster?

[Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper all stop when the magnetic force field is built.]

Sonic: Let her rip, good buddy!

[MacHopper pushes the lever with his left hand, which turns on the magnetic force field. The magnetic force field attracts everything made of metal in Robotnik's fortress, including the buckle to Robotnik's belt. His shirt comes undone, and he yells as his pants fall down, exposing pink boxer shorts with white polka dots. He pulls them up with both his hands and holds onto them.]

Robotnik: Excellent work, MacHopper! Huh? Huh? But what's happening to you?

[Sparks surge through MacHopper's head, and his eyes are hypnotic.]

MacHopper: I'm cleanin' out all your evil programming, Dr. Bigbuttnik! As of now...

[MacHopper shakes his head, and his eyes are no longer hypnotic, indicating he is no longer under Robotnik's control.]

MacHopper: I'm free!
Robotnik: Of course you're free! I never pay any of my minions! Now stop this nonsense immediately!

[Robotnik lets go of his pants, and they fall down again. He realizes this, then pulls them back up again. The magnetic force field continues, and becomes so strong, it creates a wave that emits outside Robotnik's fortress. The camera moves to the top of the screen, where Scratch and Grounder fly above the fortress in their rocket. They stare in confusion as the magnetic field pulls their rocket down.]

Grounder: Hey, we're headin' for Dr. Robotnik's fortress!

[Grounder waves his right drill at Robotnik.]

Grounder: Hiya, Dr. Robotnik!
Scratch: Here we come! Bwahahaha!

[As Scratch and Grounder's rocket gets closer to Robotnik's fortress, Sonic looks out the window, then runs away. He pushes Tails and MacHopper out with both his hands, then turns to face Robotnik.]

Sonic: Well, it's been great as always, Dr. R, but now we've really gotta go!

[Robotnik, who is still holding his pants up, hops after Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper.]

Robotnik: No, you can't! I won't let you!

[Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper all look up. They all gasp and run away as Scratch and Grounder's rocket flies into Robotnik's fortress and lands with a crash, destroying it and creating a dust cloud. When the cloud clears, Robotnik is no longer holding up his pants, but they stay up anyway. A dazed Scratch and Grounder are standing next to him.]

Robotnik: Sonic, you're doomed!

[As Robotnik shakes his left fist at Sonic, his pants fall down again.]

Robotnik: There's no escape from the wrath of Robotnik!

[Robotnik groans, and he, Scratch, and Grounder all fall over.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[The camera cuts to a view of Robotnik's destroyed fortress, then moves over to Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper. They turn to face each other, and Tails high-fives Sonic's right hand with his right hand, while MacHopper high-fives Sonic's left hand with his right hand.]

Sonic and Tails: Way to go, MacHopper!
MacHopper: Thank you, mates! And who knows? Maybe someday I'll even remember what it is that I've done!

[The screen irises out on MacHopper, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper are riding the raft from earlier in the episode down the river.]

MacHopper: Hey, some fun, eh, mates?
Tails: Sure is! I'm going swimming!

[Tails flies into the air, but Sonic holds out his right hand like a stop sign.]

Sonic: Wait, little bro!

[Tails dives into the river, but gets carried away by the current.]

Tails: Help!

[Sonic reaches both his hands out at Tails.]

Sonic: The rapids!

[Tails reaches the rapids, but Sonic runs up to him and pulls him out of the way. In the next scene, they are both back on the raft.]

Sonic (to the viewers): Watch out for currents and riptides in rivers, beaches and flood checks! Always swim with an adult nearby! Swim fun, swim safe!