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My Grandfather's experiments... something's gone horribly wrong. The research lab... It's going to be destroyed. Something must be done! Please, Shadow, I beg you! Help Grandfather and those aboard the ARK. Please!

Maria Robotnik, Shadow the Hedgehog

Lost Impact is a stage in the game Shadow the Hedgehog. It is set aboard the Space Colony ARK and can be reached by completing the Hero mission of Mad Matrix or the Hero mission of Death Ruins. The stage is set in Shadow's memories as an extended flashback after Artificial Chaos experiments have begun to attack the colony. Maria Robotnik has begged Shadow to help, leaving Shadow with two options to choose from. Lost Impact is one of the five fifth stages.


After helping Espio the Chameleon hack Dr. Eggman's Mad Matrix, or helping Rouge the Bat clear the Black Arms out of Death Ruins, Shadow comes out of a Chaos Control in Iron Jungle and spots Sonic standing on the wing of Tails' new spacecraft. Sonic informs Shadow that the Black Arms are on their way to the ARK, and the black hedgehog agrees to follow them. However, during the spaceflight, Shadow finds a capsule containing the ship's power source: the cyan Chaos Emerald. Making a comment that it's "like taking candy from a baby, which is fine by me", Shadow decides that gathering the Emeralds for himself is the most pressing priority, and breaks the capsule.

The Emerald's energies, combined with the ship's alarm's siren, trigger a memory from Shadow's past, which he slides into. Maria comes to Shadow (who was in the research lab at the time) and tells him that "something's gone terribly wrong with Grandfather's experiments". Maria recruits Shadow to stop the "monsters", which are the rampaging Artificial Chaos. Shadow can agree and hunt down the gelatinous blobs with the G.U.N. forces, or head for the Professor himself in order to ensure his safety.

While never made entirely clear, it seems that this incident is entirely distinct (and preceding) from the eventual G.U.N. attack on Project Shadow depicted in The Doom. Lost Impact has the G.U.N. soldiers fighting with Gerald's staff to suppress the Artificial Chaos. If this is the case, Lost Impact may be the second life-threatening research malfunction on the ARK, the first being Emerl the Gizoid's rampage recounted in Prof. Gerald's Journal (Sonic Battle).


The following weapons can be found in Lost Impact:

Key locations

  1. Use the elevator in the room with the first Checkpoint, and make your way to the top level. Once you are at the top, Climb the pole, and you will see the key in mid air.
  2. Take the door on the right after the third Checkpoint, and go to the last room in that section. Don't destroy anything in that room, because you will need to use the tallest objects to reach the key that is suspended in mid air.
  3. Ride the GUN Lift after the fifth Checkpoint, and when you get outside, Stop and jump to the right. The Rocket will take you up to the platform with the key.
  4. Jump up above the green rail in the same room as the eighth Checkpoint. To get there, you need to head near the door, jump on the railing and move up to the ledge where the key is.
  5. Take the door on the right side in the room with eighth Checkpoint, and break through the wall using the Grenade Launcher or a bomb. Behind the wall is the key.

Secret Door

An armored car, which doesn't have much use in this stage.



"Get to Gerald's Laboratory!"

  • Objective: Reach the Goal Ring.
  • Tips: There are no shortcuts available, so you will require raw speed. The Goal Ring is past the seventh checkpoint.

You can speed up the Gun Lifts by pressing the action button.


A Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png
≥ 34,000 points
B Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png
31,000 points
C Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png
25,000 points
D Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png
15,000 points
E Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png
< 15,000 points

Leads to: Cosmic Fall


Guide Mission Objective Tips
Shadow the Hedgehog - Hero Mission - Maria.png Defeat the Artificial Chaos! Destroy the 35 Artificial Chaos. The GUN soldiers will not attack you, so harming them will only lower your score. However, you can use the Heal Cannon from the Hero path to make this mission's A rank easier.

At each checkpoint, you should have these many Artificial Chaos destroyed:

  • Checkpoint 1: 01/35
  • Checkpoint 2: 08/35
  • Checkpoint 3: 12/35
  • Checkpoint 4: 21/35
  • Checkpoint 5: 25/35
  • Checkpoint 6: 26/35
  • Checkpoint 7: 27/35
  • Checkpoint 8: 33/35


A Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png
≥ 16,000 points
B Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png
13,000 points
C Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png
10,000 points
D Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png
5,000 points
E Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png
<5,000 points

Leads to: Final Haunt


  • Like The Doom, this level is a flashback; though possibly unlike The Doom, it might be set long before the raid on the ARK.
  • This is the only level without a Dark mission.
  • If a second player is controlling Maria, they can actually hurt Shadow by attacking him while he is in a turret, causing him to lose Rings and be kicked out of the turret.
  • Early in the stage, Maria makes three interesting comments about the Artificial Chaos:
    • 'Those are the experiments, based on the god of an ancient culture.'
    • 'The experiments..... their eyes look so.... sad.'
    • 'Many G.U.N. soldiers have been killed by the monsters. Could they have been created as a weapon?'
  • In the room with the sixth checkpoint, Maria makes a comment about the experiments looking cute when they break apart.
  • In the opening cutscene where Shadow appears in Iron Jungle, Sonic says 'We're on our way to the ARK, so I guess that means we're going too!'. This was the result of a mistranslation from the Japanese script to the English. The line should read "They're (the Black Arms) on their way to the ARK, so I guess that means we're going too!"
  • This stage may be a reference to Lost Colony from Sonic Adventure 2.
  • The background music for this stage bears similarities to Panic Puppet Zone's music from Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn version).


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"Lost Impact" Yutaka Minobe 2:22


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