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Luger is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He was a Grandmaster of the Dark Legion and father of Kragok, Lien-Da and Julie-Su. As Grandmaster, Luger apparently had a reserved style of leadership, one that earned him the enmity of his older children. After the death of his second wife, Mari-Su, Luger mysteriously disappeared. It was later revealed that Lien-Da and Kragok planned his death by having Lien-Da fire an experimental weapon on Luger. However, the weapon became unstable and scarred Lien-Da, allowing Kragok to assume power while she was recovering. The two later blamed the death of Luger on the Zoah.


Luger took over the Dark Legion after his father, Moritori Rex, infiltrated the Brotherhood of Guardians, impersonating Tobor. He married Merin-Da, and she gave birth to his first two children, Lien-Da and Kragok. Tragedy struck however when Luger led the Dark Legion into Mobius and Merin-Da became ill. Luger returned the Dark Legion to the Twilight Zone (the first time the Dark Legion willingly returned) where he hoped his wife's illness would pass. But in the end, she died from her ailments, leaving Luger alone to raise his two children.

Several years later, Luger managed to recover from his emotional scarring from Merin-Da's death. When Lien-Da and Kragok were sixteen years old, Luger found a new potential mate in Mari-Su, much to the dismay of Kragok and Lien-Da who saw her as a threat to their own ambitions. Regardless, Luger showed no signs of disappointment in his children's feelings, and shortly afterward, Luger married Mari-Su. A year later, she gave birth to Julie-Su. Luger was not present at the birth of his third child, and was often occupied with work during Julie-Su's infant years.

Unfortunately, Luger was an inattentive father for all of his children, and in his rare moments of parenthood, he apparently displayed more affection for Julie-Su. Angered by this, and by Mari-Su taking their mother's place, Kragok and Lien-Da arranged for Mari-Su's death in the form of an "accident". Luger, knowing almost nothing about parenting, entrusted Julie-Su into the care of the loving couple Simon and Floren-Ca. Shortly afterward, Luger was killed by Lien-Da, and Julie-Su was left at the mercy of her older siblings, though a memory wipe insured that she would learn nothing of the events or her past. Not long after Luger's death, Kragok assumed command of the Dark Legion.


Luger's unique qualities stem from his personality and leadership of the Dark Legion during his tenor as Grandmaster. First, Luger was the only Grandmaster to willingly return himself and the Dark Legion to the Twilight Zone. Second, while not much of a father figure, Luger displayed signs of affection towards Julie-Su which instilled jealousy into his elder children.



Spaziante's sketch of Luger

  • A Sketch design from Patrick Spaziante for Luger was available in Sonic the Hedgehog #115.
  • Luger's name is almost certainly a reference to the famous German pistol of the same name, invented by Heorg Luger.
  • The gap between Luger's appearance in Sonic Super Special #11 and Sonic the Hedgehog #205 was exactly ten years to the month of the issues' release dates.
  • In a Q&A, when responding to a question regarding how Moritori Rex viewed his son Luger, writer Ian Flynn said: "In a word: dissatisfied. I don't think Rex outright hated his son; I think there was still a small, "human" part of him that felt at least a responsibility to acknowledge him. But I don't think he lingered on the news of his death. While Rex was busy scheming in the Primeverse, Luger achieved very little in terms of returning to Angel Island. I see Rex as being disappointed with Luger's apparent lack of drive or viciousness, which is why he turned his attention to the next generation."[1]
  • Regarding Luger, Ian Flynn stated: "Luger was not a character; he was a plot point. He was a footnote in Julie-Su's origin story with no impact upon the main narrative and barely any influence in the greater echidna lore."[2] He added later "I'm not saying Luger didn't have some potential, or that it wouldn't be interesting to investigate him. And to show that he's dead now doesn't mean there isn't opportunity to show him during his life...If I can find a place where I can devote valuable page time to the life and times of Luger, I will. Until then, you at least have an answer as to what happened to him."[3]


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