Lord Regis is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He is an elderly man who is in a position of power, above that of the Soleanna Royal Guards, as he is seen running the kingdom while Princess Elise is kidnapped by Dr. Eggman. Apparently, he was a scientist who worked on the Solaris Project, and was also a good friend of the Duke of Soleanna. At one point in the game, Regis stands up to Eggman and gets himself locked up, although he is later rescued. He has an arrogant daughter named Sabrina, who comprises his only known family.



Lord Regis' daughter, Sabrina, is involved in Shadow's twelfth Town Mission. In this mission, Shadow acquires the position of Sabrina's bodyguard until a regular G.U.N. agent can relieve him.

Additionally, Lord Regis is involved in Shadow's fifteenth Town Mission. A large amount of Iblis and Mephiles creatures from Dusty Desert are terrorizing the civilians of Castle Town, including Regis himself, and Shadow has to destroy them all before they kill anyone. As a reward for completing this mission, Regis tells the Dusty Desert gatekeeper to allow Shadow to visit the level at any time.


In Silver's story, Lord Regis gives Silver his eighth Town Mission. The hedgehog is after an entry pass to Dusty Desert, but Regis is occupied with a more serious issue: an inordinate amount of Badniks are trying to smash the Castle Town gate, once again intending to wreck the town. In return for the desert pass, Silver must destroy all of the robots before they break down the gate.



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