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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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For the version of this character after the Super Genesis Wave, see Lord Mordred Hood.

Lord Mordred Hood is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a mobian cobra who previously served as the adviser to the royal O'Hedge family of Mercia. Currently, he is the Grandmaster of the Mercia Dark Egg Legion and the arch-nemesis of the Mercian Freedom Fighters.


Lord Mordred Hood is a green anthropomorphic cobra with a legionized with yellow markings on his head, yellow eyes, and a pair of fangs. For attire, he wears a black legionized torso, which his snake body is threaded through, with mechanical arms and legs. He also has his tail uncovered by legionization.

Later on, Hood's armor was changed to look similar to that of Dr. Eggman's jacket, now sporting two orange triangle-shaped metal buttons on both sides of his torso colored yellow on the outside with white stripes circling around the back.


Early life

Before becoming a Grandmaster, Mordred Hood served as the adviser of King O'Hedge. After King O'Hedge and the king's heir, Rob O' the Hedge, continuously ignored and denied his advices to put the populace in their "proper place", Mordred Hood decided to seize power to realize his own idea of order on the land by joining up with the Eggman Empire, apparently acquiring the role as a Grandmaster sometime after the Xorda Attack on Mobius. As such, he made himself an enemy of Rob and his lieutenant, Bow Sparrow. During his skirmishes with Bow, Mordred managed to avoid Bow's arrows a total of seven times.[1][2]


SU 37 Grandmasters Meeting

Hood and the rest of the Grandmasters warped to the Death Egg, from Sonic Universe #37.

In 3237, Hood received a false message from Snively about Dr. Eggman having perished when the Death Egg Mark 2 crashed. Preparing to celebrate his presumed reacquired freedom as the D.E.L chapters were ordered to disband, Hood got ready at Snottingham Castle to flog the prisoners. However, he was immediately teleported to the Death Egg, where he and the rest of the Grandmasters were told by Eggman that Snively lied about his demise. After having Eggman affirmed him cruel control over them, Hood and the others were given the objective to both capture Snively if they found him and find the missing blue Chaos Emerald. With this, Hood and the rest of the Grandmasters were sent back to their respective jobs.[3]

Chaotix Quest

Lord Hood became obsessed with locating Hideaway, the village-hideout of the Mercian Freedom Fighters. His various methods included using his hypnotic abilities on prisoners he took from among Mercia's citizenry-many of whom were easy prey to his Legion due to living out in the open-and various assaults on Deerwood Forest in which he attempted to locate it. One such attempt-in which the Legion tried to burn the forest-was thwarted by the Freedom Fighters and their allies, Mighty the Armadillo and Mighty the Armadillo. Later, as Hood was interrogating his prisoners through hypnotism, he was interrupted by a Mercia Dark Egg Legion member, who told Hood that the Mercian Freedom Fighters, along with the Chaotix had sneaked inside the castle to rescue prisoners. Hood decided to let the heroes get inside to trap them.[4]

Despite springing a trap to capture his enemies, Hood was unable to stop their advance, and the Chaotix caused considerable havoc with Bow and the Freedom Fighters nowhere in sight. After learning that Bow and his gang were using a Warp Ring to rescue prisoners, Hood immediately took action and went to the dungeon. There, Hood surprised the heroes, as the cobra called Rob'O the Hedge a coward just to upset Bow. Taking that as an insult, the sparrow shot an armed arrow at Hood. Hood easily dodged it, but an explosion from the arrow caused a brick to fall on Hood, subduing the Grandmaster just before he could get the Warp Ring from his troops. As his troops was taking him away to safety though, Hood refused to be defeated and used his hypnotic abilities to command the heroes and Deerwood Forest-prisoners to stand down and surrender. As Hood mocked Bow for his inability to inability to save his king, his people, and even himself. Hood was ambushed by Vector, who punched the Grandmaster in the back and knocked him senseless. When recovered, Lord Hood found his enemies and prisoners gone, and led his men in the chase. Finding the door to the inner wall shut, he ordered his men to lift it, and got through just in time to see the heroes disappear through the Warp Ring.[2]

Note: From this point, Hood's history continues from his new life in the altered timeline.


Lord Mordred Hood, like most Grandmasters/Egg Bosses, has a strong sense of hatred to Eggman, and when Eggman was falsely confirmed dead, Hood, like most Grandmasters, wished to not serve the Eggman Empire no longer. Much similar to other Grandmasters, Hood is also terribly afraid of his master, keeping quiet during the entire meeting with Eggman.[3] Albeit one could say Hood looks up to Eggman due to his legionized robotic parts, this is not true; since Hood only accepts the legionized parts for power. A cruel and astute cobra, he cleverly thinks of ways to trap his enemies rather than easily kill them on the spot, i.e. the Mercian Freedom Fighters heading inside the castle dungeon to save the prisoners.[4] Remarkably sadistic, Hood takes delight in abuse of prisoners without any purpose in mind other than personal amusement.[3] He is easily arrogant and over-confident when things are looking good in his situation, but when the tides turns against him, he displays a fierce temper.[2]

Powers and abilities

SU 46 Hood Hypnosis

Hood using his hypnosis, from Sonic Universe #46.

Lord Hood's cybernetics equip him with a pair of legs, enabling him to move in ways that he would be unable to as an ordinary snake. It is unknown whether Hood possessed legs prior to his legionization.

Lord Mordred Hood has the ability of hypnosis, with which he can use to either manipulate individuals, extract information, or simply amuse himself. Hood apparently seems to have a strong hold on this ability, as well. Hood also has a flexible neck and possesses incredible agility, easily dodging an arrow Bow shot at him.[2]


  • Mordred Hood's name is derived from the name of the son of King Arthur in the Arthurian legends.
  • In an early version of the cover for Sonic Universe #37, Lord Hood was originally colored purple. This was most likely changed due to the fact that Trey Scales was also a purple snake. Whether Hood's color was changed to green because of the similarities or because of early development is unknown.[5]
  • Lord Hood's abilities are most likely a reference to his animal counterpart, the cobra, in which cobras are not only quick, but cobras have been stereotyped to have the ability of hypnosis.
  • Lord Hood is one of the few characters in Mercia to not be based off of a character from the Robin Hood-folklore. However, Hood's name does come from British literature.
    • Ironically, the animated Robin Hood produced by Walt Disney Animation, which also featured anthropomorphic animals who approximated characters from the Robin Hood legends, also featured a snake character with hypnotic powers known as Sir Hiss, who served as an adviser to the wicked Prince John.


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