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You may be looking for Liza the Chameleon.

Liza is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). A frantic woman from Soleanna New City, she serves as the typical citizen in distress who gets frightened at the sight of monsters, robots, or danger in general. Her life has been rather berserk since the catastrophe with Princess Elise at the Festival of the Sun, and she wonders when peace will return to the nation.


Liza showing her consternations about recent events.

In Silver's story, Liza gives Silver his tenth Town Mission. An unexpected outbreak of Mephiles creatures have burst into Soleanna and are disturbing the tranquillity of Soleanna New City's streets. A terrified Liza begs Silver to eradicate these weird monsters and spare the city of carnage.


  • Even though Liza's Town Mission takes place in Soleanna New City, she claims that the monsters are attacking Soleanna Castle Town; this is probably due to an oversight during development.
  • Liza uses the same character design as Gina and Frances.

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