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For the character in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, see Lucas (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog). For the Metarex formerly known as Lucas, see Dark Oak.

A sailor with a distinctive chuckle who also happens to be Lambros's accomplice at sea. Something about that chuckle reeks of secrets, but maybe it's better that way: some secrets, the world just isn't ready for.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Lucas (ルーカス Rūkasu?) is a character that appears on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Apotos, the father of Mauro, and a fine sailor. Originally a Spagonia resident, an accident at sea left Lucas with amnesia. Thought to be dead, Lucas ended up in Apotos with no recollection of his former life until he returned home.


In his youth, Lucas was cocky and cynical. As a kid, he was friends with Denise, and they remained close friends over many years. At some point in his life, Lucas became a sailor for a living and had a son named Mauro.

While Mauro was still very young, Lucas was lost in a boat-accident while at work, and everyone believed that Lucas had died in the incident. Lucas, however, had managed to survive the incident, but the experience had caused him to lose nearly all his memories. After the incident, Lucas came to live in Apotos, where he became Lambros's accomplice at sea. While Lucas managed to adjust to his new life, he always had the feeling that he had forgotten something important.

Many years later, during the events of Sonic Unleashed, when the earth broke apart due to Dark Gaia's awakening, Lucas was left unable to travel to Spagonia for the first time since he left the city, in search of work. Despite this major occurrence, however, Lucas took the situation in stride, and just found it interesting of how he had never expected this to happen.

When Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip arrived in Apotos for the first time, Lucas came across the traveling duo, and had a talk with them about the current state of the world was. During the following evening, Lucas met Sonic and Chip again while on one of his nightly strolls and told them how much he enjoyed going on trips at night. Later the same evening, Lucas saw Sonic, Chip and Tails take off in the Tornado-1. When Sonic and Chip later returned to Apotos, Lucas met up with them again and told them how he had seen them take off, before asking Sonic and Chip if he could get a ride in the Tornado-1 one day.

Over the next period, Lucas met up with Sonic and Chip whenever the traveling duo came to town to hear if they had been to Spagonia, and if they had restored its continent. During these meetings, Lucas continued to tell Sonic and Chip that he got the feeling that he has forgotten something, but let it slide each time.

Soon after Sonic and Chip restored Spagonia's continent, Lucas traveled to Spagonia to look for work. There, he meet Sonic and Chip again and remarked how fancy it was for them to bump into each other. He also mentioned to them that despite the fact that this was supposed to be his first trip to Spagonia, he got this nostalgic feeling about this place, but guessed that it had to be his imagination.

Not long after arriving, Lucas had an accident where he tripped on the step on the side walk and hit his head. The resulting jolt from the impact caused Lucas to regain some his memories and he could recall that he used to live in Spagonia. However, Lucas still felt that there was something he was not remembering.

During his time in Spagonia, Lucas ran into his son Mauro, who had become a prankster to get the attention needed to fill in his lonely life, but Lucas was not able to remember him. Upon seeing Lucas, Mauro asked Lucas if he was a sailor and Lucas told that he was. Lucas then questioned Mauro of why he asked and heard from Mauro that his father was a sailor, but that he had lost him. Lucas then told Mauro that he was sorry to hear it and that he must miss him.

Later that evening, Lucas met Denise who had been looking for Lucas after she had heard he was back in town. At first, Lucas wondered what was going on, but then recognized Denise and remarked that he had not seen her in ages. Their reunion was cut short, however, as Denise told Lucas to go see Mauro, and he asked her why he had to go see him. Denise then angrily told Lucas that Mauro was his son and how she had helped raising him. At first Lucas was calmly surprised over the news, but then yelled out in shock over hearing that he had a son.

The next day, Lucas approached Mauro and told him that he was his father and apologized to him for it taking so long for him to get his memory back. After Mauro began to cry in joy and confusion, Lucas asked Mauro to forgive him and swore that he would make it up to him and that nothing would keep them apart.


Lucas is a cheerful, yet calm man and is well-known for his distinctive chuckle "heh heh heh".


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