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Lobo is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He was a mobian wolf, husband to Lupe Wolf, father of Marcos and Maria and reinstated Chief of the Wolf Pack.


Lobo is a brown and gray wolf with blue eyes. He wears a blue and yellow shirt, matching pants and gold wrist bands. In his earlier appearances, his gray fur was much darker.


Wolf Pack member

When Dr. Robotnik invaded the lands of the Wolves, Lobo was among those who stayed behind to care for the children, giving leadership to his wife and allowing her to go off and battle the tyranny of Robotnik.[1] Sadly, during the reign of Dr. Eggman he and his children were captured and subjected to Roboticization by a malevolently reprogrammed Sir Charles Hedgehog, and were used by him to force Lupe to enter the Roboticizer rather than see them disassembled. Lobo was the one who then roboticized Lupe.[2] Regaining their free will through the Sword of Acorns,[3] they were later reunited with Sir Charles and helped him understand that his actions under Eggman had not been his fault.[4]


Lupe and Lobo realize the Pack is in danger, from Sonic the Hedgehog #152.

Later, all of them were De-Roboticized by the Bem, and the entire family joined the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters.[5] In their time together, they were briefly endangered by A.D.A.M.'s Nanites, but managed to escape when he was defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog's use of logic.[6]

Reinstated Chief

When the Wolf Pack resettled, they invited Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn to be inducted as honorary members. Lobo greeted the pair warmly and, to their surprise, explained that he had taken back the title of Chief from Lupe. The two were briefly confused by the idea of Lupe stepping down from any position, but it all became clear when Lupe introduced herself as the Grand Chief of the new Wolf Pack Nation, which she had helped form and resettle in their ancestral homeland. Lobo remarked lovingly that she made it sound easy, and provided refreshment for her and their guests as they discussed the initiation ceremony. When it came out that the Ancient Onyx, an artifact necessary for a proper ceremony, was missing, Lobo voiced his suspicions that the Felidae, neighbors to the Wolves, were behind it. Later, after Sonic and Big the Cat (the latter having entered the village looking for the Onyx, which the Felidae also coveted) finished speaking with Queen Hathor, Lobo appeared with an armed party of Wolves led by Lupe as they marched into Felidae territory.[7]

After a heated confrontation with the Felidae warriors and their queen, Lobo and his teammates were led to the Mystic Ruins by the Felidae at Sonic's request. They subsequently clashed with a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion that had taken refuge there, hidden in land that the Felidae considered taboo and that the Wolves could not enter. With the enemy routed, Lobo was eager to pursue them and finish the job, but was halted by Reynard and Lupe's orders. Questioning his wife, Lobo was reminded that they were only a small party, unprepared to fight a war with the Legion. Sally then interceded to prevent the Wolves and Felidae from fighting each other, and an uneasy peace agreement was reached between them. The matter settled, Lobo returned home with his wife and teammates to welcome Sonic, Sally, and Big into the nation.[8]

Sadly, Lobo soon fell prey to a tactic employed by Dr. Eggman, who had Mecha Sally kidnap Lupe. Blaming the abduction on the Felidae, Lobo immediately began preparations to march against the Cats, while Team Figters uncovered the true perpetrators.[9]


Lobo, as Lupe's husband, is just as passionate about his people's fight for freedom as she is. He shows the utmost respect for her, as evidenced by his willingness to step down as chief to allow Lupe to take the role and lead their people against Robotnik. He also demonstrates a tremendous love for his children, he also loves his adopted children, being the one to remain behind with them while Lupe and the rest of her team joined the battle against Robotnik. He is also friendly with the Knothole Freedom Fighters despite not having had as much interaction with them as Lupe has. Despite his usually peaceful temperament, he has a low opinion of the Felidae, contrasting greatly with the love and admiration he has for Lupe in her efforts to form the new Wolf Pack Nation.


  • Lobo is the Spanish and Portuguese word for "wolf."


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