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Lupe is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. In earlier times, Lupe and her people, the Wolf Pack, lived in peace until Dr. Robotnik attacked. Escaping Robotnik, Lupe became the leader of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters to fight Robotnik's tyranny. When a Doomsday Pod attacked their homeland, Lupe helped Sonic and his team ward off the machine. Afterwards, Lupe joined the other Freedom Fighter factions in the final battle against Robotnik.


Lupe has grey and white fur and deep blue eyes, with thick black hair (in the shape of a mo-hawk). Her hair is tied in a ponytail that runs down her back. She also has a black tail with a grey tip and a scar under her left eye. She wears a light blue bodysuit with a golden clasp around her neck, golden arm and wrist bracelets and black sandals strapped around her legs. She is also significantly taller than the rest of the Freedom fighters.


Lupe and her people once inhabited a city in the mountains that lived simply and in harmony with nature, but that came to an end when Dr. Robotnik's machines destroyed their home. After Lupe's father was taken from her and the majority of the Wolf Pack was roboticized, Lupe managed along with nine other wolves to escape capture by Robotnik's forces, though Lupe still received a scar on her left cheek during her escape, which served as a reminder to her of that day.

Losing her home and pack created a deep emotional void inside Lupe, one that could not easily be filled unless her family and people were restored to her. She eventually became the leader of the remainder of the Wolf Pack, who took up the profession of Freedom Fighters and began fighting Robotnik's tyranny. Over time, Lupe and the Wolf Pack went on many raids on Robotnik's outposts and managed to confiscated array of various weaponry items.

When Lupe and the Wolf Pack returned to their homeland, they discovered it was being destroyed by Robotnik's prototype Doomsday Pod. Taking the fight up against the pod, Lupe and the Wolf pack managed to temporarily sabotage it. When Sonic, Sally and Antoine stumbled onto the wolf pack's home-base, Lupe welcomed them. When Sally told Lupe that they knew little about the Wolf Pack, Lupe gave her a small black disc compatible with Nicole, which was the only thing left to display what Lupe's culture was like prior to Robotniks takeover during "the earlier times", and told them her people's story. Once Sally explained her plan to find the other Freedom Fighter factions on her father's list, Lupe was more than willing to help out. Lupe and the Wolf Pack then helped Sonic's team destroy Robotnik's prototype Doomsday Pod.

Later on, Lupe was one of the many Freedom Fighters who banded together to thwart the Doomsday Project.


Lupe is a kind and sage-minded individual, but her peaceful exterior hides a real warrior. She is extremely intelligent, cooperative, and knows how to strategize. She has a great respect for nature, and this is part of what keeps her going. Her loyalty makes her an excellent role model and ally for the rest of the Freedom Fighters. She appears to be quite protective of those ten remaining wolves that still reside in the canyon with her.

While Lupe and the Wolf Pack generally prefer isolation from outsiders, Lupe is very welcoming to those she had never seen before.

Powers and abilities

Lupe has a great deal of technological smarts. She is also very good at strategizing missions, like Sally is.


  • Lupe's name is derived from "lupus", the Latin name for wolf ("lupe" is the vocative singular form). It may have come via Italian, in which "lupe" is the feminine plural (i.e. meaning "she-wolves"). It could also have been derive from "Lupine," the scientific term for "wolf."
    • The name "Lupe" is also a popular Hispanic name for girls, thought to be a diminutive of "Guadalupe."




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