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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
Lyric's Lair

Lyric's Lair (リリックの基地 Ririkku no Kichi?, lit. "Base of Lyric") is the ninth and final area of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is the central headquarters of Lyric the Last Ancient. It stands as a nightmarish and highly technological fortress in a lifeless waste, and is filled with death traps and robot armies. Built to Lyric's taste, its is a terrifying example of Lyric's desire to only populate the world with technology and exterminate all organic life forms.

When Lyric stole the Chaos Crystals from Team Sonic, the team pursued Lyric to his lair for a final showdown to stop him from activating his Sentinel army and wiping the planet clean of all organic life.


Easily the darkest setting in the game, Lyric's Lair lies in a barren, dead and rocky black wasteland with cliffs, small mountaintops, plateaus and cracked gorges. Amidst the area is a lake with murky waters. The sky above is completely overcast by dense grey clouds, with lighting appearing occasionally. The horizon and gorges are covered in rust-colored fog.

Around the landscape are several structures that make up Lyric's Lair. These structures are made of black metal with glowing red outlines and circuits. The lair looks like a cross between a technological fortress and industrial plant, with buildings resembling storage facilities, arching spires and towers. Some of them even have crescent-shaped spires. There are as well metallic stations resembling platforms, silo-shaped towers and pipes that wind through the land like a network. The deeper into the level the player goes, the more closely packed the lair become until it is nothing but a mechanized labyrinth. The insides of the lair is heavily industrialized and is operated by Minions.

In addition to its technological layout, the lair has computer terminals and screens everywhere, automatic doors, and roads that instantly teleport into view. The Ancients' markings are as well engraved into several surfaces. Inside the lair also lie several immensely large cylinder-shaped rooms with a turbine for floors and Driller Worms rampaging through them. Some doors also depict Lyric's symbol which resembles a slithering snake. At the end of the level lies Lyric's Sentinel army and four receptors for the Chaos Crystals.


A thousand years ago, Lyric assembled an army of Sentinels at his lair. From there, he planned to unleash his army which would destroy anything organic and replace it with metal and machinery. Before he could activate it with the Chaos Crystals however, Lyric was imprisoned by the Ancients, leaving his lair and Sentinels abandoned.

In the present, Lyric returned to his lair with the Chaos Crystals. Shortly after, Team Sonic crashed at Lyric's Lair in the Tornado and fought their way to Lyric with the unexpected help from Q-N-C. As Lyric activated his Sentinel army with the Chaos Crystals, he noticed Sonic and his gang had arrived. Annoyed at their presence, Lyric told Sonic that he finally knew his weakness: his friends. Sonic claimed otherwise however, saying they are his strength, and they begin their final battle.

At the brink of defeat, Lyric noticed Team Sonic's Enerbeams and used his armor's device to have the Enerbeams ensnare them. As Lyric tried to finish the heroes off though, Eggman appeared and shot Lyric from behind with his mech, deactivating the Enerbeams. Working together, Team Sonic tied up Lyric as he tried to escape. Just then, a time portal opened nearby and out came Shadow, who was ready to fight Sonic again. When he saw that they had stopped Lyric though, he left Team Sonic with his approval. Sonic then removed the technopathy device on Lyric's armor and had Knuckles throw it away, shutting down the Sentinels. With this victory, it was time to go back to the VIllage and celebrate.

A while later, Lyric's device was found by Eggman who installed it into his wrist controller and laughed maniacally as he pushed it, reactivating Metal Sonic in the process.


In Lyric's Lair, the player travels from the outskirts of the lair and into its center. Like the other areas in the game, Lyric's Lair includes speed level sections, where the player runs down a long path with speed-enhancing gimmicks while avoiding hazardous obstacles, and as well slower-paced areas for exploration and combat. It also features puzzles that the player must solve with the Enerbeam mechanic and Buttons. Additionally, there are elaborate tiles puzzles where the player must find and step on a white tile, and then press a series of blue tiles in the correct order to proceed.

Unlike most other levels, Lyric's Lair has nearly no gimmicks for the playable characters' character actions. Those there are found, are hidden and delegated to collecting collectibles. Such gimmicks include Spin Ramps for Sonic, Tails Vents for Tails and Balance Beams for Amy. The primary damage-inducing hazards in Lyric's Lair are moving red laser grids. These lasers block paths, make paths more dangerous, or form (sometimes still) grids that partially blocks Buttons or tile puzzles, making it more dangerous for the player to use them. Some grids' movements even speed up as the player solves the puzzles. Additionally, there are force fields that can block the player's paths or puzzles: the blue ones are harmless, but the red ones cause slight damage to both player and enemies upon contact.

Aside from obstacles, there also lie Commando Husks of the toughest Destruction Troops around this level, which the Parasite Snakes can possess, thus creating stronger and tougher enemies.


At the beginning of the level, the player has to reach the platform on the right with some Bounce Pads. Defeat the enemies on this platform to lower the force field blocking the path and proceed down it to a speed level section. Cross the speed level section and enter an area where platforms will be lowered to prevent the player's progress while enemies appear. Defeat the enemies to make Q-N-C appear, who will then raise the platforms again. Use these platforms to reach a higher path. Along this path lie four Buttons protected by lasers, which must be pressed to turn off both the lasers and force field blocking the path. The player must continue down this path to an area where they must pull three Enerbeam switches as they are revealed by Q-N-C, while fighting incoming enemies. This will reveal a Tube that the player can take to the next speed level section.

After the speed level section, the player enters a room where they must solve a tile puzzle to reach a higher area. Here, another tile puzzle must be solved twice while the player is being assaulted by lasers and enemies. This will unlock an Enerbeam switch that raises some platforms leading to another speed level section with Driller Worms. The player then arrives at three tile puzzles which must be solved one-by-one as Q-N-C pulls out the switches for the Enerbeam that will unlock them. Solving the puzzles will open a door to another Ener-Rail that takes the player to a tower with enemies. Defeat the enemies to access a lengthy speed level section.

After that, the player comes to an area with enemies that must be defeated to make Q-N-C raise some platforms. Take these platforms to a higher area, where a tile puzzle that must be solve three times while facing enemies and laser grids. This reveals a Tube to another area with Buttons. These Buttons will open a door to a speed level section with more Driller Worms. The player will then arrive at a platform where they must take the path to the right to another speed level section which leads to the boss fight with Lyric, thus ending the level.


Lyric screenshot 2

Lyric the Last Ancient

The boss of Lyric's Lair is Lyric the Last Ancient, a malevolent Ancient bent on global destruction. He can be fought directly after reaching the end of Lyric's Lair. For this boss battle, the player controls all of Team Sonic.

In battle, Lyric utilizes a variety of attacks, such as ground punds, lasers, bombs, hammering pillars, slashes and shockwaves, all while enemies swarm the arena. Avoid his attacks and hit him when possible until he collapses. Use then the Enerbeam on him to open a path to the Chaos Crystals and take them back. Repeat this pattern four times to defeat Lyric for good.


This level has the following total of collectable items:


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