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A self-styled Love Expert who claims to have won as many hearts as there are stars in the sky. Louie is always happy to teach the ABCs of that sticky wicket they call romance. If you ask nicely, he'll even help you practice... just as long as you're OK with his particular practice style.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Louie Montaine (ルイ・モンタン Rui Montan?) is a character that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Empire City who works as a photographer, and is a self-entitled love expert.


During his lifetime, Louie has claimed to be the veteran of a hundred romances and has won countless hearts, but it is debatable if these claims are true.

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, Louie heard that the local Entrance Stage had become dangerous. Not long after, Louie met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip when the duo first arrived in Empire City. He proceeded to welcome them to his city, though he admitted that he did not own it, but would like to since he loved it so much. After that, Sonic and Chip asked where to find the Entrance Stage, and Louie gave them directions.

Later on, Louise saw Sonic and Chip in the Entrance Stage. Surprised that someone dared go in there, he met up with Sonic and Chip. He asked them if they were okay, since he worried about what dangers in there, before telling Sonic and Chip to listen to him as he praised his own consideration.

Afterwards, Louie learned that Sonic and Chip had their own plane. When Sonic and Chip later returned to Empire City, Louie met them and told them of what he had heard about their plane and how jealous he was. Louise then told Sonic and Chip that he would love a chance to fly in their plane, but was denied, as they had to report to Professor Pickle, leaving Louie disappointed.

Later on, Louie saw Badniks invading Empire City, leaving him scared out of his mind. Soon after, he met Sonic and Chip again, where he asked them if they had noticed Badniks in the city before telling them that while he was  "love-all girl", he thought Dr. Eggman was a "wacko". When Sonic and Chip returned from driving Eggman's Badniks away, Louie told them to keep a low profile as he feared Eggman's Badniks were close by, only to be told that the Badniks gone. Having not been told this prior, Louie berated Sonic for making him all panicky.

At some point after Shamar's continent was restored, Louie became slightly depressed at not meeting anyone who needed his knowledge on romances, and hoped to find one that was a nice guy and a shy charmer. Soon after, Louie saw Sonic and Chip again. This time, he was intrigued by Sonic's outward appearance. Calling Sonic to him, Louie told Sonic that the word "Zoom" was written all over his face and that he had a "manly stare". He also told him that he could tell Sonic did not have a girlfriend and that he looked kind of awkward. Louie then got the idea of teaching Sonic all there was to know about love and immediately began his lessons before Sonic had a chance to respond. Telling Sonic that he was "too aloof" and that a girl sometimes like to see passion, Louie assigned Sonic to show him just how hot he could get while he looked on. After Sonic had passed his assignment, Louie was ecstatic about his performance, which was both lovely and made him tremble, before noting that he could feel the fire in Sonic's heart from a distance. When Sonic asked Louie who he was, Louie told him his many titles, though he would not tell him more as all the best ones were shrouded in mystery.

Later on, during nighttime, Louie saw Sonic the Werehog and Chip again and called them to him. As Sonic was surprised that he could recognized him as a Werehog, Louie told him it all too obvious and remarked that while Sonic was hip in his normal form, he found him fabulous as a Werehog, despite finding his arms as a Werehog form a little too manly. Telling Sonic that no girl would fall for a guy who was all brute force, and that sometimes, a girl felt like chasing the silent, shadowy kind of guy, Louie assigned Sonic to prove that he could sneak silently through the shadows quickly. During the assignment, Louie snuck behind Sonic the entire time, keeping an eye on him. After Sonic had passed his assignment, Louie was ecstatic about his performance, which was delicious and shadowy. As Sonic was surprised that Louie saw him despite keeping a low profile, Louie admitted that he snuck around to follow him the whole time, though he did not deem it as cheating. Louie then assumed Sonic was asking him if he was in a relationship, and he pronounced that it was true, but in the sense that his love was all-encompassing and that he loved everybody, which included Sonic as well.

Sometime later, during nighttime, Louie met Sonic the Werehog and Chip, where he asked Sonic if he was ready for his final lesson in true love. Telling Sonic that the way to win over the theoretical girl he had managed to escort to this point in his lessons was with presents, as he claiming that there was not a woman in the world who would not fall for the right present. Louie gave Sonic some bracelets and got him practicing by delivering the bracelets as fast as he could. After Sonic passed his assignment, Louie was ecstatic about his performance, and told Sonic that his spine tingled and that the way he ran to show his love was rich. Deeming Sonic's performance perfect and amazing, Louie told him that they now had to find the right gift, though he noted that the love behind the gift was what counted. As Sonic asked him why he was helping him, Louie remarked that from the first time he saw Sonic, he knew something about the two of them, but then trailed off. He then told Sonic that he could not know more, as his love was for everyone and not just one person.

Later on, Louie met Sonic and Chip again. He asked Sonic if his lessons had paid off yet, before telling him that he would eventually find another love, while he himself would fade into a distant memory.


A self-styled Love Expert and a veteran of romances, Louie proudly claims to have won as many hearts as there are stars in the sky. Louie is always happy to teach everything he knows about romance and love to those who he believes needs it, though his teaching styles can be rather radical.


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