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Sonic and the Secret Rings
Lost Prologue

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Lost Prologue is the first World in Sonic and the Secret Rings, preceding Sand Oasis. Its Action Stages are mostly tutorials, but it also has two Time Trials. It serves as the entrance to the world of the Arabian Nights, which is filled with swirling paper.


This World appears at the beginning of the game to teach the player the basic moves they will be using. Upon completing Mission 8, the player will encounter Erazor Djinn. He proceeds to blast Sonic with a firebolt in Sonic's attempt to protect Shahra. Sonic then rushes to Sand Oasis to try and save King Shahryar.


Mission 1: Paragraph 1

  • Tilt the Wii Remote left and right and collect 50 Rings!
  • Amount: 50
  • Unlock: N/A
  • Description: This level is simply running down a straight pathway, collecting rings, and dodging a few small obstacles.
  • Tips: Set the language to Japanese to make the Shahra's speech at the start faster. You can also jump the frame after un-pausing to move during this dialogue freeze.

Mission 2: Paragraph 2

  • Use the Charge Jump move to reach the goal!
  • Amount: N/A
  • Unlock: Beat Paragraph 1.
  • Description: This level involves lots of hurdles and staircases that you need to ascend.
  • Tips: N/A

Mission 3: Paragraph 3

  • Use the Jump Dash move to reach the goal!
  • Amount: N/A
  • Unlock: Beat Paragraph 2.
  • Description: The first section of this level contains a bunch of pits that you can jump dash over. If you fall in, use a charge jump to get out. The second section however has platforms floating over midair, so you need to perform everything correctly or die.
  • Tips: N/A

Mission 4: Paragraph 4

  • Use Homing Attacks to defeat 10 Enemies!
  • Amount: 10
  • Unlock: Beat Paragraph 3.
  • Description: This level has a bit of everything: straightaways, hurdles, and bottomless pits. Just keep homing attack the enemies and you shouldn't have to deal with many of these obstacles.
  • Tips: N/A

Mission 5: Paragraph 5

  • Use proper braking to reach the goal!
  • Amount: N/A
  • Unlock: Beat Paragraph 4.
  • Description: This level is a thin path with 3 spikeballs rising up and down slowly. Brake before each one to let it pass so you don't get hit.
  • Tips: Don't brake - Outspeed two of the spikeballs and jump straight over the third.

Mission 6: Paragraph 6

  • Use back moves and collect 25 Rings!
  • Amount: 25
  • Unlock: Beat Paragraph 5.
  • Description: As you start the level, there is only one way you can go: backwards. Simply walk backwards and collect all the rings in your path.
  • Tips: N/A

Mission 7: Paragraph 7

  • Use 10 small jumps and reach the Goal!
  • Amount: 10
  • Unlock: Beat Paragraph 6.
  • Description: This level is a lot like the second mission, only with smaller hurdles. A similar strategy applies
  • Tips: N/A

Mission 8: Paragraph 8

  • Use grinding to reach the goal!
  • Amount: N/A
  • Unlock: Beat Paragraph 7.
  • Description: Near the start of this level, you are forced by the game to jump onto a set of rails. The rest of the level is a straightaway with these same two parallel rails (and a few springs on them).
  • Tips: If you jump into the auto-jump at the start, then hold the direction opposite of the rail you are boarding, you can slip off it and simply run through this level, which is a lot faster with wind crest.

Mission 9: Paragraph 9

  • Use Speed Break to reach the goal!
  • Amount: 1
  • Unlock: Beat Evil Foundry Paragraph 1.
  • Description: The first section of this level is filled with big pearls to fill up your soul gauge. The second section is a straightaway for you to speed break on.
  • Tips: N/A

Mission 10: Paragraph 10

  • Use Time Break to reach the goal!
  • Amount: 0
  • Unlock: Beat Evil Foundry Paragraph 1.
  • Description: The start of this level is the same as the previous mission. However, the second section is filled with fast moving spikeballs, that you need time break to weave through.
  • Tips: You don't actually have to time break in this mission. An extremely well angled speed break will still pass and be a lot faster.

Mission 11: Paragraph 11

  • Use Sliding Attacks to defeat 3 enemies!
  • Amount: 3
  • Unlock: Reach level 21.
  • Description: At the start, you have to slide under a large panel. Stay sliding, and if you have Volcano Slider equipped you will soon defeat three enemies in your path.
  • Tips: N/A

Mission 12: Paragraph 12

  • Use Homing Attack while in Time Break.
  • Amount: 3
  • Unlock: Get 45 silver medals.
  • Description: In this mission you have to kill three enemies surrounded by spikeballs. To do this, activate time break with the Slowed Search skill, and homing attack them.
  • Tips: If you can down cancel off of the chest after the first enemy, you can cut precious seconds, which matter a lot in such a short level.

Mission 13: Paragraph 13

  • Use the Fire Gaze move and break 20 boxes!
  • Amount: 20
  • Unlock: Reach level 17.
  • Description: You are on a straight path with forty or so boxes. Simply break twenty of them with fire gaze to complete the mission.
  • Tips: Be very patient, the game often does not recognize that you broke a box, even when you clearly did.








Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"The Lost Prologue" Hideaki Kobayashi, Fumie Kumatani, Le Club Bachraf (Jun Chikuma, Yoshiko Matsuda), Seirou Okamoto, Kenichi Tokoi 1:51