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Quotation1 Greetings! I am Lupe, leader of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters. Quotation2
— Lupe, "Cry of the Wolf"

Lupe is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. She is an anthropomorphic wolf and the leader of the Freedom Fighter group known as the Wolf Pack, who lives in the Great Unknown.


Lupe SatAM v2


Lupe is an anthropomorphic wolf with gray and white fur and deep blue eyes. She also has thick black hair (with a white streak through it) in the shape of a mohawk. Her hair is tied in a ponytail that runs down her back. She also has a black tail with a grey tip and a scar under her left eye. For attire, he wears a light blue bodysuit with a golden clasp around her neck, golden arm and wrist bracelets and black sandals with black straps around her legs. She is also significantly taller than the rest of the Freedom Fighters.


TV series


In the past, Lupe belonged to the Wolf Pack, a peaceful nation that respected the land they cultivated. After Dr. Robotnik came to power however, Lupe's father and most of Wolf Pack were captured and roboticized. Lupe herself received a scar on her cheek from those events. Most physical traces of the Wolf Pack's culture were likewise destroyed. Fortunately, Lupe and ten other wolves managed to escaped the fate of their companions, and established a home base in the secret tunnels in one of the canyons in the Great Unknown. From there, they systematically invaded Robotnik's outposts, plundering technology from them.[1]

Season two

Cry of the Wolf 146

Lupe and Sally.

Lupe and the Wolf Pack eventually came across a test Doomsday Pod, which was attacking their lands and destroying everything in its path. Lupe and her companions managed to stop the Doomsday Pod though by shooting it down with explosive bags. After returning to their home base, Lupe welcomed Sonic, Sally and Antoine when they arrived in their home base, and presented them to the rest of Wolf Pack. She soon learned from the heroes that they sought to make contact with the other Freedom FIghter groups to create a network that would let them fight Dr. Robotnik together. Lupe thought it was a good plan and told them that her wolves would send a message to the other groups. She then showed the heroes the machines the Wolf Pack had obtained during their raids on Robotnik's outposts. Seeing that they had an artillery cannon, Sally offered Lupe to repair it so they could work together to destroy the test Doomsday Pod for good. Later, under the cover of the night, Lupe and her allies rolled the cannon out of the tunnels to attack the Doomsday Pod with it. Along the way however, the group had to hide from Robotnik's hovercraft. Once the coast was clear, the heroes resumed their trip with the cannon. Upon later finding the Doomsday Pod, Lupe and Sally began shotting the pod, forcing it into a canyon where Sonic buried it with boulders. However, the Doomsday Pod soon got back up and began attacking the heroes, forcing Lupe and her group to flee. The heroes subsequently tried to destroy the Doomsday Pod again, but to no avail, leaving them with no choice but to retreat to the caves. There, Lupe explained to a nervous Antoine that the curse of the wolves that he was afraid of was something the Wolf Pack made up to deter intruders. Lupe later learned that Swat-Bots had entered the tunnels. She told them to take them to the Caves of No Return, but Sally had another idea. Together with Sonic, she let herself be caught, thereby allowing them to get into Robotnik's hovercraft and steal the plans on the Doomsday Pods. Afterward, the heroes lured the Doomsday Pod into a field with storm clouds, where the local lightning destroyed the Doomsday Pod. Lupe then came to Sonic, Sally, Antoine and the Wolf Pack, and announced that they had made contact with the other Freedom Fighter groups. Lupe afterward came to Knothole Village, where she, together with Sonic, Sally, Ari , Polo and Dirk, formed an alliance of Freedom Fighters to stop the Doomsday Project.[1]

On the night of the Doomsday Project's execution, Lupe responded to Sally's call and appeared in Knothole, along with other Freedom Fighter leaders, to discuss their plan of attack on the Doomsday Machine. As a part of their plan, Lupe flew in over the Doomsday machine with Ari on Dulcy's back and dropped mannequins equipped with parachute over Robotnik's base, which would serve as a diversion. Lupe and Ari then landed on the surface of the Doomsday Machine, but they were quickly detected by Swat-Bots and were arrested. After Sonic and Sally took advantage of the power of the Deep Power Stones and began to destroy the Doomsday Machine however, Lupe, Ari, Polo and Dirk managed to escape captivity and find a Hover Unit, which they flew away in. Back in Knothole, Lupe celebrated the Freedom Fighters' victory over Dr. Robotnik.[2]


Lupe is a kind and sage-minded individual. However, her peaceful exterior hides that of a real warrior. She is extremely intelligent, cooperative, and knows how to strategize. Like the rest of her people, Lupe has a great respect for nature, and this is part of what keeps her going. Her loyalty makes her an excellent role model and ally for the rest of the Freedom Fighters. She also appears to be quite protective of those ten remaining wolves that still reside with her.[1]

While Lupe and the Wolf Pack generally prefer isolation from outsiders, Lupe is very welcoming to those she had never seen before who have good intentions.[1]

Powers and abilities

Lupe has a great deal of technological smarts. She is also very good at strategizing missions.[1]




In other media

Archie Comics

Main articles: Lupe the Wolf and Lupe Wolf
Lupe PSGW profile

Luoe in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Lupe was original known as Lupe Wolf. In this media, Lupe was a brave and noble member of the modern day tribes of the Wolf Pack who lived in eco-friendly cities in western Northamer. Lupe and her tribes' way of life was destroyed, however, in the early years of the First Robotnik War, with the wolves roboticized or scattered and their cities destroyed. The Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters, led by Lupe, were the handful who elected to travel east and fight. At the end of the First Robotnik War, Lupe and her people headed for home to rally their people back together. Hardships delayed them well into the beginning of the Second Robotnik War, with Lupe becoming temporarily roboticized along the way, but they eventually returned to their ancestral homeland in Soumerca. After all the broken tribes had been united as the Wolf Pack Nation, Lupe was unanimously appointed the Grand Chief of the Wolf Pack Nation due to her courage and valor.

In the reality created by the Super Genesis Wave, Lupe the Wolf was a member of the wolf tribes who were attacked by Dr. Eggman during the early years of the Eggman War. Rescued by the young Freedom Fighters, Lupe was inspired to fight the tyranny of the Eggman Empire as the leader of the Wolf Pack.


  • Lupe's name is derived from "lupus", the Latin name for wolf ("lupe" is the vocative singular form). It may have come via Italian, in which "lupe" is the feminine plural (i.e. meaning "she-wolves"). It could also have been derive from "Lupine," the scientific term for "wolf."
    • The name "Lupe" is also a popular Hispanic name for girls, thought to be a diminutive of "Guadalupe."

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