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Lord Sidewinder from Sonic the Comic #85. Art by Richard Elson.

Lord Sidewinder is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was a powerful aristocrat and crime lord with a penchant for snakes and villainy based out of New Tek City on Planet Meridian in the Special Zone, and an old enemy of the Chaotix Crew. He first appeared in Sonic the Comic #85, in the second part of the "Heroes & Villains" segment of a larger arc involving the evil Super Sonic.

His family residence, a large gothic mansion, was on the outskirts of New Tek City. It was decorated with demonic grotesques outside, and the furniture within had skull and snake motifs.


Lord Sidewinder is incredibly thin, perhaps from age, has grey skin and long, slick dark green hair down his back. He habitually wears a monocle in his left eye (his other eye is milky white) and a purple velvet gown resembling a smoking jacket, and he carries a wooden cane in the shape of a rearing cobra. He has a small blue pet snake, which is frequently seen coiled around his cane or around his arm.


Sidewinder has apparently been responsible for numerous evil crimes, such as detonating nuclear bombs, but has been too intelligent to leave any proof that may convict him. He formed a gang - consisting of Lightmare, Proctor Speckle (and his alter ego Mr. Fry) and Bio-Hazard - with the intention of conquering Planet Meridian.[1] Lightmare served as Sidewinder's right-hand "man", but was actually his daughter.[2]

When the genocidal demon Super Sonic was separated from Sonic by means of a Star Post,[3] Super Sonic ended up in the Special Zone. He encountered the villainous Lord Sidewinder and proposed a deal: if Sidewinder delivered Sonic the Hedgehog to Super Sonic, then Super Sonic would join Sidewinder's gang and help him conquer Planet Meridian. Despite the warnings of Sidewinder's ally Lightmare that trusting a demon like Super Sonic would be folly, Sidewinder accepted the proposal.[1]

When Sonic was arrested by the New Tek City police department after being caught in the middle of a fight between the Justice Brigade and the Discriminators,[4] Sidewinder personally visited the police station to bail him out - much to the chagrin of Lieutenant Furor, who wished he had the evidence to arrest Sidewinder as well. Sidewinder brought Sonic back to Super Sonic at his family mansion, but Super Sonic reneged on the deal and destroyed Sidewinder's estate (protecting Sidewinder's gang and Sonic so that he could kill them personally later on). Although Sidewinder's associates attempted to subdue Super Sonic, they were easily defeated.[1] This resulted in a violent, three-way melee with Super Sonic on one side, Sonic and Chaotix on another, and Sidewinder's minions on the third. Super Sonic was defeated and trapped in the Omni-Viewer, but Sidewinder and his gang managed to escape.[5]

Sidewinder had escaped to his laboratory in New Tek City, now obsessed with stealing Super Sonic's powers for himself.[6] To this end, he obtained shrinking gas from former Chaotix member Nack the Weasel and attacked the Chaotix base in hopes of retaking Super Sonic. The plan failed due to the intervention of Sonic himself and the incompetence of his crony Bio-Hazard, who managed to poison Sidewinder with his 'toxic vomit.'[7] He also hired Nack himself to steal Super Sonic, but this also failed.

When the Chaotix Crew sealed Super Sonic in the heart of the Black Asteroid,[8] Sidewinder dedicated himself to finding Super Sonic by scanning for his energy readings.[6] He became obsessed and insane, believing that he could control Super Sonic simply with his mind, a fact which Super Sonic let him believe to have some destructive fun.[9] Lightmare desperately sought the help of Chaotix to stop him,[2] which they managed to do.[9]

Sidewinder was sent to jail, but later escaped with his crew. He sent Bio-Hazard to kidnap the now amnesiac, pacifistic and powerless Super Sonic from Mobius,[10] but Sidewinder was tracked to his base by New Tek City Lieutenant Furor and sent back to jail with his team.[11]

Robotnik Reigns Supreme

When Doctor Robotnik absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds and reshaped reality so that Sonic the Hedgehog and Chaotix never existed, Sidewinder (now calling himself Overlord Sidewinder) was ruler of the Special Zone. He was still supported by Lightmare, Mr. Fry and Bio-Hazard.

Overlord Sidewinder pretended to be loyal to the omnipotent Robotnik, but in fact planned to steal Robotnik's power so that he could rule the universe himself. When Robotnik overheard this, he turned Sidewinder and all of Sidewinder's minions to stone, as a warning to anyone else that might betray him.[12]


  • A sidewinder is a type of venomous rattlesnake (Crotalus cerastes), as well as a slang term for an untrustworthy person.
  • Lord Sidewinder's habit of wearing a monocle may be a reference to the monocled cobra.


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