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Quotation1 Maybe... there is a disturbance in the luck balance of the universe. Quotation2
Sticks the Badger, "Unlucky Knuckles"

The luck balance of the universe is a phenomenon mentioned in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a universal-encompassing force that dictates the amount of fortunes and misfortunes befalling individuals.


The luck balance of the universe is a transcendental element that determines the probability of fortunes and misfortunes befalling people in the form of good and bad luck. Due to the absurdity of this concept however, people such as Tails and Amy chalk it up to crazy theories or superstition.[1]


Knuckles trying to use up his bad luck.

While the luck balance is meant to be stable, there are sometimes disturbances in it. This causes a person's luck to tip in different directions, resulting in exceeding streaks of good or bad luck. To reset the balance, a person must burn through their luck streak by using up all their fortunes or misfortunes. This process can be sped up manually by provoking such incidents.[1]


TV series

Season one

Unlucky Knuckles 13

Knuckles after trying to shift the luck balance of the universe.

A disturbance in the luck balance of the universe once occurred to Knuckles, causing him a string of bad luck that cost him many victories against Sonic. Taking Sticks' advice, he began causing misfortunes to himself to use up his bad luck. Meanwhile, another imbalance gave Dr. Eggman a good luck streak which he used to his advantage when invading the Unnamed Village with his Mega. As Knuckles and Eggman's luck streaks ended up foiling Team Sonic's attempts to stop the invasion, Sonic fooled Knuckles into joining Eggman briefly. As a result, Knuckles' bad luck overpowered Eggman's good luck, neutralizing them both. However, Knuckles' bad luck was quickly passed onto Tails.[1]


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