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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Lovesick Sonic

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This is the transcript of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Lovesick Sonic".

[The episode begins with Breezie, a teal hedgehog with blue hair in a red dress and red high-heel shoes, running for her life. She is in great distress.]

Breezie: Help! Help! Help! [Scratch and Grounder are revealed to be the ones chasing her.]
Grounder: Watch. It's nasty ideas like this that make Dr. Robotnik love me best.

[Grounder turns his right drill into a fishing rod. He casts it, and the hook snatches onto a cactus, pulling him towards it.]

Grounder: Whoa!

[Grounder slams into the cactus and lies sitting up with a dizzy smile on his face.]

Scratch: Fool! You couldn't catch a cold! Watch a real pro! Baha-haha!

[Scratch snatches the fishing rod and casts it at Breezie. The hook snatches onto her dress and pulls her away.]

Breezie: Robot attack! Save me!

[Meanwhile, not far away, Sonic and Tails are cooking chili dogs in a stewpot.]

Breezie: Help! [Sonic listens in on Breezie's yell.]
Sonic: Sounds like Robotnik's badniks are stirring up more trouble.

[Sonic rushes towards Breezie, who is now tied to a rock as Scratch and Grounder interrogate her. Grounder is also revealed to have turned his left drill into a flashlight.]

Scratch: We have ways of making you talk, hedgehog.

[Grounder shines the flashlight on Breezie, she tries to look away from the brightness and squints.]

Grounder: We do? What ways?
Scratch: Stupid!

[Scratch smacks Grounder's head with his right hand.]

Grounder: Huh? Oh, yeah, right! We got stupid ways to make you talk, so start blabbing, missy! [Breezie gasps]
Scratch: Tell us where we can find Sonic!
Breezie: I don't know where he is! I've never even met Sonic!
Sonic: [rushing in on the scene with a smile] You have now. [pointing to the badniks] Picking on a pretty lady. Don't you bots have any chivalry?
Scratch: No, but Grounder's got a great trick up his sleeve.

[Scratch hits Grounder with his right elbow.]

Grounder: My new glue gun! It'll paste your sneakers right to the pavement!
Scratch: Yeah, hedgehog, stick around! Baha-haha!

[Grounder turns his flash light into a glue gun. He shoots at Sonic, but misses, as Sonic runs away.]

Scratch: Hey, fast-draw, you missed!

[Scratch smacks Grounder's head with his right hand.]

Scratch: Wait ‘til Dr. Robotnik hears about this! Baha-haha!

[Grounder points his glue gun at Scratch. Scratch reacts in fear.]

Grounder: Not from you! I'll glue your yap shut!
Sonic: Hold it! Official photographer.

[Sonic is revealed to have set up a camera behind Scratch and Grounder. Inside the camera, Sonic is revealed to be wearing a reporter's hat, a pair of glasses with swirls on the lenses, and a long, grey beard.]

Sonic: Dr. Robotnik wants this historic moment preserved for his museum of villainry and rottenness. Okay, okay. Put your arms on each other's shoulders and say "Cheese".

[Scratch and Grounder look at each other angrily and slowly put their arms on each other’s shoulder, then smile at the camera.]

Scratch and Grounder: Cheese!

[Sonic takes a picture of Scratch and Grounder.]

Sonic: Great, great, great! Now this time, take two steps backward, and say, "Glue".

[Scratch and Grounder back up, unaware they just stepped in the glue that Grounder attempted to fire at Sonic earlier.]

Scratch and Grounder: Glue! Glue?!

[As Scratch and Grounder struggle to get out of the glue, Sonic unties Breezie from the rock. He grabs her right arm with his left hand and carries her back to Tails who's still by the stewpot. He watches as Sonic sets Breezie down.]

Breezie: My hero! [As Breezie talks to Sonic, Tails looks at them, immediately jealous, with his hands on his hips.]
Breezie: [she's caressing Sonic’s hair and he smiles brightly with his smile getting bigger with each compliment.] I heard you were speedy, I heard you were brave, I didn't know you'd be so....handsome.
Sonic: Handsome? You really think so? [As Breezie talks to Sonic, she grabs his left cheek with her right hand and stretches it towards her.]

Breezie: And strong! And clever! and daring! How can I ever thank you? [giggles, letting go of Sonic whose tongue is hanging out in bliss from the affection] I know. [She kisses him on the left cheek. Tails is horrified when he sees this.]

Tails: Yuck!
Sonic: [dazed with red hearts for pupils.] Aw, it was nothing. Any heroic, warp-speed hedgehog who wants to help people in trouble could have done it. [Tails grabs Sonic and pulls him away.]
Breezie: Not so dashingly as you. Not so gallantly.

[Tails walks back to Breezie, with Sonic still in his hands.]

Tails: Hi, my name is Tails, and Sonic and I gotta go now.
Breezie: My name is Breezie. [walks towards the stewpot.]
Tails: [uninterested] Nice to have met you, bye! [Sonic is still lovestruck]
Breezie: Oh, look! Chili dogs! My favorite, favorite food. [Sonic dashes over now out of his trance]
Sonic: Hey, mine too! Would you like to stay for lunch?
Breezie: Unfortunately, I hate dining outdoors.
Sonic: Oh.
Breezie: The sun can be ruinous to a girl's complexion.
Tails: [waves] Like I said, it was nice to meet you! Bye!
Breezie: Of course, Sonic, sweetie, if you had an umbrella...
Sonic: One shade, gettin' made!

[Sonic runs away, then comes back and builds a table with two chairs and an umbrella.]

Sonic: How's that?
Breezie: Perfect!
Tails: [still sour] Great. Sonic should have quit while we were ahead.
Breezie: All it needs is flowers.
Sonic: Flowers?

[Sonic runs away, then comes back, holding a bouquet of flowers in his right hand.]

Sonic: Flowers!
Breezie: [Taking Sonic's offer] Awesome!
Sonic: [Hearts forming in his eyes again as he's leaning forward head over heels] Yeah. Awesome. Like somebody I just met.
Breezie: Too bad they're not Mobisia Marvelosa Merigoldias.
Sonic: Mobisia what?
Breezie: My favorite, favorite, favorite flowers.
Sonic: Oh.
Breezie: They grow 2,000 miles away down at the Equator. How could I possibly expect you to bring me some? Silly me.
Sonic: Tails, little buddy, look after Breezie. This may take a few minutes.

[Sonic runs away, towards the Equator. When he reaches it, there is a Map Maker sitting on a chair in front of a tree. To his right side is a bag of maps.]

Sonic: I just came 2,000 miles. I want a map!
Map Maker: Nah, no way. You don't want a map to the Mobisia Marvelosa Merigoldias.
Sonic: I'm waiting.

[Sonic presses his head against the Map Maker's body. The Map Maker gives Sonic a map.]

Map Maker: Okay, okay, but remember; Avoid the Angry Alligators,

[Sonic looks at the map and runs away.]

Map Maker: Don't provoke the Python, and keep your eyes peeled for Cannibals!

[Sonic continues looking at the map as he continues running.]

Sonic: Avoid the Angry Alligators...

[Sonic bumps into one of the Angry Alligators. Behind that Alligator are the other Angry Alligators, who are all swimming in the water. Before the Alligator can attack him, Sonic kicks the alligator with his left foot, knocking the Alligator onto the others. They form a bridge, which Sonic runs across. Sonic then continues running and reading the map.]

Sonic: Okay, don't provoke the Python...

[Sonic runs onto the Python. The Python eats Sonic, licks his lips with his tongue, then spits Sonic out, causing Sonic to fly through the air.]

Sonic: Sorry, big guy! Should have warned you about my quills!

[The Python opens his mouth, revealing his tongue to be covered in bandages, and some of Sonic's quills to be lodged into it.]

Python: Bleh!

[Sonic continues reading the map and flying through the air.]

Sonic: And keep your eyes peeled for... [yells]

[Sonic gets caught in a rope trap.]

Sonic: Cannibals.

[Sonic hears growling. He looks down and gasps when he sees three Pig Cannibals looking up at him and licking their lips. Two of the Pig Cannibals set up a table, with a vase and wine glasses. They sit at the table, and the third returns, dressed in a waiter's outfit.]

Pig Cannibal: Would you like to hear our specials for the day?

[The Pig Cannibal pulls out a piece of paper with a picture of Sonic hanging from a rope by his right foot. The paper says, MEN-HEW SONIC.]

Pig Cannibal:Honey-baked hedgehog, hedgehog hollandaise, and hedgehog hash.

[Sonic taps the Pig Cannibal's head with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Hey, talk to the Python. I taste terrible. [yells]

[The Pig Cannibal grabs Sonic with his left hand.]

Pig Cannibal: Oh contraire. You look deliciousaire.

[The Pig Cannibal pulls Sonic off the rope, and is revealed to have tied him to a barbecue rotisserie. The Pig Cannibal is also revealed to be dressed in an apron and chef's hat, and is holding a barbecue fork.]

Pig Cannibal: Perfect for ze barbecue.
Sonic: You guys don't get it, do you? I'm no barbecue.

[Sonic breaks free from the ropes.]

Sonic: I'm fast food!

[The Pig Cannibal tries to attack Sonic with his barbecue fork, but Sonic pushes him away. The other two Pig Cannibals try to attack Sonic, but miss.]

Sonic: You guys can chase me, if you can.

[Sonic runs around the Pig Cannibals, who tire down. The other one falls on them and they explode. Meanwhile, Sonic reaches the entrance to the Garden of the Mobisia Marvelosa Marigoldias, with a sign that says, ENTRANCE MOBISIA MARVELOSA MARIGOLDIAS GARDEN. In the garden, a Rabbit Gardener is holding a watering can in his right hand and a hoe in his left. When Sonic runs up to him, holding his head with his left hand, the Rabbit Gardener puts down his watering can and shakes Sonic's right hand with his right.]

Rabbit Gardener: Congratulations! You have reached the garden of the Mobisia Marvelosa Merigoldias.
Sonic: Whoa. Finally. I'm getting pooped.
Rabbit Gardener: Unfortunately, no one ever returned from here.
Sonic: And why not?

[The Rabbit Gardener backs up as fire falls from the sky. Sonic jumps and stares at the fire.]

Sonic: Yikes!

[The fire clears]

Rabbit Gardener: The Fire Dragon won't let em'.

[The Fire Dragon roars and breathes fire at Sonic. Sonic jumps out of the way just in time.]

Fire Dragon: What?

[Sonic climbs up the Fire Dragon's neck and pokes his head with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Think you're hot stuff, huh? Okay, toast your tootsies with this!

[Sonic runs down the Fire Dragon's neck and runs around his right foot, setting it on fire.]

Fire Dragon: Yeeoow!

[The Fire Dragon jumps into the air, leaving a black cloud that says, YEEOOW. Sonic grabs a boquet of Mobisia Marvelosa Marigoldias, then runs past the Rabbit Gardener. As Sonic runs past a pool of water, the Fire Dragon holds his burning right foot and hops on his left]

Fire Dragon: Oooh, aaah, oooh, aaah aaah, aaah, oh-hoo-hoo-hoo!

[The Fire Dragon puts his right foot in the water, putting the fire out.]

Fire Dragon: Ahhh.

[The Fire Dragon pulls out his right foot, revealing the Angry Alligators to be chomping on it. He stares at them in shock.]

Fire Dragon: Yeow!

[Sonic runs back to Tails and Breezie, carrying the Mobisia Marvelosa Marigoldias in his left hand. Beads of sweat can be seen on his head]

Breezie: I hope this wasn't too much trouble, Sonic, sweetie.

[Sonic pulls out a yellow hankerchief with his right hand and wipes his head with it, panting heavily as he does.]

Sonic: Trouble? Nah!
Tails: Then what took you so long?
Breezie: Tails is right. I waited and waited, and got famisheder and famisheder.
Sonic: Well, why didn't you offer Breezie a chili dog?
Tails: She won't eat our chili dogs.
Breezie: I only eat Chef Charlemaine's choice chili dogs. He has the cutest little cafe just 6,000 miles from here, in the Ice Territory.

[In the Ice Territory, a Polar Bear can be seen fishing in a hole in the ice. A giant snowball runs up to him, then explodes, revealing a very cold and shivering Sonic inside]

Sonic: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Chef Ch-ch-ch-Charlemaine's choice chili dogs?

[The Polar Bear points to the direction with his right index finger]

Polar Bear: Heh! Straight ahead to the big glacier, then, uh, turn left at the second iceberg.
Sonic: Th-th-th-th-th-thanks.

[Sonic runs away through three giant snowballs, leaving Sonic-shaped holes in each of them, and forming a giant snowball of his own. The Polar Bear extends his fangs, then retracts them. He pulls out his fishing pole, revealing a telephone receiver at the end. He grabs the receiver with his right hand.]

Polar Bear: Give me Dr. Robotnik.

[Meanwhile, Scratch is revealed to have answered Grounder's robocom phone inside Robotnik's lair.]

Scratch: His Royal Malicious Robotnik's Laboratory, Scratch squawking! It's for you, your maliciousness. Fresh off the receiver.

[Scratch hands Robotnik the phone with his right hand. Robotnik grabs the phone with his left hand.]

Robotnik: Who is this?

[Robotnik is revealed to be dressed in a purple robe and a fez.]

Robotnik: I can't talk now, I'm waiting for important news from the ice territory.

[Back at the Ice Territory, The Polar Bear is talking to Robotnik. Some hula-dancing penguins can be seen in the background as he talks to him.]

Polar Bear: Then, uh, listen up, your rottenness. Sonic was just here.

[Robotnik grins, then tosses the phone aside.]

Robotnik: Ha ha! It's working! My sneaky, devious, underhanded scheme is working!

[Scratch and Grounder are revealed to be tied up in the phone cord.]

Scratch: Any sneaky, devious, underhanded scheme in particular?
Robotnik: Yes. My secret agent, Breezie, has got Sonic running in circles all over Mobius.
Scratch: Breezie is your secret agent?

[Scratch scratches his head with his right hand. Robotnik tosses his fez aside with his right hand and opens his robe.]

Robotnik: Of course!
Grounder: Then why did you send us to capture her?

[Grounder turns his right hand into a drill into a hand, which he scratches his head with. Robotnik is now dressed in a pair of blue polka-dotted boxer shorts and a girdle, the latter of which he uses to make himself look more muscular.]

Robotnik: That was the brilliantly sneaky part of my devious and underhanded scheme.

[Robotnik pulls a dressing wall with a picture of a dragon in front of him.]

Scratch and Grounder: It was?
Robotnik: Yes, you dumbots!

[Robotnik removes his boxer shorts and is revealed to be dressed in his robe again.]

Robotnik: How else could I get Sonic to think Breezie is on his side?
Scratch: I knew it all the time.
Grounder: I knew it before you did!
Scratch: Great acting job I did when we captured her, huh?
Grounder: Yeah, great acting job. You almost had me thinking Robotnik put a brain in your head!

[Robotnik punches Grounder with his left hand through the dressing wall.]

Robotnik: Silence!
Grounder: [nasally] Yes, your miserableness.

[Robotnik pushes the dressing wall away, revealing he is now dressed in a pilot's uniform.]

Robotnik: Now that Breezie has diverted Sonic to the far reaches of the planet, it's time to launch the second part of my terrible plan!

[The girdle snaps from inside Robotnik's uniform, making him look fat again. In the next scene, Robotnik is on the roof of his fortress as he shows off his latest invention, the Egg-o-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer.]

Robotnik: Well, gentlemen,

[Robotnik jumps into the Tunnelizer.]

Robotnik: How do you like it?
Grounder: Hmmm...
Scratch: Uh... oh-ho, we love it.
Grounder: Yeah, it's the best one we've ever seen.
Scratch: If we were gonna build one ourselves, we'd make it exactly like that.
Grounder: Exactly.
Scratch: One question.
Robotnik: Yes?
Scratch and Grounder: What is it?

[Robotnik repeatedly hits the wall of the Tunnelizer with his left hand.]

Robotnik: It's my new Egg-o-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer. See that ugly, empty space in front of my fortress?

[Robotnik points to the village in the distance.]

Scratch: It's not exactly empty, your maliciousness.

[Inside the village, three kids are playing with a jump rope and an elderly lady is knitting in a rocking chair. An elderly man passes by her and she waves to him]

Grounder: That is that whole village right there.
Robotnik: In six hours, that village will be gone!
Scratch: Gone?
Robotnik: Vanished! Destroyed! Obliterated! I'm flooding it! I'm going to tunnel to the main Mobius reservoir, steal all its water, and turn that town into Lake Robotnik! [laughs evilly]
Grounder: Need any help?
Robotnik: No! I want you two to go help Breezie eliminate Sonic! This is one time I'm going to do some rottenness, and that hedgehog won't stop me!
Grounder: But what will happen to all the people?
Robotnik: In a word, they'll all be sunk!

[Robotnik laughs evilly again, then pulls the lever, setting the Tunnelizer from LOW to HIGH, starting it up. As this happens, Scratch and Grounder hold and look at each other worriedly]

Scratch and Grounder: [both shriek]

[Robotnik's tunnelizer flies off the roof]

Robotnik: Yee-haw! Lookit, yippie! Oh!

[Robotnik's tunnelizer drills into the ground, leaving a hole in it. Robotnik is now underground, drilling with the tunnelizer. He slowly sets the lever from LOW to HIGH].

Robotnik: I'll tunnel! I'll steal the Reservoir water! I'll flood that innocent village right off the map! And best of all, Sonic is being kept too busy to even notice!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. As he gets closer to the Reservoir, there are signs all around, one that says, RESERVOIR, one that says, VILLAGE, one that says, MOBIUS WATER, and one pointing in Robotnik's path that says, THE DASTARD. Meanwhile, Breezie is filing her nails while she and Tails wait for Sonic to return from the Ice Territory]

Breezie: Does Sonic always take this long to go someplace?
Tails: Never.
Breezie: Good.
Tails: Huh? Look, here comes a snowman!

[Sure enough, a snowman can be seen running down the mountain and towards the stewpot. It stops there, and melts, revealing Sonic inside, holding a frozen chili dog in his right hand]

Tails: No, wait! It's no snowman! It's Sonic!

[Sonic walks up to Breezie]

Sonic: S-s-sorry, Breezie. Your Chef Charlemaine's choice chili-dog got a little... chilly.
Tails: Yeah, I've seen popsicles that look warmer than that.
Sonic: H-h-here, Tails. Heat it up.

[The fire under the stewpot goes out]

Tails: I can't; you put out the fire.
Breezie: It doesn't matter. You're so brave and thoughtful to bring it to me.
Sonic: Oh, no big deal.
Breezie: Besides, I know just the place you can go to get it heated up.

[Tails runs up to Sonic and grabs him from behind]

Tails: No! Not again! Can't you see how tired he is?

[As Breezie talks to Tails, she rubs Sonic's head with her right hand]

Breezie: Even if he's tired. A great hero like Sonic is not going to let his... greatest admirer starve to death.
Sonic: Nope! No way! Where is this heating up place?
Breezie: It's called Rent-a-Stove. Down the road. Just 600 miles.
Sonic: I'm already there!

[Sonic runs away]

Tails: Why are you so mean to Sonic?
Breezie: Why don't you float down a river and get lost at sea?

[Breezie grabs Tails by the nose with her left hand and picks him up]

Tails: Oooh! Ow! Oh!

[Breezie spins Tails around and tosses him into the river, where he is now struggling to stay above the water]

Tails: Help! Help!

[Scratch and Grounder appear behind Breezie]

Scratch: Nice work, Agent Breezie.
Grounder: Yeah, very nice. That little brat is a real pain in the...
Scratch: Hey!
Grounder: Transmission.
Breezie: You must be the guys Dr. Robotnik said would help me set the final trap for Sonic.
Scratch: That's us! My name's Scratch, and I'm the boss of the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad! Bwahahaha!
Grounder: My name's Grounder, and I'm the boss!

[Grounder Knocks Scratch down with his right arm]

Breezie: Well, on this job, you two bosses are taking orders from me!
Scratch: Uh, I knew that!
Grounder: I knew it first!
Breezie: Stop blabbing and get to work!

[Meanwhile, Tails is still in the river, trying to stay above the water]

Tails: Help!

[Unfortunately for Tails, he is approaching a waterfall. Tails is now underwater]

Tails: Oh no!

[A Fish swims up to tails]

Fish: What's the matter? Can't you swim?

[Tails tries swimming, but doesn't get very far as the fish swims away from him]

Tails: Not very well.

[Tails approaches the waterfall, and as soon as he is out of the water, he uses his two tails to fly]

Tails: But I can fly. That Breezie is more trouble than I even thought. I gotta find out what's going on.

[Tails flies back towards the waterfall. Meanwhile, Breezie is holding a clipboard, and she, Scratch, and Grounder are all wearing blue baseball caps.]

Breezie: Is the fool-proof, speed-proof, escape-proof ground level trap ready?
Scratch: All set!
Breezie: Then prove it!

[Scratch is now holding a remote control in his left hand, and points to the ground with his right index finger as he presses a button.]

Scratch: When Sonic steps on that piece of ground in front of you,

[A trap door on the ground opens, and treadmill rises from the trap door]

Scratch: I activate my remote-control trap zapper. The carpet-coated treadmill rises up, and Sonic starts running on it.

[The treadmill activates.]

Scratch: The faster it goes, the more static electricity develops in the hedgehog's quills! So, when I activate the giant magnet,

[Scratch presses a button on the remote, opening another trap door, which a giant robotic hand carrying a giant magnet rises from.]

Scratch: The electrified Sonic is pulled into its force field, and magnetically immobilized! It'll get him, guaranteed! Bwahahaha!

[The magnet lowers as Grounder rolls up to a tree]

Breezie: In case it doesn't, is the ingenious backup tree trap ready?
Grounder: Ready!

[Grounder turns his right drill into a chainsaw]

Grounder: If Sonic escapes the first trap, I saw down this tree,

[Grounder uses his chainsaw to saw down the tree, causing it to fall on Scratch]

Grounder: Which falls to the ground,
Scratch: Ow!
Grounder: Bumping the hedgehog right on his noggin.

[A flattened Scratch emerges from under the fallen tree]

Scratch: You bumped my noggin!
Grounder: I told you it worked!
Breezie: You were supposed to say it was ready, not show it was ready!

[Scratch walks up to Breezie and Grounder]

Grounder: Oh. Well, uh, maybe we could skip to the next foolproof trap.

[Breezie flips through several pages on the clipboard]

Breezie: Is the double-insurance, extra-duty, when-all-else-fails, special-surprise, smasher-from-the-sky ready?
Scratch: Ready!

[Scratch presses a button on the remote, which he is now holding in his right hand. This brings down a giant smasher]

Grounder: One hedgehog, cancelled!
Scratch: Yeah! Nothing can escape the Smash Stamper! Bwahahaha!
Breezie: Then I guess we can call Dr. Robotnik and tell him that Sonic the Hedgehog is about to be captured.

[Grounder has now turned his right drill into a hand, which he uses to open his chest compartment and pull out his robocom phone]

Grounder: I'll do it! Oh, my robocom phone is dead.
Breezie: We'll use mine!

[Breezie reveals herself to be a robot by opening her chest compartment with her left hand and reaching in with her right, pulling out a robocom phone. Unknown to her, Tails has witnessed this.]

Tails: Wait a sec, she's a robot!
Breezie: So, as soon as Sonic gets back, you'll be rid of him forever, your maliciousness!

[Meanwhile, Robotnik is still using the Tunnelizer to drill to the Reservoir. He is communicating with Breezie through a headset.]

Robotnik: Good work, Agent Breezie. I'm glad I built you.
Breezie: Any further instructions?
Robotnik: Just get that hedgehog! I'll be reaching the Reservoir in ten minutes, and before you know it, the village will be washed away!
Tails: I've gotta find Sonic and warn him!

[Tails flies away. Meanwhile, Sonic is on his way back from Rent-a-Stove. Tails is blocking his path, holding out his arms, and holding a STOP sign in his right tail.]

Tails: Stop, Sonic, stop!

[Tails moves out of the way just in time as Sonic runs past him. Sonic is holding a lidded plate in his right hand as Tails is now behind him.]

Sonic: Can't stop, little bro! Breezie's waiting!
Tails: Wait, she's not what you think!
Sonic: I know.
Tails: You know?
Sonic: Yeah, I think she's perfect. But she's even better than that!
Tails: Sonic, come back! Sonic, listen to me!

[Sonic leaves Tails behind in a cloud of dust, which causes Tails to cough extensively. Meanwhile, Breezie, Scratch and Grounder are waiting for Sonic to return, when suddenly, Grounder's antenna beeps.]

Grounder: Huh? Hedgehog approaching!
Breezie: Prepare the traps!

[Scratch and Grounder run away while Breezie pulls out a pocket mirror with her right hand and a powder puff with her left. She powders her face as Sonic approaches her, carrying the lidded plate.]

Sonic: Your chili dog, milady.

[Sonic removes the lid, revealing the chili dog underneath. Unknown to him, Scratch and Grounder are watching from the distance]

Grounder: He's not standing on the treadmill trap.
Scratch: Breezie'll take care of it.
Breezie: Thank you, Sonic sweetie, could you walk right over there and put it on the table?

[Breezie points to the table with her right index finger]

Sonic: Sure.

[Sonic walks towards the table]

Scratch: He's falling for it!

[Just as it seems Sonic is about to put the chili dog on the table, he suddenly stops.]

Sonic: But first, I wanna give you something.

[Sonic puts it on the ground in front of the table and walks back towards Breezie who's looking pretty annoyed]

Sonic: I had a little time while I was waiting for your chili dog to get here,

[Sonic reaches into his left shoe with his left hand and pulls out a gold locket, which he gives to Breezie.]

Sonic: So I bought you a present.
Breezie: [face softens] A real present? One I didn't send you for?
Sonic: And, I wrote you a poem.

[Sonic hands Breezie a piece of paper with his left hand, obviously containing the poem he wrote]

Breezie: A poem?

[Breezie takes the paper from Sonic]

Sonic: Yeah, so you'll know how I feel.

[Sonic walks back towards the table]

Sonic: You can read it while I put this on the table.

[Sonic picks up the chili dog and is about to put it on the table, when Scratch jumps out, carrying the remote in his right hand]

Scratch: Ha! You've had it, hedgehog!

[Scratch presses a button on the remote. The trap door opens, activating the treadmill, which Sonic starts running on. Sonic also loses the chili dog in the process.]

Sonic: Hey! Whoa-oa!
Scratch: Wahahaha!

[Grounder rolls up to Scratch]

Scratch: The carpet coating is starting to build up static electricity!

[Static electricity does indeed begin to build up around Sonic]

Grounder: Zap the magnet!

[Scratch presses a button on the remote. The other trap door opens, activating the giant magnet. Sonic continues panting heavily]

Sonic: [screams in pain]

[The magnet pulls Sonic into its force field, immobillizing him]

Sonic: [continues screaming]
Scratch: We got him! We got him!

[Grounder begins jumping for joy]

Scratch: Breezie, we got Sonic!

[Breezie is looking over Sonic's poem, and tears fall from her eyes]

Breezie: No one ever wrote me a poem before.

[Sonic's poem says, Robotnik is rotten Alfalfa is Sneezy The minute I met her I loved my Breezie. One of Breezie's tears washes off the loved part.]

Breezie: "Robotnik is rotten, Alfalfa is Sneezy, the minute I met her,"

[Breezie gasps]

Breezie: "I loved my Breezie!"

[Breezie hugs the paper and sobs]

Breezie: It's beautiful!

[As Breezie continues sobbing, Sonic is still immobilized in the magnet]

Grounder: Huh! She's not even paying attention!
Scratch: Good!
Grounder: Good?
Scratch: Yeah, don't you get it? While she's reading all that mushy stuff, we'll get rid of that hedgehog and Dr. Robotnik will have to give us all the credit!
Grounder: Exactly what I was thinking! Exactly!

[Grounder mutters]

Grounder: Uh, how we gonna do that?

[Scratch pulls out the remote, which he is now holding in his right hand]

Scratch: Easy! I'll just activate the double-insurance, extra-duty, when-all-else-fails, special-surprise, smash-from-the-sky trap! Baha-haha!
Grounder: Yeah! We'll cancel that hedgehog!

[Just before Scratch can press the button on the remote, Breezie pushes Scratch out of the way]

Breezie: No!

[Breezie sobs, then runs up to the switch under the magnet, deactivating it, and setting an unconcious Sonic free. She runs up to the unconcious Sonic]

Breezie: Sonic? All you all right? Speak to me!

[Scratch picks up the remote with his left hand and presses a button on it with the same hand. The remote activates a trap, and Sonic suddenly awakens]

Sonic: Wuh-oh!

[Sonic grabs Breezie and runs off with her just in time, as the giant smasher smashes the ground, forming huge cracks in it. One of which, Scratch is standing above. He looks down, then jumps up and stares in shock]

Scratch: [screams]

[Scratch is now carrying Grounder in his arms]

Grounder: Save me!

[The crack expands and Scratch and Grounder scream as they fall in the hole, ending up in pieces. Meanwhile, Sonic stops at a hill.]

Breezie: You saved my life!
Sonic: You saved mine!
Breezie: I know!

[Sonic puts Breezie down]

Breezie: I can't believe it! I wasn't designed to do that!
Sonic: Designed?
Breezie: I'm a robot, Sonic. My job was to trick you. Call Dr. Robotnik and he'll tell you.

[Breezie opens her chest compartment with her left hand and pulls out her robocom phone with her right. She suddenly gasps when she realizes what Robotnik is up to.]

Breezie: Dr. Robotnik! He's going to steal all the water from the Mobius Resovoir, and flood a whole village! You've got to stop him! Hurry!

[Without hesitation, Sonic rushes off to stop Robotnik. Meanwhile, Robotnik is still drilling underground, about to reach the Resovoir.]

Robotnik: Ten more seconds, and I'll reach the Resovoir!

[Just before Robotnik can reach the Resovoir, Sonic attaches a rope with a hook, stopping the Tunnelizer in its tracks. Robotnik turns his attention to Sonic]

Robotnik: Hey! What did you do?
Sonic: No big deal, Ronutnik. I just hooked you up to Mobius' longest bungee cord!

[The bungee cord pulls the Tunnelizer back. Sonic backs out of the way, so as not to get hit.]

Robotnik: Whoooaaa! I hate that hedgehog!

[The Tunnelizer crashes.]

Robotnik: Oh!

[Sonic looks back at the destroyed Tunnelizer. Later that day, Sonic is sitting on a rock, upset at having found out that Breezie is a robot who was working for Dr. Robotnik. Tails flies up to him, carrying a piece of paper in his left hand, which Sonic grabs with his right.]

Sonic: What's this?
Tails: Breezie told me to give this to you.

[Sonic looks over the paper.]

Sonic: "If I'm just a robot, why am I crying? Maybe someday, we'll meet down the line. And then, Sonic, you'll be mine." Come on, Tails!

[Sonic grabs Tails' left arm with his right hand.]

Tails: Where are we going?
Sonic: On down the line!

[Sonic runs down the hill, dragging Tails along as the episode ends.]

Sonic Says

[Sonic rushes in]

Sonic: Kids, there's nothing more cool than being hugged by someone you like, but if someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's no good! It's your body! No one has the right to touch you if you don't want them to! So, what do you do? First, you say, "No!", then, you get out of there!

[Sonic runs away, then pokes his head out from offscreen]

Sonic: Most importantly, you've gotta tell someone you trust, like your parents, your teacher, a police officer!