The Lunar Fox (LUNA POX号[1] LUNA POX-gō?) is a vehicle that appears in Sonic the Fighters. It is a single-seater rocket ship built by Miles "Tails" Prower. One of Tails' earliest forays into the realm of mechanical genius, the Lunar Fox was the only way Sonic and friends had of reaching the orbiting Death Egg II and stopping Dr. Eggman's latest diabolical plan.


The limitations of the Lunar Fox are its single-passenger capacity, and requirement of eight Chaos Emeralds for power which means that the heroes stage a fighting tournament to gather the gems and decide who gets to save the world. The first eight arenas of Sonic the Fighters see the playable characters battle it out for the seat on the rocket. Launching from just outside Tails' Workshop, the rocket conveys the tournament winner to the Death Egg II and back after the station explodes.


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