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Lyric the Last Ancient is the boss of Cloud Sanctuary and the fourth and final boss of Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. He is encountered in Lyrics Airship, which becomes available after clearing Air Fortress and obtaining thirty Sonic Badges, and is fought with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Boss guide

This boss battle has three phases, each separated by a chase sequence similar to the races against Sticks, Shadow, and Metal Sonic (though losing the races here does not penalize the player).

When the battle begins, the player enters a racing segment, with the pod containing Sonic's friends rolling down a half-pipe in the background. Along the way, the player will encounter several obstacles and bottomless pits. Upon reaching the end of the chase, the player arrive on an arena platform with a bottomless pit on either side, while the pod comes to a halt in the background and Lyric appears. Lyric's attacks include hovering out of reach and firing laser columns at spots across the platform, firing rockets that semi-home-in on Sonic (which release one Ring upon exploding), firing a laser across the platform (which can be dodged by jumping over it), and extending his robotic arms forward. In order to deal damage to Lyric, the player needs to attack his mechanical hands with the Homing Attack before he puts them away. This will remove the green force-field surrounding him, allowing the player to attack him on the head.

After landing three hits, Lyric will leave the arena and the player must chase after him again. The player repeats this pattern two more times, the only differences between the phases being the layouts of the chase sequences and the arenas. Notably, each subsequent arena becomes more difficult and has more disappearing platforms incorporated into them, while Lyric's attacks become more aggressive.

After inflicting a total of nine hits on him, Lyric is defeated and leaves the arena, leaving the pod containing Sonic's friends. The player must then free them from the pod to complete the boss fight.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
N/A (Lyric's Airship) Richard Jacques 4:18



Sonic Boom 3DS Shattered Crystal Lyrics Airship Speed Run in 4 44 00

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