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When equipped, points are gained for defeating enemies without pause.

— Description, Sonic and the Black Knight[1]

The Lollipop (ペロペロキャンディ Peroperokyandi?) is a collectible item that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight.


The Lolipop is a round and flat red and white swirly lolipop on a stick with a red bow around it.


In gameplay, the player can collect the Lolipop during different Missions in certain areas. For then to obtain it, the player must use the ID points earned from completing the Mission where the Lolipop was picked up to identify it on the identification screen. When equipped to a playable character, the Lollipop will grant the player extra points for defeating enemies without pause with said character.


No. 159
ID Point Price 8
Rarity Level ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Item Type Food
Location Misty Lake ("Pass through the Gate: Reach the goal in time"), Camelot Castle


  1. Official in-game description of Lollipop in the Treasury, item 159/247.

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