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For other uses, see Little Planet (disambiguation).

The Little Planet (リトルプラネット Ritoru Puranetto?), also known as the Miracle Planet (奇跡の星 Kiseki no Hoshi?),[1] is location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a satellite with mystical properties that appears above Earth. According to legend, the Little Planet appears over Never Lake one month out of every year, and vanishes completely for the remaining eleven months. It is unclear precisely where it vanishes to, although its appearance above Earth would suggest that it is in geostationary orbit.

Also notable is that the Little Planet is home of the so-called Time Stones. They cause various temporal anomalies on the Little Planet, and may be largely responsible for the planet's annual disappearance. Through the use of Time Warp Plates, it is possible to travel to three distinct time periods - the present, the distant past, and an unspecified point in the future.


Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Little Planet under Eggman's control

Little Planet under Robtonik's control.

In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Dr. Robotnik attempted to conquer Little Planet, utilizing Metal Sonic as his primary minion, To prevent Little Plant from escaping, the doctor connected the planetoid to a rock formation carved with his face by means of a massive chain. Then, by using Little Planet's bizarre chronology to invade the planet in the Past so that it would be under his control in the Future, Robotnik succeeded in creating his "Eggmanland utopia", turning Little Planet into a mechanized world that acted as Robotnik's new base. The grim future of Little Planet ruled by Robotnik was bleak and mostly in ruins though, with the Badniks around the regions broken down and deteriorating.

Upon discovering Little Planet in its sorry state, Sonic set off to foil his nemesis's latest scheme. Through destroying Robotnik's robot teleporters in the past and/or collecting securing Little Planet's Time Stones, Sonic managed to liberate the planet from Robotnik, and institute a truly utopian "Good Future".


Little Planet restored.

After defeating Robotnik, Sonic rescued Amy Rose (who had been kidnapped whilst following Sonic on Little Planet) and landed back on Earth as Robotnik's fortress fell apart around him. Sonic then broke the chain linking the Little Planet to Sonic's world, allowing Little Planet to rise away from the planet's surface. Now a grassy utopia, Little Planet disappeared in a flash resembling Sonic's head, and sparkles dropped down onto the surface of Sonic's world, causing flowers to immediately grow.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4


Little Planet as it appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

In Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode Metal, Little Planet made its annual return to Earth. Seeking to retrieve Metal Sonic's body in Stardust Speedway, Dr. Eggman sent a drone to Little Planet and used it to rejuvenate Metal Sonic, whom Eggman then guided back from Little Planet to Eggman's base on Earth. Afterward, Eggman began plotting to build a new version of the Death Egg, named the Death Egg mk.II, around Little Planet. Similar to a Dyson sphere, this Death Egg was seemingly designed to absorb the energy of Little Planet; this was apparently the method which Eggman used to power his new space station.

During their adventure to stop Eggman's scheme, Sonic and Tails could see Little Planet in the sky above Sylvania Castle Zone Act 3 and during their battle with the Egg Serpentleaf. When they confronted confronted Metal Sonic at White Park Zone however, they noticed that Eggman had already begun building the Death Egg mk.II around Little Planet. By the time Sonic and Tails gave chase to Eggman and Metal Sonic after escaping the exploding Sky Fortress, the Death Egg mk.II had been completed, with Little Planet trapped inside it. After getting onboard the Death Egg mk.II though, Sonic and Tails destroyed Eggman's final contraption, thus triggering a chain reaction that shut down the Death Egg mk.II. However, the space station remained intact, with Little Planet left inside it. Following its natural cycle nonetheless, Little Planet departed Earth and disappear into space, taking the Death Egg mk.II around it, with it.


  • Palmtree Panic, a lakeside palm tree resort with invisible standing blocks and vertical ramps.
    • Past, very much like the Present, but with distinctive primitive vegetation and overall landscape.
    • Present, a nice grassy plain with some hills and palm trees.
    • Bad Future, the lake and air are polluted, pipes are scattered all over, the trees are robotic, and the grass is dead, colored orange.
    • Good Future, almost exactly like the Present, but there are pink stars and is benevolently robotic towards the nature of the area.
  • Collision Chaos, a pinball-themed stage with bumpers and spikes at every turn.
    • Past, a large forest.
    • Present, like Palmtree Panic at dawn, but with some mechanical objects such as pipes and a golden concealed sky.
    • Bad Future, contains a dark sky, and several mechanical "enhancements."
    • Good Future, much like the Present, but all mechanical objects are gone, the sky is visible, and there is more plant life.
  • Tidal Tempest, a subterranean underwater labyrinth filled with vacuum pipes.
    • Past, a prehistoric, shallow underground cavern.
    • Present, old ruins in a watery cave.
    • Bad Future, a rusty, polluted water plant.
    • Good Future, a bio-mechanical greenhouse and aquatic ecosystem with various flora.
  • Quartz Quadrant, a mine-like cave with conveyor belts.
    • Past, set inside the cave (which has less gems), and next to a large peaceful lake.
    • Present, a gem-filled cave.
    • Bad Future, an industrial city inside a gigantic cave.
    • Good Future, a city with tall skyscrapers and the quartz intact.
  • Wacky Workbench, a large mechanized factory featuring electrical conduits and an electrified floor.
    • Past, a construction site near a mountain.
    • Present, a factory filled with strange-looking machinery and pipes.
    • Bad Future, a dark, rusted, overworked and neglected factory.
    • Good Future, a brightly designed toy factory, with safer technology and less hazards.
  • Stardust Speedway, an area containing a complex network of highways.
    • Past, a jungle filled with large vines and what appears to be some ancient buildings (along with a cathedral sealed with a dome).
    • Present, a city with golden highways, a glimmering skyline, and a giant Robotnik statue under construction.
    • Bad Future, an industrialized, neglected city with polluted air, bleak storming crimson skyline, blue highways, and a finished Robotnik statue.
    • Good Future, a carnival-like city with purple highways, ocean skyline, and a grand purple cathedral in the distance.
  • Metallic Madness, Robotnik's personal base, filled with mechanical contraptions.
    • Past, the base still under construction.
    • Present, a typical Robotnik Zone. Fully metallic and with tons of traps and robots.
    • Bad Future, the base is rusty and falling apart.
    • Good Future, a peaceful city with lots of plant life.

In other media

Sonic the Comic


Tails and the Miracle Planet from Sonic the Comic #27. Art by Richard Elson.

In Sonic the Comic, the Miracle Planet appeared in the adaptation of Sonic CD, and then made recurring appearances throughout the series. It was consistently referred to as the Miracle Planet, save for a single mention in the backup Sonic's World story of Sonic the Comic #25 ("Prologue: Once Upon a Planet...") that some people know it as the Little Planet.

In its first appearance, Robotnik cyber-formed the entire Miracle Planet to be used as a power source for Metallix, the Metal Sonic. Sonic managed to defeat Metallix and restore the planet to normal by using a Time Stone.[2]

Some time later, the Miracle Planet was taken over by the Brotherhood of Metallix.[3] It was again covered in machinery, this time making it appear like a giant Metallix head, and used as a staging ground for the Metallix's attempts to conquer Mobius. Their plans were thwarted by Sonic and Chaotix,[4] and the Miracle Planet was subsequently returned to normal yet again.[5]

In this continuity, the Miracle Planet appears in the sky over Mobius for three days out of every month, rather than for one month a year as in Sonic CD.[6]

Archie Comics


Little Planet, from Sonic the Hedgehog #290.

Little Planet appear in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-offs, although it has yet to be fully introduced. Much like in Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Little Planet is the hosts to the Time Stones, and appears over Never Lake once a year for one month. It is closely kept as secret by citizens of Albion and the current king of Mercia Rob o' the Hedge himself.

As an outcome of the events from Worlds Collide, Little Planet and its history are now nearly identical to its game counterpart.


  • In the bad ending of Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Little Planet will disappear in its grassy state and later reappear still covered in Eggman's machinery. In the good ending, however, Little Planet does not reappear.
  • The appearance of the Bad Future of Stardust Speedway in games after Sonic the Hedgehog CD may be a result of Little Planet not following standard rules of time.


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