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Little Kukku (リトルクック Ritoru Kukku?)[1] is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventure. They are tiny, anthropomorphic birds of the Battle Kukku Empire.


Little Kukkus are extremely small, almost unobtrusive, humanoid birds. They have orange beaks and plumage and wear a round blue helmet with a black visor and white one-piece pants.

Powers and abilities

Despite their size, the Little Kukkus are fierce close-combat fighters with their usage of kicks.


Little Kukkus are exclusive enemies in Green Island, where they appear individually or in groups. Despite their size, they are berserker-like birds who are not afraid to attack anyone. They normally act calm, but when Tails approaches, they run towards him to land a flurry of kicks. After doing so, they turn around to attack him from behind in the same way.

Little Kukkus can be defeated with any type of bomb. It is also possible to defeat them before they attack as they make a stance before attacking the player. Each one may also drop one Ring when defeated.