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Sonic and McAcorn walking through Litigopolis, from Sonic Super Special #14.

Litigopolis is a city on a version of Mobius dedicated to law and order.



Before, crime was awful in Litigopolis and nobody respected the law or the police. King Acorn decided to fix this by making the laws more strict and tough for the criminals, but this effected all the other citizens too. King Acorn hired Robotnik Enterprises to build J.U.D.G.E. in order to keep up with all the lawsuits and to enforce the laws. The computer took over and replaced the police with Echidna Troopers and threw King Acorn in jail for not being able to lower the crime rate sooner.[1]

Law of the Land

At some point, Evil Sonic came into the dimension and began to break all the laws, which caused the Echidna Troopers to go after the Sonic from Mobius instead. Sonic decided to go about destroying J.U.D.G.E. by overloading him by breaking a lot of laws at once, leading him to blow up. This gave the dimension a chance to adopt a more fair justice system.[1]


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