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Mario and Sonic running through the game's event.

London Party is an option of play in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Nintendo 3DS

On the Nintendo 3DS version, although it is not a category in the game, there is a category similar to it.

Party Mix

Party mix is the name of a category in the medley category. There is a category called "London Games", but this contains event medleys but is not related to London Party. The category has a bonus that gets the player points by selecting 1 of 3 treasure chests.


  • Party Mix 10 Medley
  • Party Mix 15 Medley
  • Party Mix 20 Medley

Nintendo Wii

On the Wii the game falls into three category with a number of stickers and an estimated time. Players can also quick-save during free time.

  • 16 stickers (30 mins)
  • 32 stickers (60 mins (1 hour))
  • 48 stickers (90 mins (1 hour and a 1/2 an hour))

Characters Included

There are characters in the game that give out events or bonus games. If it has a * it means they can be seen giving out events and bonus games. ** means they give out events and bonus games but this is only if they are not in the London Party. *** means they can be rivals but at most times just give out bonus games and events.

Events that appear during Game

  • In-term Results- Cream and Toad show the current standings for each player saying who's in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
  • Free Time-This is when players can talk to characters and play bonus games and events.
  • Chance Time-This is a way for opponents to catch up.
  • Competition Time-The lowest in standings person will choose 1 of 4 events (it will be player 1, 2, 3 or 4). This happens every 6 hours in the day.
  • A Rival Appears-A rival can be battled if talked to.

Bonus Games

  • 2 on 2 Tag
  • 3 on 1 Tag
  • 3 on 1 Vecant Tag
  • Capture the Crown
  • Cubot and Orbot Tag
  • Hero Quiz
  • Heroine Quiz
  • Event Quiz
  • Supporting Characters Quz
  • Event Quiz
  • Olympic Games Quiz
  • London Quiz
  • United Kingdom Quiz
  • All Characters Quiz
  • Shy Guy Coin Collectors
  • Rival Showdown: Rouge (Skill Type) - 110 m Hurdles
  • Rival Showdown: Jet (Speed Type) - Dream Discus
  • Rival Showdown: Omega (All-around Type) -100 m Sprint
  • Rival Showdown: Eggman Nega (Unknown (probably skill type like Eggman)) - Fencing-Epee
  • Rival Showdown Rematch: Eggman Nega (Unknown (probably skill type like Eggman)) - Dream Fencing
  • Rival Showdown: Dry Bowser (Power Type) - Dream Long Jump
  • Rival Showdown: Dry Bones (Skill Type)
  • Rival Showdown: Birdo (All-around) -110 m Freestyle
  • Rival Showdown: King Boo (Unknown) - Dream Sprint