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Lyco Wolf[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is a mobian wolf and Leeta's twin sister. As refugees from one of the many wolf packs scattered by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Lyco and her sister were taken in by Lupe Wolf and became official members of her Wolf Pack as they followed her in settling their people's ancestral lands and founded the new Wolf Pack Nation. As time passed though, the relative peace of their home caused a restlessness in the twins, who craved adventure and excitement. This eventually led to Lyco becoming an agent of the Secret Freedom Fighters under the callsign "Queen of Hearts."


Lyco is a pink wolf, she has purple or brown hair (depending on the issue she appears in) styled as dreadlocks and blue irises. Her bodysuit looks exactly like her sisters but is deep blue instead, in addiction to wearing a hairband and sandals in the same color. Lyco's Secret Freedom Fighter uniform shows her wearing a mostly black bodysuit styled as a leotard, goggles with blue lens and a blue and black cover for her mouth.


Joining the Wolf Pack

Like many of the wolves, Lyco and her sister Leeta were separated from their people during the First Robotnik War, but in its aftermath the two found and joined up with Lupe Wolf and her Wolf Pack. Thus they were with the group when it began the journey home. With the others, they crossed a raging river and took shelter in an abandoned city for several days while a severe storm passed. There, the pack took in two Overlander children, Aerial and Athena, before continuing on. When the pack finally found their city, they found it in ruin and seemingly abandoned, though Lyco hated to think the situation was as hopeless as it seemed. The entire group soon fell victim to a gas attack. Knocked unconscious, they awoke as prisoners of the roboticized Sir Charles Hedgehog, who in turn forced Lupe to submit to roboticization. However, the Robian Lupe retained enough free will to allow Lyco and the rest of the pack a chance to escape.

Resumed Journey

Lyco searching

Lyco and the others eventually made their way back to Knothole where they were reunited with Lupe and her family, who, while still Robians, had regained their free will. When the Robians were restored by the Bem's mass deroboticization, the pack resumed its travels. While in the woods they were nearly consumed by the Nanites spread by A.D.A.M., but managed to escape.

Settling in a New Home

Lyco cautiously inspects a prisoner

The scattered wolves were eventually resettled in the southern hemisphere, forming the new Wolf Pack Nation. When Lupe lead several armed wolves into the Mysterious Cat Country, Lyco was among them, brandishing a sword. She and her sister then followed Sonic and several of the Felidae people to the Mystic Ruins, where they engaged the resident Dark Egg Legion chapter. Upon removing the hood of one Legionnaire they had captured, Lyco was surprised to see the face of a Mobian Wolf who had been Leeta's ex-boyfriend and who had apparently gotten on the bad side of both sisters. Following the Wolf Pack victory, Lyco and her comrades welcomed Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, and Big the Cat into the pack.

When the roboticized Princess Sally, Mecha Sally kidnapped both Lupe and Queen Hathor, tension between the Wolves and the Felidae rose anew. Team Fighters arrived to warn the locals of the Death Egg Mark 2, only to find Lyco and her sister, along with Lupe's children, secretly attempting to listen in on a meeting between the pack leaders who blamed the Felidae for Lupe's disappearance. After being informed of Sally's roboticization and the Death Egg's arrival, the group concluded that they would have to seek answers on their own. Lyco and Leeta agreed to lead Team Fighters to the local Dark Egg Legions' current base of operations, the Temple of Shazamazon. However, while making their way through the Great Rainforest, they came across not only Legionnaires, but Queen Hathor. After fighting off the Dark Egg Legion, the group listened as Hathor explained that she and Lupe had both been held captive at the Temple, but Lupe had enabled Hathor to escape in order to try to find help.

Lyco releases Lupe from her shackles

Upon arriving at the temple, the group broke into two: Lyco, along with Hathor and Tails, entered the temple itself, with Tails breaking off to place a tracker on the Death Egg while Hathor led Lyco to the captive Lupe. The two found Drago Wolf gloating over Lupe, who was set to be Legionized; Lyco quickly sneaked up on Drago and delivered a vicious beating to the Grandmaster, rendering him unconscious before freeing Lupe. Announcing that they needed to regroup with Tails, Lyco lead the others outside, only to find Tails being attacked by Mecha Sally. However, as the Death Egg was about to launch, Mecha Sally gave them the option of leaving, instead of attempting to fight them all at once with risk of injury or death. As the Death Egg took off, the team attempted to cover Lupe's escape back into Wolf Pack territory; luckily, Hathor was able to rally the Felidae and Wolves together, and the two again managed to fight off the Dark Egg Legion. With the Grand Chief and Queen safe and the Death Egg on the move, Team Fighters quickly left, leaving Lyco and Leeta to envy them having the ability to fight the Eggman Empire to make a difference to the world. Hearing this, Lupe explained that just before she'd been abducted, she had received a particular request, and wanted to know if the twins would be interested in a secret mission.

Pair of Queens

Lyco with Leeta joining the Secret Freedom Fighters, requested by Harvey Who.

Eager to repay Team Fighters for their help and to make a greater difference, Lyco and her sister quickly traveled to New Mobotropolis. However, their arrival was met with confusion; standing before the Council of Acorn, the twins were told by King Ixis Naugus that no request had been sent, and that their help was not wanted or needed. After being rudely dismissed, the two were then pulled aside by Sir Charles Hedgehog, who quickly and quietly brought them to Harvey Who. Harvey welcomed them and apologized for the confusion, saying that he was the one who had sent the request. Lyco was confused, saying that they had thought they had been sent to serve the king of New Mobotropolis; Harvey clarified that their mission was to help the true king, Elias Acorn, regain the throne as part of the Secret Freedom Fighters. Convinced that Naugus was a threat to the people, Lyco and Leeta agreed to join the team without hesitation.

Lyco was given the call sign "Queen of Hearts," and she took action with taking down Eggman's ground forces during the invasion by the Death Egg Mark 2. With their first mission together a success, she was soon assigned the mission of investigating Ixis Naugus' activities within a cavern below the city. Lyco, along with Leeta (Agent Queen of Diamonds) and Elias (Agent King), followed Naugus down a massive pit and into a series of caverns. Lyco wondered why it seemed like Ixis Naugus was talking to himself, and while she and her sister discussed this, they were rudely interrupted by Elias, who was setting a bomb for their later exit. Not appreciating his attitude and apparent lack of trust in his teammates, the two berated him and them set off after Ixis Naugus on their own. Using a compass, Lyco determined that Naugus seemed to have constructed an odd chamber directly below the Military HQ. As they pondered the chamber's purpose, Ixis Naugus suddenly transformed into a monstrous form; caught by surprise, Lyco shrieked, alerting Ixis Naugus to their presence. She and Leeta raced back through the cavern, telling Elias their cover had been blown. The three them realized that Ixis Naugus was using his magic to reshape the cavern around them in order to trap them. Trying to find an exit, the three split up. Leeta was cornered by Ixis Naugus and nearly captured, but Lyco caught his attention, allowing her sister to get free; Ixis Naugus was momentarily confused by the near-identical appearance of the two agents, and this gave Elias a moment to catch up and throw a flash-bang grenade. The three found a proper tunnel and used the bomb placed earlier to blow an escape route; they jumped out into the pit, again engaging their wing-suits. The monstrous Ixis Naugus sent a barrage of wind after them and, thinking that they had fallen to their deaths, returned to his chamber, confident his secrets were safe.

Lyco and her companions survived, but were left stranded at the bottom of the pit. Help arrived in the form of their teammates, who had just returned from pursuing Geoffrey. After exchanging information about Ixis Naugus' plan, Elias concluded that they would need to interrogate Geoffrey, with him spying on them. Silver argued that he could appeal to Geoffrey's better senses and ask him, leading to Elias arguing with him. Lyco stopped Elias that he is getting too personal and told him to let Silver have his say. After listening to Silver questioning Geoffrey about Ixis Naugus' plan by spying in tree with Leeta, they suit up and prepare to stop Ixis Naugus' plan to cast a spell in the Council of Acorn. The pair joined Silver, Shard, and Elias in attacking the Ritual Chamber, the Wolf twins engaging Geoffrey to distract him from Elias planting explosives. Their ruse was discovered, and the pair were surprised as Geoffrey did not expose Elias to Ixis Naugus. After another brief fight with the skunk, Lyco and Leeta double-teamed Ixis Naugus, knocking off his feet and disrupting his spell. With the explosives set off, the pair were carried to safety first by Shard and then by Silver after the robot set them down so as to smash a barrier that Naugus summoned in their path. The team then returned to Secret HQ, their mission accomplished.


Lyco is somewhat serious and straightforward with a strong love for adventure and a great sense of justice. She is extremely loyal and grateful towards Lupe, who took Lyco and her sister in when they had no pack of their own.



Lyco and Leeta confront their legionized ex-boyfriend

At some point, Lyco was romantically involved with a male wolf from another pack. In reality, he was using her to two-time on her sister Leeta by taking advantage of them being twins to avoid suspicion. Lyco eventually caught onto this as did Leeta, causing both of them to reject him. Much to the twins' shock, they later found him among the local Dark Egg Legion chapter. He then used the excuse that their rejection of him caused him to end up where he was, even though it was his cheating ways that were the root of it all.


  • The name Lyco is derived from the Ancient Greek word λύκος, or lykos, meaning wolf. In this way it is also related to the word lycanthrope, meaning werewolf.
  • Like Leeta, Lyco was originally purple haired, the two now have brown hair which is now longer. But their off-panel appearances show them with their hair purple again.




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