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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

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"MacHopper" is the thirty-first episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the thirty-first episode, it aired as the forty-eighth episode during the show's original run.





Sonic's costumes

  • Handy Dandy Mobile Mechanic (Tails and MacHopper use this disguise too)


Scratch and Grounder are bringing MacHopper into Dr. Robotnik's fortress to force him to help Robotnik capture Sonic. Sonic and Tails hear of this, and Sonic says they have to get him out before Robotnik does something awful to him. Back at Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik has put a device on MacHopper's head, to which Grounder inserts two cables into in order to reprogram his brain, while Robotnik hypnotizes him into thinking that his one goal in life is to capture Sonic and Tails and bring them to him. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are zooming through the forest.

They come across MacHopper, who is acting strange. Sonic notices this, and asks if he is okay and if he remembers him, to which he doesn't. MacHopper also asks "And who is this MacHopper bloke people keep confusing me with?" Sonic concludes this is worse than he thought, and says Robotnik has stolen his mind. The confused MacHopper says he doesn't mind if they don't mind, and leads them to a "gizmo I tossed together in my spare time". MacHopper believes the device will slingshot them to a chili dog restaurant. The device slingshots them far away, and knowing it wasn't a good idea, Sonic gets Tails to grab a sheet (which MacHopper thought was a handkerchief) to use as a parachute to slow their fall.

They crash inside a chili dog restaurant called the Dogoteria. MacHopper, who is hanging from a ceiling fan, switches on the fan and launches himself into a pot of chili sauce. He jumps out, hops around the room and starts acting normal again. Sonic then realizes the chili sauce must have restored his mind, and says he needs more as soon as possible. But before Sonic manages to do so, MacHopper starts acting different again, but this time, he wants to capture Sonic. He then grabs a large bag, fills it with chili fumes, wraps a string of chili dogs around it and launches the chili dogs at Sonic, trapping him. Before MacHopper can do any more, Scratch and Grounder enter the restaurant, and Scratch accidentally slams the door against MacHopper, who starts acting strange again, and asks who Robotnik, Sonic and the bloke MacHopper is. Tails then blasts chili sauce into MacHopper's face to jog up his memory, which is successful, but feels guilty about what he has done, while Scratch says he made all his dreams come true. Sonic says they are right, and calls for a celebration. Tails dresses as a waiter and serves them. Scratch says they don't eat because they are robots, but Grounder says otherwise. Tails then frees Sonic, who then launches the chili dogs at Scratch and Grounder and ties them together. Tails feeds MacHopper more chili sauce and MacHopper helps them escape. The trapped Scratch and Grounder hop to their vehicle to continue going after Sonic and co.

In the meantime, Sonic is building a raft, as instructed by MacHopper, to get past the water. As Sonic pilots the raft, the team notices Scratch and Grounder are after them again. To get rid of them, Sonic creates a tidal wave with his speed to stop the Badniks from tailing them. However, MacHopper notices the team is headed towards a waterfall. Sonic asks what MacHopper has in his pouch. MacHopper pulls out several items until he finds a chandelier, which Sonic uses as a grappling hook, and grabs into something behind the waterfall. Scratch and Grounder, on the other hand, fall along with their car and end up in a whirlpool. Talking to Robotnik on the phone, Scratch informs that they lost MacHopper, but will have him back in no time because he lost his memory. Robotnik then puts up three Wanted posters in 13 seconds, only to get a heart attack.

Back at behind the waterfall, Sonic says he has just enough chili sauce to get back at Robotnik’s lab to reverse what they did to MacHopper, who is turning the raft into a type of aircraft. Scratch and Grounder watch them as they fly away. Grounder, with a press of a button, activates their car’s weapon, which is a crossbow that shoots giant toilet plungers. Grounder’s aim was successful, attaching the plungers on both the team’s aircraft and Tails’ rear. Sonic tries his hardest to escape, but the aircraft loses its propeller and they all fall down into a cage which is attached to Scratch and Grounder’s car by a cable.

Inside the cage, Sonic pulls one of the plungers off Tails’ back side and feeds MacHopper more chili sauce to prevent him from going crazy again. MacHopper has an idea to escape from the cage by leaning right. The cable which attaches the cage to the Badniks’ car gets wrapped around a passing tree, and the car and cage crash into each other and they escape. After the crash, MacHopper sees a picture of Robotnik, which hypnotizes him again, but Sonic and Tails don’t notice. The now evil MacHopper says before they pay their visit to Dr. “Robumnik”, they should deal with Scratch and Grounder first, who have wrecked the vehicle (which actually belongs to Robotnik). The team arrives dressed as mechanics and turn the wrecked vehicle into a rocket. MacHopper uses the last of the chili sauce as fuel to stop himself from being on Sonic’s side. The rocket flies away and MacHopper leads Sonic and Tails into a shortcut to Robotnik’s lair. As the team goes through a bath’s plug hole, they find themselves in Robotnik’s bathroom. MacHopper then handcuffs both Sonic and Tails and takes them to Robotnik. Sonic finds out the remaining chili wore off and “Docbotnik’s” evil programming kicked back in. Robotnik is pleased to find MacHopper has captured Sonic and Tails and brought them to his lair. Robotnik plans to freeze Sonic and send him on an “ocean cruise”.

Sonic’s final request from being defeated from Robotnik is “one last chili dog” for he and Tails. Robotnik then leads them into the kitchen and tells MacHopper to keep an eye on them. Sonic makes chili dogs in a flash and feeds them to MacHopper, who then turns back to normal and asks where he is and what is going on. Sonic then makes a plan. MacHopper goes and tells Robotnik that some of Sonic’s friends are coming to rescue Sonic and Tails. Robotnik asks what MacHopper suggests, who suggests they should install a magnetic force field immediately, or they will break in and rescue Sonic and Tails. Robotnik then tells Tails and Sonic to give them a hand. MacHopper switches on the force field, which pulls several metal objects, including Robotnik’s belt, causing his pants to fall down. The force field also drains out all the evil programming in MacHopper’s brain. Scratch and Grounder, who are flying past, are also pulled down by the magnetism and crash into the fortress. To avoid being in the crash, Sonic, Tails and MacHopper escape from the lair and Robotnik shouts out his catchphrase before passing out along with the Badniks. Sonic, Tails, and MacHopper, as they overlook the damaged lair, cheer upon MacHopper, who thanks them, and says maybe someday he’ll remember what it is he has done.

Sonic Says

Sonic teaches us not to swim in rapids. He tells us to always be on the look out for currents, rivers, beaches, and flood jams and always swim with an adult nearby.


  • Although the phone Robotnik was using is grey, it turns into the same yellowish color as the wanted posters when he holds them along with the phone.
  • When Sonic, Tails and MacHopper fall into the cage, the plunger is no longer on Tails' rear, but back inside the cage, it is attached to Tails again.
  • As Scratch and Grounder fly by Robotnik's fortress, the rocket they are driving is clearly yellow, but when the camera zooms into them, it turns pink.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Mac Tapeur Mac Tapeur
German MacHopper MacHopper
Italian Arriva MacHopper MacHopper arrives
Portuguese MacHopper MacHopper
Spanish (Spain) Mac Hopper Mac Hopper
Spanish (Latin America) Mac Salto Mac Jump


  • The amount of time Robotnik took to put up three posters really did add up to 13 seconds.
  • When Sonic petitions his final request, Robotnik says "I'm waiting" with imitating Sonic's tone.

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