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Quotation1 You're gonna have to choose, laddie, between old friends and new. FOR CLAGGERHORN! Quotation2
— Lost Pepper of Claggerhorn, "Chili Dog Day Afternoon"

The Lost Pepper of Claggerhorn is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is an anthropomorphic scotch bonnet[2] and leader of the Pepper People, a group that Knuckles the Echidna imagined during a chili pepper-induced dream.

Concept and creation

According to Bill Freiberger, the Lost Pepper's Scottish traits were derived from his variety of chili pepper, which is a scotch bonnet.[2]


The Lost Pepper is a stocky and humanoid scotch bonnet with a brown stem, yellow eyes, a ridged forehead, busy blue eyebrows and a blue goat patch. Curiously, he has mittens instead of fingers. Most noticeably, he has a bite of his head chewed off on the right side. For attire, he wears a brown eye patch, blue and grey armbands, a scabbard on his back, armor on his left shoulder, a blue flannel kilt with a brown bag, and grey legbands.


TV series

Season one

In Knuckles' dreams, the Lost Pepper and his people originally lived in Claggerhorn, but were driven to the Lands of the Doomed by an unknown force. The experience left the Lost Pepper with a head bite which he would wear as a reminder of his home.[1]

The Lost Pepper eventually encountered Knuckles, whom him and his people tied up upon his intrusion. The Lost Pepper interrogated Knuckles and learned he had been looking for him for a Chili Dog Cook-Off, before telling him his story. Seeing Knuckles' dimwittedness, the Lost Pepper recognized him as the prophesied oaf who would get his people back home, and had Knuckles lead their attack on the Village that occupied Claggerhorn. Amidst the battle, the Lost Pepper attacked Sonic the Hedgehog, but was knocked into a stewing chili pot by Knuckles, who hesitated to attack his friends. Realizing that the sewing pots felt like their old hot springs, the Lost Pepper made a truce: his people could take soaks in the villagers' chili pots which in turn would flavor their sauces. As the Lost Pepper took a liking to the usage of their juices though, Knuckles' dream ended.[1]


The Lost Pepper is a stern and hardened warrior, remaining uncompromising and valiant in the heat of battle and willing to beat his foes into submission using excruciating methods. Extremely loyal to his people, he is a natural and charismatic leader who commands absolute respect from his followers. He does not fight for himself, but to ensure a bright future for the next generations of his people. Regardless, he is shown to be very nostalgic, speaking fondly of his former home and becoming mellow in what reminisces his old hot springs.[1]

The Lost Peeper comes off as very prideful. Despite his deep scar, he wears it with pride and hearing that the villagers wanted to simply eat his juices insulted him so much that he almost broke the truce he made with them. He also displays a strong Scottish accent and speaks uses terms such as "laddie."[1]

Powers and abilities

While nowhere near superhuman, the Lost Pepper can jump great distances compared to his size. Given the weapon his wields, he also has some skills in swordsmanship.


Weapon of the Lost Pepper

The Lost Pepper's sword.

The Lost Pepper wields a old-fashioned grey broadsword. Stubby by comparison, it has a broad blade with an inward-curving foot and a brown grip.


  • The Lost Pepper, like the rest of the Pepper People, is based on the Scottish warriors in the film Braveheart; in fact, the Lost Pepper may be based on said film's protagonist, William Wallace.


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