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This is the list of technique moves used throughout the Sonic the Hedgehog series video games.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Spin Dash: This move had first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 1992. Sonic's signature move. Although the attack is shared with many others in the series, Sonic is able to make the most out of it. He's able to do more with it than just dash; he can pummel opponents, create shields, home in on opponents, and even travel at the speed of light. He uses this attack more than any other one he has in his arsenal, though the Homing Attack is recently also being used on the same level.
  • Spin Jump: The move was debuted in Sonic the Hedgehog (1991). Sonic jumps into the air and turns into a ball to hit enemies.
  • Rolling Attack: This move also debuted in Sonic the Hedgehog (1991). Sonic runs to gain speed and turns into a ball to hit enemies directly in front of him.
  • Homing Attack: Sonic jumps into the air and locks onto enemies, resulting in a sort of mid-air spin dash straight at said enemy.
  • Light Speed Dash: One of the extensions of Sonic's Spin Dash. Though just a variation, it's probably the most different from the original Spin Dash compared to all the other forms of it he has. The attack allows Sonic to travel through a stream of Rings at the speed of light.
  • Light Speed Attack: It's a hybrid of the Spin Dash and the Light Speed Dash. Sonic enters the Spin Dash stance to charge, then blasts away in a high speed spin attack toward any nearby opponents. In Sonic Heroes, Super Sonic can use the move on command at the cost of five Rings.
  • Foot Sweep: This is one of Sonic's moves from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Sonic simply spins with his leg extended in a 360 degree circle. This attack can also generate a tornado if Sonic spun fast enough. It's also been used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as his down tilt attack and returned as a special move in Sonic Unleashed.
  • Skid Attack: Sonic somersaults and slides along the ground. Meant for attacking enemies near Sonic. While Boosting, this attack becomes a bit more useful as Sonic doesn't instantly stop when doing it.
  • Speed Up: When enough Rings are obtained, Sonic is able to give himself a quick boost in speed. It can't be used to attack enemies, but it's a good way to increase Sonic's acceleration. It also makes Sonic leave afterimages.
  • Sonic Wind: This is one of Sonic's moves from Sonic Adventure 2. When he has enough Rings, Sonic can create a tornado of wind that warps to his opponent and harms them. He can use a similar attack in Sonic Heroes called the Blue Tornado. In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), a variation of this move appeared when Sonic uses the green Gem, under the name of Tornado Kick.
  • Time Stop: Another move from Sonic Adventure 2, Time Stop allows Sonic to temporarily pause time with enough Rings. Sonic can pause time for a maximum of 20 seconds, and he's free to attack his opponent if he/she happens to be in his way.
  • Sonic Wave: A variation of the Spin Dash in Sonic Battle, where Sonic grinds the ground with the Spin Dash start-up, then launches a wave using the generated force, which recoils him into the air backward. The midair version is called Sonic Storm, only that the move is aimed downward and fires more quickly.
  • Sonic Drive: Appears only in Sonic Battle, Sonic tosses out a ring, and flies to it in spinball form if R is tapped again, damaging foes in the way. In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), a variation of this move called the Gun Drive acts the same, only that Sonic tosses out a sky blue gem instead of a ring (the Gem needed for this ability) and simply flies to it.
  • Boost: Hailing from Sonic Rush, where it was called the Super Boost, the Sonic Boost enables Sonic to instantly reach his highest possible speed while running. He knocks out any enemies that are in his path.
  • Chaos Control: Debuted in Sonic Adventure 2. With the use of a single Chaos Emerald, Sonic is able to warp time and space and teleport himself to a desired destination, freeze time, speed it up, or slow it down. However, Sonic can become massively fatigued if he instigates Chaos Control with a fake emerald (probably due to having to compensate for a fake emerald’s lack of energy with his own), which can result in fainting. When using it with another user, a portal can be created to travel through time. Whilst in a Super State, Chaos Control is more potent, to the point that he can teleport massively sized objects, assuming he has help, of course. This is the move Sonic is most reluctant to use.
  • Stall-then-Fall: Sonic's downward aerial attack in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. As the name states, Sonic stalls in mid-air, and then falls down attempting to hit the target with his foot. May be the basis for the Stomp move.
  • Stomp: Sonic will fall foot-first to the ground, breaking items, destroying enemies and sending a small shock-wave within a small radius.
  • Kick: In Sonic Heroes, when Sonic is by himself he performs this attack by gaining some speed and flies into the enemies' foot first. Both feet in the air going straight into the enemies. Looks similar to the slide.
  • Quick Step: This move was introduced in Sonic Unleashed. Sonic can move left to right dodging enemy attacks while running.
  • Parkour: This ability was introduced in Sonic Lost World. Sonic is capable of multiple types of unique techniques to maintain momentum and speed. This includes the Side Step, Vault Dash, Wall Climb, Wall Jump, Wall Run, Somersault Kick, and the Flying Kick.
  • Soul Gauge: This ability is exclusive to the Sonic Storybook Series. Sonic gathers energy by collecting items on the path and defeating enemies. After collecting enough energy, Sonic can expend it to use a variety of moves.
    • Time Break: This move first appeared in Sonic and the Secret Rings. Sonic slows down the flow of time around him, giving him more time to react. It also reduces the speed of Sonic, every object, and every enemy on screen. This move appeared again in Sonic Generations.
    • Speed Break: It debuted in Sonic and the Secret Rings. Similar to his Super Boost, Sonic can dash forward at tremendous speeds enveloped in flames, surpassing large distances and damaging enemies in his way. Shahra's power is needed for this to work.
    • Soul Surge: Appearing in Sonic and the Black Knight, Soul Surge was a move that let Sonic slow time down to make quick precise strikes at foes. When not near enemies it let's Sonic travel forward at high speeds.

Super Sonic

Hyper Sonic

  • Hyper Flash: Hyper Sonic's signature move. Hyper Sonic dashes through the air and makes the screen flash white. Aside from a double jump, this move would seem inefficient against enemies, though this is not the case. When enemies are on-screen, all of them will instantly be destroyed.

Miles "Tails" Prower

  • Propeller Flying: Tails signature move. Tails spins his twin tails to take to skies. He can only fly for so long without becoming fatigued, though.
    • Propeller Hovering: This technique was exclusive to Tails in Sonic Adventure 2, only seen by entering a Chao Garden or with the help of a cheating device. The start-up of this move is identical to that of his Propeller Flight, but the effect is a bit different. As long as the player holds down the "A" button, Tails can stay in the air as long as he wants to. However, he won't rise nor descend as long as "A" is held, so the efficiency of this of the attack varies in different situations.
  • Tails Attack: Tails spins his twin tails in a circle and attack the enemy. Available in Sonic Adventure.
    • Rapid Tails Attack: After getting the Rhythm Badge, Tails can spin his tails continuously.
  • Thunder Shoot: One of Tails' moves in Sonic Heroes. While in flight formation, Tails surrounds his teammates with electricity and launches them at enemies to stun or destroy them, with enough power.
  • Spin Dash: Tails can use this move in most playable appearances since Sonic The Hedgehog 2.
  • Homing Attack: Tails learned to do this shortly before Sonic Heroes, though rarely uses it in favor of flying.
  • Dummy Rings: Fake power rings that Tails uses to either incapacitate, damage or destroy his enemies when need be. They can be used separately or as bombs.
  • Energy Ball: Tails uses his Arm Cannon to shoot an energy ball at enemies. Used in Sonic Battle and in Sonic and the Black Knight in slingshot form.
  • Magic Hook: Tails swings his invention, the Magic Hand, around his body to punch his opponents. Only in Sonic Battle.
  • Magic Upper: Tails' invention, the Magic Hand, appears from the ground in front of him and punches his opponents upwards. Only in Sonic Battle.

Knuckles the Echidna

  • Knuckles Glide: Knuckles glides through the air hitting enemies as he goes. In Sonic Battle it is called "Grinder Attack", which was a typo.
  • Drill Claw: When airborne, Knuckles can hurl himself towards the ground, spinning his body fists first at a nearly impossible speed to form a drill. It can penetrate right through foes, or drill him right into the ground for digging, always making the impact with his fists.
  • Spiral Upper: The Spiral Upper is a lot like the Drill Claw, except it is done in an upward direction. Knuckles must quickly run in a circle to set up the maneuver and is then able to leap up and spin his body to form an upwards drill, fists-first. The attack gets very impressive altitudes: it is able to send Knuckles about fifteen feet into the air.
  • Rock Free Fall: Knuckles lifts a large boulder from the ground and tosses it at his foe. Only in Sonic Battle.
  • Meteor Crush: Knuckles in midair channels the earth's energy to make a stone rain down on the opponent. Only in Sonic Battle.
  • Hammer Punch: A particularly powerful punch that Knuckles usually sends towards the ground with enough force to trigger a large tremor throughout a radius of about a hundred yards. It trips up ground opponents and knocks them off walls if they're climbing. It had no effect on airborne foes initially, but it seems that Knuckles has advanced his training far enough to avoid this handicap.
  • Major Eruption: Only in Sonic Battle. From midair Knuckles burrows into the ground in spinball form, then in a set amount of time, launches a surprise attack and uppercuts the enemy from underground.
  • Deep Impact: Only in Sonic Battle. Possibly one of Knuckles' most powerful moves. Knuckles performs a slow charged but powerful punch that ignites the hydrogen around him to conjure an explosion. Also knocks enemies back.
  • Thunder Arrow: When enough rings are gathered, Knuckles is able to conjure up a quick bolt of lightning at will, shocking his opponent into submission.
  • Fire Combination: Knuckles whips out some of his best moves in succession. He starts with a Straight Dash, followed by a fiery Spinback Knuckle and, with enough power, a Volcanic Dunk to finish.
  • Fire Dunk: When they are in spinball form, Knuckles grabs his teammates and slams them to the ground like great balls of fire.
  • Screwdriver: Knuckles launches a spinning forward punch toward his foes.
  • Knuckle Slam: This attack is executed in a manner similar to the Hammer Punch. The difference is the destruction that follows. A fiery aura surrounds Knuckles for a brief period, causing major damage to everything in the area.

Hyper Knuckles

  • Gliding Shock Wave Attack: If Knuckles glides into a wall with the smallest bit of speed gained, he creates a devastating shock-wave which will destroy everything that is immediately on the screen.

Amy Rose

  • Hammer Attack: Amy's basic ground attack using her Piko Piko Hammer to attack foes.
  • Jump Attack: A mid-air attack that Amy uses to attack aerial foes or ground foes from above.
  • Spin Hammer Attack: A powerful spinning attack done from a standing position. This move has served as the basis for many of Amy's other moves like the Propeller Hammer and the Tornado Hammer.
  • Hop: Amy used this before learning how to use the Amy Dash or Spin Dash.
  • Spin Dash: Although she rarely uses it, Amy can also perform it. She charges it the as if she was using the Amy Dash.
  • Tornado Hammer: Amy is able to jump up and swing her hammer to stir up a powerful vortex of wind and tiny love hearts that can move forward and sweep up her foes into the air and render them helpless.
  • Propeller Hammer: Using this move, Amy can glide or gain full flight to travel through the air.
  • Amy Dash: A technique very similar to Sonic's Super Peel Out, but not nearly as effective. While standing, Amy begins to quickly run in place, revving up her legs at a high speed before accelerating onwards in spinball form along the ground. It seems to be her technique that makes up for her lack of the tried-and-true Spin Dash.
  • Invisibility: Amy can somehow temporarily turn herself invisible, allowing her to pass enemy eyes unnoticed. Appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • Rose Typhoon: Used in Sonic and the Black Knight. Amy smashes her hammer in the ground, causing a pink shock-wave to form and destroy enemies.

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Chaos Control: The skill that Shadow uses the most, first appearing in Sonic Adventure 2 along with him. It gives him the ability to warp through time and space. Shadow could carry himself distances without the need of an emerald, but when one is in his possession, his powers greatly increase.
  • Chaos Blast: A giant red explosion of Chaos Energy first used in Shadow the Hedgehog. It has a similar effect in the 2006 game Sonic the Hedgehog, but in the BioWare-produced RPG, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, it took on the appearance of a powerful wide energy blast fired from the hands.
  • Chaos Spear: Chaos Spear first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2, in the multiplayer mode and when you face him the second time as the last boss of the Hero story. He fires multiple yellow lightning bolts. Its appearance changes from game to game.
  • Chaos Attack: After using the Homing Attack Shadow uses Chaos Energy to enhance it. It can only be used 5 times in a row.
  • Chaos Boost: In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) he can enter this mode which allows him to use Chaos Blast, Chaos Lance, and Chaos Snap. In the Mario and Sonic series, as well as Sonic Generations, it has became Shadow's version of the Sonic Boost.
  • Chaos Lance: Essentially an enhanced version of Chaos Spear usable only after he's activated Chaos Boost able to stun and deal damage.
  • Chaos Snap: Shadow teleports to nearby enemies and deals damaging combos, usable only in Chaos Boost.

Super Shadow

  • Spear of Light: A powerful enhanced Chaos Lance only used in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) in the battle with Solaris.
  • Super Sonic Boost: Identical to Super Sonic's Super Sonic Boost, Super Shadow quickly charges at near-light high speeds.

Vector the Crocodile

  • Hammer Down: Vector body slams enemies, creating a fiery shockwave.
  • Vector Breath: After performing two Fireballs in succession, Vector does a 360 degree turn on his tail, while breathing out a powerful breath, ranging from soundwaves, fire, or explosive bubblegum.
  • Bubblegum Descent: Vector blows a large bubblegum like a balloon to slow his fall.
  • Fireball: Vector gathers his teammates in his mouth, then spits them shrouded in fire at enemies with brute force.

Blaze the Cat

  • Axel Jump: A variation of the Spin Jump that Blaze uses that makes her jump and coat herself in a flaming twister of fire.
  • Axel Tornado: A burst of fire that Blaze uses to launch herself into the air.
  • Burst Hover: a midair glide that is used by Blaze by summoning fire at the bottom of her feet.
  • Burst Dash: A variation of the Spin Dash that looks like the Axel Jump.
  • Fire Boost: Blaze's version of the Sonic Boost.
  • Accelerator Tornado: A powerful double jump that appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • Fire Claw: A move that is Blaze's variation on the Homing Attack.
  • Jump Step: A move that launches Blaze horizontally in mid-ar which covers a long range within seconds.

Silver the Hedgehog

  • ESP: Silver unleashes a powerful psychokinketic wave that disorientates his opponent's sense of direction.
  • Grab All: Silver uses his psychokinetic powers to grab all objects nearby him at once.
  • Hold Smash: Silver uses his psychokinetic powers to push multiple objects over long distances.
  • Levitate: Silver channels his psychokinetic powers to lift himself off the ground and levitate through the air.
  • Meteor Smash: Silver forms a giant ball of debris with his psychokinetic powers that rolls after his opponent.
  • Psychic Knife: Silver creates a knife-like way of psychic energy.
  • Psychokinesis: Silver uses his mind to manipulate objects around him.
  • Psycho Shock: Silver paralyzes nearby enemies, being able to manipulate them around with his psychokinesis.
  • Psycho Smash: Silver uses his psychokinetic powers to push away to push objects or paralyze enemies.

Super Silver

  • Shield of Light: an upgraded version of Silver's Psychokinesis that can catch powerful projectiles and throw them back with much greater force.

Metal Sonic

  • V. Maximum Overdrive Attack: When performing the V. Maximum Overdrive Attack, Metal Sonic begins to overload his circuitry. When this happens, blue sparks emit from his body and a chemical reaction which forms the V. Maximum Overdrive Attack, is triggered. Metal Sonic then forms a destructive energy field around his body that can burn through or penetrate any substance, and flies towards his target at four times his own, already high, acceleration, allowing him pierce through any substance in his way.
  • Black Shield: Metal Sonic generates a diamond-shaped force field to protect himself.
  • Ring Spark Field: Metal Sonic activates an internal radioactive force within him to create a powerful electrical discharging field around his body to damage anyone that gets close to him, & even tear metal foundations apart.