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Sonic X
Little Chao Lost (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Little Chao Lost".

[Scene: An unknown location]

[Tanaka is praying to a statue for Chris and his friends to have a safe trip.]

[Scene Change: A bus stop]

[Nearby, Chris, Danny, Frances, Tails, Amy, Cream, and Cheese are waiting for the bus.]
Chris: Let's see, it says the town's located deep in the mountains. I guess we'll have to transfer here. It should take another hour.
Amy: [Annoyed] What? How far do we have to go?
Danny: It's not that far, Amy. Why not just think of this as just part of the adventure?
Amy: Camping is not my idea of an adventure.
[Frances turns around and begins massaging Amy.]
Frances: Oh, we're going to have lots of fun, I promise!
Amy: All right, if you say so.
Frances: I do!
[The girls giggle.]
Tails: Hey Chris, so, you know a good place to set up camp when we get there?
Chris: I hear there's a great place near a river north of here. It's nice and peaceful, and it's good for fishing too.
Cream: Hey, that sounds like a perfect spot! And maybe you and I can go for a swim, Cheese. Sound fun?
Cheese: Chao!
[Nearby, Mr. Stewart is studying the bus routes and timings.]
Mr. Stewart: Uh, bus service to Hot Springs Village...
[He activates his communicator watch.]
Mr. Stewart: This is Stewart. Do you read me? Listen carefully. The bus to Hot Springs Village leaves every hour, on the hour, from bus stop number three...Have you got that?
[Soon, he waves a yellow flag for his group.]
Mr. Stewart: All right, students, line up! The bus'll be here any minute now.
[He blows a whistle.]
Danny: Mr. Stewart sure is excited.
Chris: I'll say.
Tails: Hey Frances, how come Mr. Stewart's coming? Wouldn't this trip be a lot more fun if it was just us kids?
Frances: Don’t know. Maybe he wants to have some fun too.
[Amy is sweaty and her eyes are half-closed with an annoyed smile on her face]
Amy: All I can say is this this whole camping thing better be fun, or they're gonna hear it from me.
Chris: Where's Sonic, anyway?
Tails: Sonic's not much for camping. He says he's gonna explore the city. He's on his way there now.
[Meanwhile, Sonic is seen running alongside a train before breaking away from it.]

[The opening theme plays]

[Scene Change: The bus]

[Soon, the bus is on the move. Sonic's friends are enjoying the scenery.]
Cream: Look at that.
Cheese: Chao chao!
[After a while more of riding, the bus arrives at Tanaka's hometown.]
Chris: Mr. Tanaka, we're here.
[He and his friends disembark from the bus.]
Tanaka: I trust you had a safe trip.
Chris: Your homeland is really beautiful, Mr. Tanaka.
Tanaka: Thank you, Master Chris. I hope you and your friends will enjoy your stay here. It certainly was a wonderful place for a boy to grow up.
Chris: [Beams] I can see why.
[The bus drives away.]
Amy: Where do we go from here, Mr. Tanaka?
Tanaka: Well, just follow me and I will take you.
Mr. Stewart: [Frantically runs up while flailing his arms] Now hold on just a minute there, sir! Just let me get out my flag here... I will be your official guide!
[Waving his flag, he leads everyone onward.]
Mr. Stewart: Step lively, kids!
Cream: Look at the mountains!
Amy: And all the nature around us.
Chris: Nothing but blue skies, trees, grass. Sure is pretty, huh, Cream?
Cream: It's the most beautiful place we've ever seen, isn't it, Cheese?
Cheese: Chao chao!

[Scene Change: Elsewhere]

[Sonic leaps over a pagoda, and runs past a gate.]

[Scene Change: A tent]

[The tents having been set up. Tanaka, Mr. Stewart, and Amy are busy cooking a meal. Amy holds up what appears to be chopped onions.]
Amy: What's this smelly thing?
Mr. Stewart: An onion. Mr. Tanaka is fixing us some lunch.
[Tanaka is chopping onions.]
Mr. Stewart: You do that just like a real chef, Mr. Tanaka.
Tanaka: It takes great concentration.
[Amy shows up with a bowl.]
Amy: Would you like to help me mix the dressing for the salad, Mr. Stewart?
Mr. Stewart: Uh, well...
[He takes the bowl from Amy.]
Mr. Stewart: Sure, why not? [To himself] This camping trip won't be so bad after all. I have to keep an eye on Chris, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun.
[Amy brings another bowl to Tanaka.]
Amy: Here's a bowl to put the vegetables in, Mr. Tanaka.
Tanaka: Perfect.
Mr. Stewart: I think I'm beginning to like this...

[Scene Change: Forest]

[Danny and Chris are hunting for bugs. Danny attempts to catch a bug with a net, but it flies away.]
Danny: Got it! ... Aww...
Chris: You just missed.
[Nearby, Tails pokes a pillbug with a twig, causing it to curl into a ball.]
Tails: Whoa! That's the coolest thing I've ever seen!
[He picks up the pillbug.]
Tails: I'm gonna put it in a jar and take it home!
Danny: I thought we were only collecting bugs that fly.
Chris: Mm.
[They begin walking away.]
Tails: Hello there, little guy.

[Scene Change: A stream.]

[Frances and Cream are wading in the stream.]
Frances: Wow, look at all the fish, Cream!
Cream: Yeah, here's some!
[She runs toward them. However, the fish leap out of the way.]
Cream: It jumped!
[Frances giggles... until she sees Cheese floating away.]
Frances: Cheese! Watch out!
[Cream runs after Cheese.]
Cream: Cheese!
Frances: Come back! No!
[Frances stops Cream before she can get too far.]
Frances: Cream, we have to tell the others!

[Scene Change: The camp.]

[Everyone is reunited at the camp.]
Mr. Stewart: Cheese must be at the river somewhere.
Tanaka: [Pointing] About a mile from this spot, the river splits off in two different directions. There is no telling which way the current was traveling.
[Cream begins to cry.]
Cream: Cheese...
Amy: Don't cry, Cream; it'll be okay! Remember, Cream, Cheese is a very good swimmer.
Tails: Yeah, Amy's right.
Cream: [Nods] Mhm...
Frances: I feel so bad. I should have done something.
Chris: Don't feel bad; it's not your fault.
Danny: [Nods] Mhm.
Tanaka: The current may be rapid, but there are many areas where the water is shallow. Cheese may very well be stuck in a patch of sand somewhere.
Danny: Let's all search, right away!
Tails: Okay! We'll start an official search party!
[Everyone raises their fists into the air.]
Chris, Danny, Tails, and Amy: Yeah!

[Scene Change: Forest]

[Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe are making their way through the forest. They are wearing exploring gear, and Decoe and Bocoe carrying the supplies on their backs.]
Bocoe: My feet are killing me.
[Eggman turns around and throws his cap on the ground. It bounces up into Decoe's face, causing him to stumble into Bocoe, and they both fall.]
Dr. Eggman: I can't take any more! It must be a hundred and twenty degrees out here!
Decoe: Actually, Doctor, it is exactly 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
Bocoe: Mine says 35 degrees Celsius, which is really the same as 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Either way, we are talking hot stuff.
Dr. Eggman: Be quiet! I didn't ask you for a weather report. Decoe, my chair! Bocoe, my fan!
[Decoe sets up a chair for Eggman to sit in,and wipes away his sweat.]
Decoe: Ah... All right. There we go.
Bocoe: Nice and cool.
[He begins fanning Eggman.]
Decoe: Pretty please, Doctor, can we have our vacation back in the Egg Fort where it is nice and cool?
Dr. Eggman: No. The theme of this vacation is roughing it, and like it or not, that's what we're going to do.
[Bocoe stops fanning.]
Bocoe: Oh well. At least mosquitoes don't like robots. I just hope you brought enough calamine lotion.
Dr. Eggman: Quiet!
[Eggman's shouting causes Bocoe to be blown backwards. Bokkun flies in and floats in front of Eggman. He is adorned in flowers.]
Bokkun: Hi!
Dr. Eggman: What are you doing here? I gave strict orders not to be disturbed.
Bokkun: Heheheh, I know, I know. But I thought you should know about this!
[Not too far away is the river. Mr. Stewart, Chris, Frances, Danny, Tails, and Cream are calling for Cheese. Eggman and his hench-bots are watching them. They are wearing twigs for camouflage in the undergrowth.]
Dr. Eggman: What are those clowns doing here?
Decoe: This sure is a coincidence.
Bocoe: Perhaps they are looking for a Chaos Emerald.
[Eggman raises his head higher.]
Dr. Eggman: Well, so am I!
[But Bocoe and Decoe push him back down.]
Decoe: Get down! They'll see us!
Bocoe: In order to observe, we must remain incognito.
Dr. Eggman: Oh, I'll remain incognito all right. As incognito as a snake in the grass!
[Mr. Stewart's group continue their hunt.]
Chris: Cheese! Are you there?
[Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe are still hiding in the bush, mere yards away. Eggman swats at a mosquito that lands on his head.]
Dr. Eggman: Yow! That pesky mosquito just stuck its stinger into my soggy wet noodle!
Decoe: It is not like we did not warn him.
Bocoe: Uh-huh.
[Eggman turns around angrily.]
Dr. Eggman: All right, you lazy leeches! I want every mosquito here insecticided!
Bocoe: Couldn't we just use bug spray?
Decoe: Oh! Behind you!
[Eggman turns to see a giant flying insect swoop down at him. It leave stinging welts all over his face before flying away. Eggman screams over and over with his voice getting higher-pitched with each scream. Soon, Decoe is seen appliying cream to Eggman's bite wounds.]
Dr. Eggman: That cursed insect!
Chris: Hey, was that a voice coming from over there?
Frances: Huh? Was it Cheese?
Chris: Uh-uh. It sounded like a man.
Mr. Stewart: Maybe someone else is camping.
Chris: Maybe.
[The group resumes their search.]
The Group: (Cheese!) (Hey Cheese!) (We're on our way!)

[Scene Change: A small cave]

[The group has arrived at a cave that part of the stream enters.]
Cream: What if Cheese is inside that tunnel?
Mr. Stewart: I'll look.
[Mr. Stewart bends down to look inside the cave, then stands up and shrugs.]
Mr. Stewart: I'm afraid I can't fit.
Chris: I'll bet we could all fit no problem. You wait here while we check it out.
Mr. Stewart: All right. Promise you'll be careful.
Chris: Okay.
[Chris, Danny, Frances, Tails, and Cream start to head into the cave.]
Mr. Stewart: Just make sure you don't lose your way.
Frances: We won't.
[With the group gone, Mr. Stewart activates his wrist watch. Little does Chris know there is a tracking device attached to him.]
Mr. Stewart: Hey! They're coming in loud and clear!

[Scene Change: An outdoor booth.]

[Sonic is standing among a group of people watching the preparation of cookies shaped like horses, paper lanterns, and human faces.]
Sonic: Hey...
[The mixture is poured into every other spoon, then combined with the empty spoons, before being placed in a container.]
Sonic: Wow!
[A woman making the cookies notices Sonic.]
Woman: Huh? Sonic!
Sonic: Huh?
[Sonic looks up to see the woman standing in front of him, smiling and holding a tray of cookies.]
Woman: Try a pastry!
[The other people light up upon noticing Sonic.]
Sonic: Thanks.
[He takes one and eats it. A man records Sonic eating it on a video camera.]
Woman: You like it?
Sonic: [Gives a thumbs up] It's good!
[The people smile and a few of them clap.]

[Scene Change: Cave]

[Chris' group reaches the other side of the cave.]
Chris: Guess this is the end of the tunnel. I wonder what's out here?
[They become surprised at the sight that meets their eyes.]
Frances: What?
[Cream and Tails are especially surprised.]
Chris: Is... this real? It... can't be!
[The sight that meets their eyes is a beautiful pond with a Chao colony.]
Chris: Hey, they all look just like Cheese!
Tails: I can't believe it! It's a Chao colony!
Cream: Oh!
[They head over, and soon interact with the Chao.]
Frances: Aww, they're all so cute!
Danny: Hey look, Chris, they really like us!
Chris: Yeah, I guess they can sense that we're friendly.
[One Chao fiddles with Tails' face fur.]
Tails: Hey, this one wants to go for a swim!
[Cream runs up to the pond's edge.]
Cream: Cheese!
[A Chao flies over.]
Cream: Is that you? ... I guess not.
[Another Chao flies to Cream.]
Cream: Oh, Cheese! ... Sorry...
[She looks over and sees Cheese floating over.]
Cream: There you are!
[She runs over.]
Cream: Cheese!
[She picks up Cheese and hugs him.]
Cream: Oh Cheese, you're okay!
Frances: She's so happy. Come on out of that water, Cream; you're getting your feet all soggy.
[Cream walks over to the others.]
Cream: I don't mind. All that matters is that Cheese is okay.
Chris: She sure is. Are you happy?
Cream: Uh-huh.
Tails: Looks like Cheese made some friends.
Cheese: Chao-chao!
[Suddenly the other Chao begin vocalizing.]
Danny: What's up?
Tails: They're all excited about something.
Chris: I'll bet they're just happy that Cheese found her friends again, that's all.
Frances: I think you're right.
Chris: It really is pretty here, don't you think?
[The Chao surround Cream.]
Frances: Sure is. Let's look around.

[Scene Change: Temple]

[Several people are watching Sonic as he is standing on top of a temple. Sonic waves at the people below him.]
People: (There he is!) (Up there on the roof!)
Girl: Hi, Sonic!
Sonic: Heh-heh-hey! Hiya, girls!
[The people are about to takes pictures of him, but he leaps away.]
Girl: Oh, now I won't have a picture...

[Scene Change: Chao Colony]

Chris: Come on! Throw the ball, Danny!
[Danny throws a berry to some Chao. One of the Chao catches the berry.]
Cream: Hey, nice catch!
Cheese: Chao!
[Chris and Frances feed berries to some other Chao.]
Chris: Ah, these look great. Here.
Frances: Here you go.
[The Chao eat the berries.]
Frances: Look how they gobble them up.
Chris: Hey Tails, do the Chao on your planet have little colonies like this too?
Tails: [Nods] Yup. They have colonies in a lot of places, but there has to be fresh water. And since the water has to be kept clean, most of the Chao colonies are kept a secret.
Frances: I guess they're kept a secret here too. I've never seen anything like this. It's like a whole different world!
Tails: Yeah, a secret world.

[Scene Change: The Forest]

Decoe: How much longer do we have to keep this up?
Bocoe: Please, can we go home now, Dr. Eggman? My bearings are killing me!
Dr. Eggman: Quit your whining, will you?! I refuse to spend my week's vacation listening to your excessant bellyaching! [Pants]
Decoe: I think he has heat stroke.
Bocoe: Never mind him. If we don't stop roughing it soon, I'm going to overheat.
Dr. Eggman: Decoe, I order you to empty that knapsack.
Decoe: Right away, Doctor.
[He promptly unzips his knapsack.]
Bocoe: Oh?!
[Inside is a portable slot machine.]
Dr. Eggman: While I know this camping trip is all about getting back to nature, there are certain amentities one cannot do without, and this is one of them.
[He inserts a deck of cards into the slot machine.]
Dr. Eggman: In we go.
[After pulling the lever, the slots spin, then land on one choice: E-66 Da-Dai-Oh.]
Dr. Eggman: A perfect choice. And now to wake up our little friend E-66.
[Eggman pulls out a remote control, then activates it. It sends a red signal laser to the sunken Egg Fort II. Da-Dai-Oh emerges from it and leaps high into the air.]

[Scene Change: Camp]

[Amy and Tanaka are preparing the meal. Amy looks up from the salad she was tossing.]
Amy: Do you think they're okay, Mr. Tanaka?
Tanaka: I'm sure they are just fine. When I was a boy, I would play in those mountains from sunrise to sunset. They will be back soon.
Amy: You mean once you were a young boy like Chris, Mr. Tanaka?
Tanaka: Certainly. I'll have you know I was not always a grown-up. Everyone is a child once.
Mr. Stewart: [Off-screen] Children!
[Mr. Stewart enters.]
Mr. Stewart: You mean they haven't come back here yet?
Amy: But we thought they were with you.
Mr. Stewart: We were looking for Cheese and we found a small tunnel. The children went in to look, and I haven't seen them since! Where could they be?
Tanaka: They must have gotten lost.
Mr. Stewart: Well, at first I was tracking Chris' whereabouts with this monitor, but soon after they entered the tunnel, I lost contact.
[He rolls up his sleeve, revealing the device he has been wearing. Static is shown on the screen.]
Amy: I hope they're okay.
[Suddenly the shadow of Da-Dai-Oh can be seen flying over the tent. Amy covers her ears due to the noise of its engines. Tanaka and Mr. Stewart look up in surprise.]
Amy: It's Eggman!

[Scene Change: Chao colony]

[The group is ready to leave.]
Chris: Goodbye, you guys.
Cheese: Chao chao!
[The chao vocalize their goodbye as the group heads into the cave.]
Cream and Tails: See you later!
Cheese: Chao chao chao!
[Later, as they are walking, Cheese looks sad.]
Cheese: Chao chao...
Cream: You feel lonesome, don't you, Cheese?
Chris: Maybe we can come back here next year.
Danny: Sure. We can pack some sandwiches and maybe play some baseball, and Cheese can play with their new friends again.
Cream: Yeah. Cheese, that sound good?
Cheese: Chao chao!
[Suddenly, Da-Dai-Oh flies overhead. Danny screams as the robot hovers nearby. Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe are atop. Eggman is holding a megaphone.]
Dr. Eggman: Good day, my little explorers.
Chris: Him again.
[Da-Dai-Oh lands, crushing a few trees and sending a flock of birds scattering.]
Dr. Eggman: Okay, kiddies, let's have it. Hand over that Chaos Emerald or else!
Chris: What Chaos Emerald?
Frances: What are you talking about?
Dr. Eggman: Don't play coy with me! What else would you scavengers be snooping around here for? [Pointing] Now hand it over!
Danny: Huh?
Chris: He must have seen us looking for Cheese and thought we were hunting for a Chaos Emerald.
Tails: So that's why he's so upset.
Chris: Hey! There aren't any Chaos Emeralds around here!
[Eggman elbows Bocoe and Decoe away.]
Dr. Eggman: You can't fool me, you Emerald snatchers!
Decoe: Do not get overexcited, Doctor.
Bocoe: You are beginning to perspire.
[Bocoe proeeds to wipe off Eggman's sweat, but the doctor grabs the cloth from him.]
Dr. Eggman: Well, if you mite-sized meddlers won't cooperate with me, perhaps my friend E-66 will convince you!
[Da-Dai-Oh raises its arms and takes a step forward, causing the children to cower. Eggman laughs... until Da-Dai-Oh topples over and hits the ground, shaking it. The river starts to become polluted.]
Danny: How did that happen?
Tails: I guess the soil around here must be really soft. Maybe that's why that big thing tipped over.
Frances: It serves him right for sicking his robot on us!
Cream: Oh no! The water! It's all muddy!
Cheese: Chao chao!
[Sure enough, the water has become completely polluted.]
Chris: Hey, you guys. That river runs into the Chao colony.
Danny: Come on. We have to do something.
Chris: Let's go!
[They begin heading back towards the Chao's oasis. Meanwhile, Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe one-by-one unbury themselves from the mud caked on Da-Dai-Oh.]
Dr. Eggman: Whoever heard of a mushy mountain?
Decoe: I have a feeling that E-66 and rugged terrain do not go hand-in-hand.
Bocoe: It might be more effective on hard land surfaces.
[Eggman pushes Bocoe and Decoe back down.]
Dr. Eggman: Keep quiet! Now help me dig out this cast-iron klutz. We've got some Emeralds to snag!
[Soon, a newly-cleaned Da-Dai-Oh is standing on flat ground at the base of the mountain. Bocoe and Decoe are holding brushes.]
Bocoe: The cleaning is completed, Doctor.
Dr. Eggman: Well... Let's get going.
Decoe: Doctor Eggman, look! [Pointing] Sonic!
[Sonic is standing in front of Da-Dai-Oh. He is holding a white bag.]
Sonic: Fancy meeting you here.
Dr. Eggman: Well, Sonic! I... er... I mean we... We were just doing a lovely bit of sightseeing.
Bocoe: Yes.
Decoe: For our vacation.
[The large line of missing earth on the mountain does nothing to prove Eggman's claim.]
Sonic: Ah... You're on vacation.
Dr. Eggman: Yes, vacation! See, I've been such a gloomy Gus of late I thought perhaps some leisure time in the fresh air might do me a bit of good.
Decoe: He so needs it.
Sonic: Is that so?
Dr. Eggman: Let it fly!
[Da-Dai-Oh attempts to impale Sonic with one of its spiked fists, but misses. Sonic leaps into the air.]
Dr. Eggman: He's gone!
[Sonic lands next to Eggman.]
Sonic: Hi there. ... Haven't you clowns learned yet you'll never be fast enough to catch me?
[Sonic tosses the bag away.]
Sonic: Later, kids.
[Sonic runs down Da-Dai-Oh's arm and out of sight. Then he comes spinning back towards it and Homing-attacks its head, causing the entire robot to explode. Eggman and his hench-bots scream while they are sent flying into the air. They disappear with a twinkle.]
Amy: [Off-screen] Sonic!
[Sonic turns to see Tanaka, Mr. Stewart, and Amy running towards him.]
Mr. Stewart: Sonic, you have to do something!-- Oh, I see you've already done something.
Sonic: [Nods] Mhm.
Amy: Cheese got lost down by the river. They all went looking, but they haven't come back.
Sonic: I'll find 'em. Hold this, will ya?
[Sonic tosses the bag behind him and runs. Mr. Stewart and Tanaka catch the bag, but its contents spill out anyway. The three are surprised to see that it is full of souvenirs from Sonic's travels.]

[Scene Change: The Chao colony]

[The group are removing the mud using a makeshift scoop make of sticks and leaves.]
Danny: We'll carry the mud out with this.
Chris: I don't think we can get it all, you guys.
Frances: We have to at least try, Chris. Otherwise, all these little Chao will get sick.
Tails: That's right, Frances. And if we all work together, it'll be a cinch.
Sonic: [Off-screen] Now that's what I like to hear!
[Sonic is standing there among the Chao.]
Sonic: So all we gotta do is get rid of that mud.
Chris: It's Sonic!
Sonic: Might wanna let me take care of this.
[Everyone but Sonic backs away from the oasis.]
Sonic: Here goes!
[He begins running around the oasis at supersonic speed, draining the mud and splattering the others in the process. Once finished, he slows to a stop.]
Sonic: Okay, gang! It's all cleaned up!
[Everyone cheers as the Chao head into the newly-cleaned water, Chris, Danny, Frances, Tails, and Cream head over to Sonic.]
Chris: Sonic, you did it!
Sonic: You're all muddy!
[The others look down at themselves.]
Danny: Wow, we really are dirty.
Frances: Guess I need a bath.
Chris: Thanks for doing that, Sonic.
Sonic: Hey, my pleasure.

[Scene Change: The camp]

[Everyone are seated around the campfire that night.]
Chris: Bet you knew about the Chao colony, didn't you, Mr. Tanaka?
Tanaka: Of course I knew, Master Chris. I stumbled upon that colony when I was a boy.
Chris: Don't worry; we'll keep it a secret. Thanks to Sonic, maybe it'll still be here when I'm grown up.
Tanaka: Or perhaps even beyond, Master Chris.
[Sonic is reclining in a tree above them. The episode ends.]