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This character exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the episode of the same name, see MacHopper (episode).

MacHopper is a character that appeared in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an anthropomorphic kangaroo and a Freedom Fighter.


He is a member of the Freedom Fighter who was kidnapped by Robotnik, who deprogrammed his brain and hypnotized him in order to help capture Sonic and Tails. Working as a team with Sonic and Tails, with chili sauce to help keep the reprogramming away, MacHopper managed to get to Robotnik's Layer to reverse the reprogramming permanently.


Without Robotnik's programming, MacHopper is cocky, yet friendly, cunning, and intelligent. In the first phase Robotnik's reprogramming, MacHopper acts odd, clueless and cannot remember Sonic and Tails, or even himself. He appears to act unintelligent, and easily gets Sonic and Tails into sticky situations. When the reprogramming kicks in again, he is very loyal to Dr. Robotnik and uses his techniques to catch Sonic and Tails and bring them to him, which are very successful. However, if MacHopper eats chili, the evil reprogramming will be temporary reversed.

MacHopper speaks with an Australian accent, and has a habit of using Australian words like "blokes", "dingers" and "mate".

Powers and abilities

MacHopper has proven to be a talented and intelligent escapist after using one of Scratch's tail feathers to unshackle himself, then using it as a boomerang to activate a giant magnet to pull Scratch off the floor. Just like Sonic, MacHopper is good at building things. An example is being able to transform a raft into a helicopter-like aircraft.


  • He shares his voice actor, Scott McNeil, with Dr. Wily in the American Mega Man cartoon series by Ruby Spears Productions, which aired around the same time as the Sonic the Hedgehog television series.


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