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Sonic Forces
Lost Valley

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There's sand everywhere! Green Hill's looking a lot more like Sand Hill right now.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Forces

Lost Valley (ロストバレー Rosutobarē?) is the first stage in Sonic Forces, and the first stage in the game to be played as Sonic. This stage is a re-imagination of the Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive.

The stage features the picturesque paradise with green fields that Green Hill is known for. After the area fell under Dr. Eggman's rule however, it has become dry and sandy due to the heavy desertification caused by Eggman's industries. It was in this location that Sonic first learned of Eggman's attack on the City, an attack of which would mark the start of the War to Take Back the Planet.


Lost Valley starts out as an overall peaceful and natural landscape with block-based brown mountains in the background and a lightly clouded blue sky. Like its original incarnation, the stage features countless blocky hills in all manner of sizes and arrangements. Much of the stage is also covered in green-striped grass (including on loops) that moves with the wind, and the soil itself is covered in checkerboard patterns in different shades of brown.

The stage has several tall palm trees, bright flora that include purple flowers and moving sunflowers, hard-pointed bushes, square-leafed ivy, and different types of Totem Poles with all manners of facial expressions. There are also a couple of wooden scaffolds.

Lost Valley has one major difference from its original incarnation: the bright lake that normally dominated the scenery in the background has been replaced with a sea of scorching sand, and all the area's waterfalls have turned into sandfalls, as if a desert is sprouting from the stage itself. As the player gets further into the stage, the landscape becomes more dried-out and the desert gains more prominence, with more dead and dry vegetation appearing along the roads, including the sunflowers having withered and lost some of their petals, and some of the Totem Poles showing signs of decay and crumbling to dust. What looks like pyramids can also be spotted on the horizon. Along the road are also destroyed mass-produced Death Egg Robots. It can also be seen in the background during a part of the stage that sandworms have taken up residence in the desert where the lake once was. Black smoke is also seen rising in the distance behind the goal, indicating where the City is under siege.


While traveling through Lost Valley, Sonic receives a distress call from Tails in the City, who needs help stopping an invasion of Eggman Empire troops that are surging into the City. Ever the hero, Sonic rushes to Tails' aid in the City. Along the way, Sonic notices how the entire landscape of Green Hill has been destroyed by the industrialization imposed by Dr. Eggman.


Lost Valley is a relatively short, fast-paced stage filled with Hint Rings to explain how to play as Sonic. The stage has an number of regular enemies and obstacles, such as spikes. There are also Wisp Capsules with White Wisps for the player to charge their Boost Gauge with. There are also a couple of ledges on cliffs that will crumble a second after the player steps on them. There are also platforms attached to chains that swing in horizontal directions. These platforms are useful when the player has to cross gap sections or reach higher ground.

There are a number of pathways in the stage to choose from, whether it be if the player wants to go along a higher route or a lower route. Standard objects in Lost Valley include Springs, Ramps, Boosters and loops.


The stage begins with Sonic speeding through Green Hill in 3D. Eventually, he will jump through half-destroyed loops. After that, Sonic will enter a 2.5D section with an upper, middle and lower route, most of which feature moving swing platforms.

At the end of this 2.5D section, the player will encounter automatic, S-shaped tunnels that will take the player through large hills. Once on the other side of these tunnels, Sonic will slide down a sand fall and into a 3D section. From here, the player has to blast through a Shuttle Loop to a wooden scaffold and then run across a sandfall before blazing to the goal as the Sandworm leaps overhead before reaching it.


The following are the suggested clear points for achieving a high enough score to achieve each Rank:

S-Rank A-Rank B-Rank C-rank
950,000 515,000 330,000 <330,000

Other game appearances

Sonic Speed Simulator

Lost Valley, from Sonic Speed Simulator.

In Sonic Speed Simulator, Lost Valley appears as the game's second world, which can be unlocked after the player reaches level 25. Features included in this world are Grind Rails and the destroyed remains of a mass-produced Death Egg Robot. The level is as well completely covered in sand. In addition, there is a mission card here that allows the player to unlock Tails as a playable character.


  • The music for the stage is an alternate instrumental remix of "Fist Bump", which was also featured in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.
  • During the stage, Sonic says "Green Hill's looking a lot more like Sand Hill right now". Coincidentally, Sand Hill was a stage featured in Sonic Adventure.
  • The music for this stage is the track used for most of the levels for Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, except for the Mystic Jungle levels which plays the Luminous Forest theme respectively.
  • Lost Valley is one of the three stages that were available in the pre-release Japanese-only public demo for Sonic Forces, although the demo ends the stage early after it is played for one minute.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"Lost Valley" Tomoya Ohtani 2:37



Sonic Forces Lost Valley 1080 HD

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