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The lotus is a gimmick that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a water-born leaf can be used to reach higher locations in Tropical Jungle.


Despite its name, the lotus resembles more a round, green lily pad. Its surface is quite elastic, making it similar to a trampoline.


In gameplay, the lotus allows the player to get progressively more height when jumping on it to reach higher areas. They are found exclusively at Tropical Jungle.

The usage of the lotus in gameplay differs between the playable characters. For majority of the characters, the player just has to jump on top of the lotus. For each jump made on the lotus, the playable character will then ascend higher into the air. Silver's lotuses however, has a PK mark that requires him to use Psychokinesis on them in order to make one, high jump. The longer the player charges the PK mark, the higher the jump Silver will make with the lotus' aid.

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