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Levels, also known as Zones or Stages, in the Sonic the Hedgehog series are where most the games take place in. The goal of most levels is get from the beginning to the end with as little to no lives lost as possible, while jumping on platforms, collecting Rings and items, destroying enemies and sometimes fighting a boss. However, depending on the playable character, the levels may have a different goal.

Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)

  • Green Hill Zone - As the first level in the game, Green Hill Zone is much more peaceful compared to the other zones in the game. The level contains rolling hills, crumbling cliffs, and waterfalls.
  • Marble Zone - Above ground, grass grows over the ancient marble buildings and there are columns and statues everywhere. Below ground, however, the Marble Zone is full of moving platforms, magma flows, and crushing, spiked weights.
  • Spring Yard Zone - It is an urban level with many springs and bumpers, resembling a pinball machine. There are many secret areas in this zone. Act 2 has two Robotnik signs (goals) and as such, can be ended through two possible routes.
  • Labyrinth Zone - The area is located within the caves of South Island's prominent mountain range. It features many spikes, spears, and water-driven contraptions, although, despite the Doctor's efforts, Sonic's greatest hazard in this zone is not the enemies or the traps, but the water. Sonic is terrible at swimming, and he can only hold his breath for so long. Collecting air bubbles found at certain points underwater resets the counter and prevents Sonic from drowning.
  • Star Light Zone - It is a rather peaceful zone set in an urban environment at night, under the stars, and containing many loops, accompanied by beautiful music. This stage contains many roller coaster-like sections in which Sonic is hurled along paths at great speed.
  • Scrap Brain Zone - A stage that consists of acres of industrial superstructure. The ground is encased in soulless concrete and steel, and also has a thousand automated factories, belching jet-black pollution into the rancid air as robotic horrors crawl across the metal gangways. It is a trap-filled industrial stage containing many dangerous machines such as saws, flame vents, and disappearing and rotating platforms.
  • Final Zone - It is the shortest zone in the game, as it only features the final boss of the game, while having the final fight against Dr. Robotnik inside his private laboratory.

Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit)

  • Green Hill Zone - The zone, again like its Genesis counterpart, is filled with rolling plains of green and jauntily colored flowers. Setting itself apart from its Mega Drive/Genesis counterpart, Act 2 of Green Hill Zone starts with the player falling into a cave complex partly filled with water, that the player must navigate through to complete the Act.
  • Bridge Zone - The zone, as expected, is filled with wooden bridges (some less sturdy than others), as Sonic crosses South Island's massive central river. There are also giant metal scales dotted around the level; presumably these are placed by Eggman as scientific equipment of some sort.
  • Jungle Zone - Jungle Zone is an area of South Island; a huge, thick rainforest, with treacherous waterways, snaking vines, and giant trees. Indeed, Act 2 is a vertical level where Sonic has to climb a massive waterfall, jumping on rocky outcroppings and floating wooden boughs.
  • Labyrinth Zone - This zone is significantly less dangerous than its 16-bit counterpart; the Acts are both smaller, and less hopelessly maze-like. 
  • Scrap Brain Zone - A stage that consists of acres of industrial superstructure. The ground is encased in soulless concrete and steel, and also has a thousand automated factories, belching jet-black pollution into the rancid air as robotic horrors crawl across the metal gangways. It is a trap-filled industrial stage containing many dangerous machines such as saws, flame vents, and disappearing and rotating platforms.
  • Sky Base Zone - At the end of the previous level, Robotnik fled to an airship hidden in the smog clouds of Scrap Brain Zone. Sonic, obviously, pursues. Sky Base Act 1 sees the heroic hedgehog navigate his way through the exposed gantries and electric fields of the airship anchorage above Scrap Brain, speeding to catch the fat man's massive escape vessel before it departs. In Act 2, Sonic must brave the fearsome defenses on board the zeppelin itself; cannons, propeller blades, and of course the ever-present threat of falling thousands of feet to hedgehog-y oblivion.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit)

  • Under Ground Zone - It is a hot, rocky zone filled with rail carts which Sonic can ride, and magma pits which the rail carts invariably dump you in. Craggy mountains rise in the background, and there are a number of spin-dash-able walls leading to hidden goodies like extra lives.
  • Sky High Zone - As the name suggests, is an exposed and windswept location, always somewhat cloudy and prone to extreme storms very often. An abundance of wayward zephyrs throughout this zone makes hang-gliding extremely dangerous.
  • Aqua Lake Zone - The surface areas sport an abundance of operational fountains and water features. While beneath the lake's surface, crumbling ruins provide Sonic with a dangerous obstacle course. Bubbles in Aqua Lake Zone are much larger (and more resilient) than you might be used to, in Mega Drive games. With these bubbles, Sonic can actually jump in and ride all the way up to the surface.
  • Green Hills Zone - This zone, like the original Green Hill, is filled with rolling plains of green and loop-the-loops which Sonic must defy gravity in order to speed around. It also contains a couple of flip-ramps as in the Green Hill Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit). Pretty much the only difference comes from the trees, which seem more of the deciduous variety than the usual palm. Nevertheless, it seems likely that Green Hills is supposed to be the same place as (or at least a sub-region of) the original Green Hill, as both Zones are sited on South Island, and they are almost identical.
  • Gimmick Mountain Zone - The zone bears hallmarks of Scrap Brain Zone from the 16-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog; traps aplenty, conveyor belts, and those rotating circular disks which Sonic can somehow stick to the underside of. It is, however, clearly carved out of the inside of a mountain, as evidenced by the rocky backgrounds which Dr. Robotnik has grafted his inscrutable technology upon. 
  • Scrambled Egg Zone - As with its predecessor, it appears to be part of a hollowed-out mountain which Eggman has sculpted for his own nefarious purposes. Blue rocks and dark, yawning caverns abound, illuminated by the pitiless blinking of Robotnik's linear light arrangements. The zone is riddled with winding transport tubes, many of which dump Sonic unceremoniously into spike pits.
  • Crystal Egg Zone - It can be accessed only if you've successfully collected all the Chaos Emeralds in previous zones. It is perhaps the least aesthetically offensive of all the final bases Eggman's constructed over the years; a zone of glassy, translucent architecture where even the spikes glow in rainbow hues. Rainbow hues of death. Blocks embossed with the Dr. Eggman pugnacious visage frequently conceal hidden walkways.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)

  • Emerald Hill Zone - The level is a grassy, green zone with plenty of easy obstacles and secret passageways. Idyllic waterfalls cascade amidst the tropical meadows, and the coconut palms of West Side Island rise amidst natural gardens of red and pink flowers. Wooden bridges and ring-filled mobius strips are the only signs of artificial intrusion, aside from Robotnik's retracting spike beds, and Badniks.
  • Chemical Plant Zone - It takes place in an industrial cityscape, filled with toxic gloop, mechanical creatures, and twisting chemical pipes. Suction tubes, miscellaneous terrain features that suck you in and deposit you at the other side of the tunnel, wind across the level. Blocky collections of yellow/purple squares move back and forth periodically.
  • Aquatic Ruin Zone - A crumbling, semi-submerged stonework ruin, the Zone sports a couple of main terrain features that make it unique compared to the others. Water, for one; The movement speed underwater is much slower. The ancient pillars that lie dotted around Aquatic Ruin are riddled with traps. Some will rise up when you approach, and you must jump on them to destroy them.
  • Casino Night Zone - It is, predictably, a sprawling casino set at night. Jaunty electric colors and pinball flippers abound, as well as slot machines where Sonic can rack up hundreds of rings if you're lucky enough to get the right combinations. Bounce-able tiles flash green, yellow, then red as you hit them, enabling Sonic to rack up points. The level also features steely blue elevators, which convey Sonic upwards or downwards depending on the specific lift.
  • Hill Top Zone - This stage features lava pits and underground caverns, which are similar features of the Marble Zone in the preceding game. However, Hill Top features no sturdy ruins of long-gone civilizations; they would have been ground to dust by the frequent earthquakes which ravage the zone and fill the caverns with scorching magma. Outside, pine trees rise over a landscape of blue-tinted rocks, with rickety vine chairlifts connecting one peak to another. See-saws and shuttle loops are scattered throughout the zone
  • Mystic Cave Zone - It features moss-covered rocks and dangling plant tendrils within these dimly-lit subterranean spaces. Impassable walls can be lowered to form convenient bridges if you are sharp-eyed enough to spot the hidden switches within the slimy vines that hang from the ceiling.
  • Oil Ocean Zone - The slimy oil refineries off the coast of Westside Island. The Zone hosts strange green/yellow checkered cannons, which throw Sonic back and forth around the level like crazy. Flame-propelled gas-burn platforms also provide a means by which to gain altitude.
  • Metropolis Zone - Meter-wide screws and bolts tower up into the caves of turquoise steel, mid-air floating conveyor belts and vast mesh-work dynamos thrash out hundreds of revolutions a minute. Along the walls, steam-pipes coil like brassy pythons, and giant cogs slowly grind out immense manufacturing processes above lakes of molten metal.
  • Sky Chase Zone - In this stage, the player that you are controlling (Sonic or Tails) will be standing on top of the wings of the Tornado bi-plane. The other character will be in the cockpit, flying the plane.
  • Wing Fortress Zone - The beige aircraft contains all too many opportunities for Sonic to fall to his death, be it swinging hand-over-hand on the bars right next to the flaming booster engines, or jumping along retractable platforms set in the side of the ship, or being thrown over wide, open spaces by the launcher chairs which lie amidst the steel rigging. Vertical propeller blades are also on hand to chop the player up into pieces when they run into them.
  • Death Egg Zone - After Wing Fortress Zone's destruction, and hitching a ride to space aboard Robotnik's fleeing rocket, Sonic makes his way inside the battle station.

Remake-Only levels

  • Hidden Palace Zone - A palace, different in appearance from its Sonic 3 & Knuckles counterpart. This level was infamously cut during the game’s development. It was, however, was brought back in the 2013 re-release as an optional zone to proceed through.
  • Proto Palace Zone - A hidden Zone only found in the 2013 remake. It is a replica of the prototype version of Hidden Palace Zone.
  • Boss Attack Zone - Segments taken from each prior Zone, alongside their boss battles.

Beta/Scrapped Levels

  • Dust Hill Zone - A scrapped desert-esque level.
  • Wood Zone - A big forest.
  • Genocide City Zone/Cyber City Zone - Was originally supposed to be an Act 1 mechanical-themed Zone, but was cancelled before development and was replaced with Metropolis Zone Act 3.
  • Death Egg Zone (Full Version) - Death Egg was originally going to be a large zone instead of only a boss fight with Silver Sonic and Eggman.
  • Egg Gauntlet Zone - Planned for the 2013 remake, but was dropped and replaced with the simpler Boss Attack Zone.
  • There were also several other unused Zone names and concepts, such as Secret Jungle Zone.

SegaSonic the Hedgehog

  • Volcanic Vault - The level is set in a volcano. The traps include fireballs, lava, and a collapsing bridge.
  • Icy Isle
  • Desert Dodge - The main danger of this level is four tornadoes that rotate around each other, chasing the player throughout the level. The tornadoes appear from the start of the level, chasing the player down a desert path riddled with cacti, stones, mini-tornadoes, quicksand, and collapsing areas of the sandy path.
  • Trap Tower - At the beginning of the stage, the player is pursued down a long straight path by what appears to be a large metal gear-like cylinder. 
  • Landslide Limbo - It is based off of a canyon-type area. Dangers include crumbling ground, boulders, and fireballs. Catapults and specially marked wooden platforms launch the player across gaps.
  • Wild Water Way - At the beginning of the level, the player runs across a wooden bridge. The bridge collapses, dropping the player into the water below, where two deadly fans pursue the player through a watery passage.
  • Eggman's Tower - After reaching Dr. Eggman in the first part of the level, he presses a self-destruct switch that gives you a mere twenty seconds to escape. If you don't, you will lose with no chance of continuing, as the game states "You failed." and Eggman laughs at you.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD

  • Palmtree Panic - It is a tropical region with sharp mountains and scattered waterfalls in the background. Hence the name, palm trees adorn the region, as well as star-shaped plants that seem to litter the tropic coast. 
  • Collision Chaos - It is an unusual, possibly psychedelic mechanized forest with a well-established casino. Neon signs line up across the casino. A lake is shown at the very bottom of the zone.
  • Tidal Tempest - It is an underwater region that strongly resembles the Labyrinth Zone. It rests at the base of many volcanoes and rocky structures. Pipes carry water from one area to another, with stone pillars adorning certain parts of the zone. The water elevation is normal in the Present, giving the zone a greenish/clear tint when entered.
  • Quartz Quadrant - Quartz Quadrant is an aqua-colored mine bustling with machinery, and is in the process of extracting crystals on conveyor belts and platforms for an unknown purpose. The outdoor area features a swamp where the quartz are being shipped off to whatever far-off land they are designated to.
  • Wacky Workbench - It is a weapons warehouse located in a canyon that is ruled by electricity. Inside, there are many abstract mechanisms present, such as hovering platforms, grounded police sirens, a checkered floor (which flickers occasionally) that allows Sonic to bounce to higher areas, and atom-like structures that are constantly generating a wire of electric energy. Air vents have the adverse effect of freezing Sonic if he comes into contact with them.
  • Stardust Speedway - It is a highway adorned with musical instruments above an enormous city; like its namesake implies, the city glows with many lights. A statue of Doctor Robotnik can be seen undergoing construction in Zone 2, with girders and incomplete sections.
  • Metallic Madness - Practically everything is metal in this technologically-ruled base owned by Doctor Robotnik with a hue of green. The floor has built-in turbines, so Sonic must watch out for death traps, such as moving buzz-saws, cages with spinning bars, and spinning blades on wheels. There are also springs on moving wheels, which can make it tricky to reach higher places.

Beta/Scrapped Levels

  • R2 - Nothing about it is known.
  • Desert Dazzle - A desert-like level.
  • Final Fever - The level would have taken place in a distorted time warp and would have been the true final level. It could only be accessed after collecting all the Time Stones.

Sonic Chaos

  • Turquoise Hill Zone - Very much in the style of Green Hill Zone as a tropical-paradise-themed opening level, Turquoise Hill is filled with grassy plains, palm trees, checkered soil, and loop-the-loops.
  • Gigalopolis Zone - It sees Sonic run through an urban environment at night, under the stars. Some of the level resembles a construction site, with orange, metal frameworks and seemingly incomplete block walls. The background displays various high-rise buildings as well. 
  • Sleeping Egg Zone - It is an unusual stage with many breakable blocks, and numerous foreground walls emblazoned with Robotnik's image. It is some sort of high-altitude construction site of Robotnik's; as some of the level appears incomplete, with metal frameworks and half-finished blocky walls.
  • Mecha Green Hill Zone - It is a tropical area, but everything from the ground to the trees is completely mechanized. The ground is stark and metallic, and the skies are sickly, polluted green.
  • Aqua Planet Zone - It Aqua Planet has many underwater sections. The Zone consists of crumbling, half-submerged ruins, from which ruby-tinted offshore oil rigs can be glimpsed in the background. Aqua Planet is a stormy zone too, as the roiling clouds will attest. 
  • Electric Egg Zone - Electric Egg is a sprawling techno-fortress, and the Doctor's final base in the game. Automatic laser cannons, bottomless pits, and spikes aplenty await Sonic and Tails as they close in on Dr. Robotnik himself. The zone is crisscrossed by a network of winding vacuum tubes.

Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

  • Toxic Caves (Toxic Pools in the 8-Bit version) - It is a disgusting, slimy dungeon, filled to the brim (literally) with horrible green ooze which is all kinds o' deadly. Rusted sewer pipes snake through rocks dripping with fluorescent green pollution, and the waters below are patrolled by an immense robotic sea-serpent.
  • Lava Powerhouse - Lava Powerhouse is a geothermal energy plant, fueling the "robotizing" factories of the Veg-O-Fortress' higher levels by tapping the magma flowing through the core of Mt. Mobius. Steam-driven pistons and pressure dials abound, in addition to giant bellows crewed by odd blue kangaroo Mobians.
  • The Machine - It is the rumbling, robotic core of the Veg-O-Fortress. Glassy industrial pipes riddle a stage of churning pistons, electrical arc furnaces, and massive electronics systems (the level design Was inspired by the scrapped Genocide City Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2).
  • Showdown - It takes place both in the sunset scaffolding of the rocket's launch pad, and inside the hovering star-ship itself. At the bottom of the level rests the magma-filled caldera of the mountain.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Sonic & Knuckles

Competition Mode

Sonic Drift

Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld

  • Car Race
  • Tree Climb
  • Hoops
  • Flag
  • Toy Drop
  • Robotnik Bop
  • Egg Switch
  • Concentration
  • Sonic Vs. Dr. Robotnik
  • Diamond Maze

Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble

Sonic Drift 2

Purple GP

White GP

Blue GP

Knuckles' Chaotix

Tails' Skypatrol

Tails Adventure

Sonic Labyrinth

Sonic the Fighters

Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic Blast

Sonic R

Christmas Nights into Dreams

  • Spring Valley - Sonic is only playable in Spring Valley in this game.

Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

Sonic's/Metal Sonic's Levels

  • Emerald Coast - A beach in Station Square with plenty of docks, caves, beach chairs, and loops. Other attractions include a whale chasing and a lighthouse. Sonic's goal is to save his buddy Tails from a plane crash. Has two segments.
  • Windy Valley - A valley in the Mystic Ruins that has much greenery and trampolines. Sonic also has to climb up a tornado before running down the winding paths towards the Chaos Emerald. Has three segments.
  • Casinopolis - A casino in Station Square with 2 pinball machines, Sonic & NiGHTS. Sonic's job is to earn 400 rings, deposit them in the vault, and climb up the mountain of rings to reach the Chaos Emerald. Has two-four segments, depending on the player's choice of pinball table and the number of rings collected when they lose all three balls.
  • Icecap - A cave in the Mystic Ruins featuring a calm but cool environment with icicles hanging from the ceiling. However, towards the end, of the stage an avalanche begins to tumble down the hill towards Sonic who finds a snowboard in the snow that he can ride on to reach the Chaos Emerald. Has three segments.
  • Twinkle Park - An amusement park in Station Square with go-karts, roller coasters, swinging ships, bowling, and a merry-go-round. All of this centered around a castle where a capsule of animals sits in the top room. Has two segments.
  • Speed Highway - A busy highway in Station Square with "robo cops" everywhere. Riding helicopters and rockets, Sonic is searching for Amy. Sonic iconically runs down a skyscaper avoiding pillars and ramming through glass. By dawn, Sonic reaches the town hall and saves a capsule of animals. Has three segments.
  • Red Mountain - A volcano in Mystic Ruins with hammers trying to squash you and skulls that shoot fire. Sonic rides ziplines down the mountain and into the volcano. Inside, there are spiders, strange prison cells, and the lava is rising to help Sonic to escape. Sonic is chasing after the Egg Carrier. Has two segments.
  • Sky Deck - A deck on the Egg Carrier with rotaing pillars, ladders, monkey bars, and loads of cannons that want you dead. Sonic must destroy 2 cannons using the rockets he has been riding throughout the game. Towards the end of the level, the level tilts in many different directions because Knuckles is flipping a switch that tilts the ship as he's looking for more Master Emerald shards. Has three segments.
  • Lost World - An ancient ruin in the Mystic Ruins that is, presumably, the ancient echidna tribe's temple. There's a wooden snake swimming in a large room filled with water. There is a dark room where Sonic must reflect light onto mirrors to see. Sonic also rides down a waterfall and gets chased by a giant rock that is on fire. Towards the end Sonic must solve a puzzle by flipping switches that allow him to walk on certain wall panels. Has three segments.
  • Final Egg - A base in the Mystic Ruins where the Egg Carrier is usually docked. To enter the level, Sonic needs to complete a small puzzle. Once in the level, Sonic must avoid crushing spike balls, lasers, conveyor belts that lead to spikes, and robots that can capture you as well as the rooms filled with Beats. Sonic also rides down a couple elevators as he gets closer to Dr. Robotnik. Has three segments.

Tails' Levels

  • Windy Valley - A valley in the Mystic Ruins with many winding paths. In this level, you must race Sonic to the Choas Emerald.
  • Casinopolis - A casino in Station Square with a dirty hallway with a lot of garbage. In this level, you must race Sonic to the Chaos Emerald.
  • Icecap - A cave in the Mystic Ruins prone to avalanches. In this level, you must race Sonic on a snowboard to the Chaos Emerald.
  • Sky Deck - A deck on the Egg Carrier with rotating pillars, ladders, monkey bars, and loads of cannons that want you dead. In this level, you must race Sonic to the capsule.
  • Speed Highway - A busy highway in Station Square with "robo cops" everywhere. In this level, you must race Dr. Robotnik to the missle lodged in Cyber Net's building.

Knuckles' Levels

  • Speed Highway - A busy highway in Station Square where Chaos Emerald shards are hidden.
  • Casinopolis - A casino in Station Square with a golden lion and pirate ships on the upper level and a statue of Sonic that Knuckles can knock down while looking for Master Emerald shards.
  • Red Mountain - A volcano in the Mystic Ruins with hammers that want to squash you and skulls that shoot fire. Knuckles is looking for Master Emerald shards.
  • Lost World - An ancient ruin in the Mystic Ruins that is, presumably, the ancient echidna tribe's temple. Knuckles is a descendant of this tribe making it ironic that he's searching for Master Emerald shards there.
  • Sky Deck - A deck on the Egg Carrier where the rest of the Master Emerald shards are. Knuckles needs to flip a switch to open different doors during his search.

Amy's Levels

  • Twinkle Park - An amusement park in Station Square with go-karts, roller coasters, swinging ships, bowling, and a merry-go-round. In Amy's level, she actually enters the castle which is filled with hallways of mirrors and trapdoors. Has three segments.
  • Hot Shelter - A shelter in the Egg Carrier with many gears, switches, a TV room, and even an aquarium. Has two segments.
  • Final Egg - A base in the Mystic Ruins where the Egg Carrier is usually docked. To enter the level, Amy needs to complete a small puzzle. Then the level begins with crushing spike balls, lasers, an elevator, and a puzzle that's completely random. Has one segment.

Big's Levels

  • Twinkle Park - An amusement park in Station Square. Big fishes in the pond under the swinging ships.
  • Icecap - A cave in the Mystic Ruins. Big needs to use rocks to break the ice so he can fish in the water below.
  • Emerald Coast - A beach in Station Square. The death spots in the water have been removed and now are open for fishing. There is even a hidden cave where big can get some special catches.
  • Hot Shelter - A shelter in the Egg Carrier with an aquarium that Froggy is kept in. However, Big hits the drainage sitch so he can fish for him.

E-102 Gamma's Levels

  • Final Egg - A base in the Mystic Ruins where the Egg Carrier is usually docked. E-102 Gamma trains here shooting various Tails and Knuckles dolls. Eventually, E-102 Gamma destroys the Sonic doll (3 hits).
  • Emerald Coast - A beach in Station Square with many beach chairs and docks. E-102 Gamma finds Froggy here.
  • Windy Valley - A valley in the Mystic Ruins with much greenery and trampolines. Here, E-102 Gamma destroys E-103 Delta.
  • Red Mountain - A volcano in the Mystic Ruins with strange prison cells, spiders and rising lava. Here, E-102 Gamma destroys E-104 Epsilon.
  • Hot Shelter - A shelter in the Egg Carrier with many gears and a monorail system. Here, E-102 Gamma destroys E-105 Zeta (mkII).

Super Sonic's Level

  • Perfect Chaos - A boss battle with Perfect Chaos in Station Square. Has two segments. It is also the only level available in Super Sonic's story.

Mini-Game Levels

  • Sky Chase - A mini-game accessible by Sonic and Tails. It has two acts and is usable with the Tornado and the Tornado 2.
  • Hedgehog Hammer - A mini-game accessible by only Amy. It is similar to whack-a-mole.
  • Twinkle Circuit - A mini-game accessible by every character (barring Super Sonic). It is a go-kart racing game, and you must go through 3 laps.
  • Boss - A mini-game level accessible by every character (barring Super Sonic). In this mini-game, you must fight every boss battle in each character's story in order.
  • Sand Hill - A sandboarding/skateboarding mini-game accessible by Sonic, Metal Sonic, and Tails. In this mini-game, you must go down a sand hill while going through as many hoops as possible. It is required during Tails' story as he's trying to catch Froggy who has a Chaos Emerald.

Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure

Sonic Shuffle

Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Hero Story

Dark Story

Last Story


2P Mode Exclusive Stages

Action Race

Treasure Hunt Race

Shooting Battle

Kart Race Tracks

Sonic Advance/Sonic N

Sonic Advance 2

Sonic Pinball Party

Sonic Battle

Sonic Heroes

Multiplayer-Only Stages

Battle Mode

Ring Race Mode

Bobsled Race Mode

Quick Race Mode

Sonic Advance 3

Sonic Jump

Shadow the Hedgehog

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Last Story

Sonic Rush

Sonic Riders

Heroes Cup

Babylon Cup

Unlockable tracks

Survival courses

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

  • Wave Ocean - A beach in Soleanna, home of marine life and animals, including orcas that chase Sonic.
  • Dusty Desert - A sandy desert, filled with ruins and dangerous quicksand, which you could sink into if not careful.
  • White Acropolis - Dr. Eggman's snowy base, guarded by spotlights and robots. Snowballs could also become a threat as well.
  • Crisis City - The ruins of a city, 200 years into the future. Filled with fire and lava, Iblis' minions live in here along with Silver and Blaze.
  • Flame Core - A volcano 200 years in to the future, filled up with dangerous lava and rocks that can break and rock footings for Sonic to go across.
  • Radical Train - An abandoned train station, where Sonic must prevent a train from being bombed while trying to save Elise.
  • Tropical Jungle - A jungle filled with ruins, beautiful scenery, tropic animals, and Eggman's robots on the chase.
  • Kingdom Valley - A castle that is abandoned and had been flooded, where towers and other structures could fall down any minute because of the water.
  • Aquatic Base - An abandoned base under the waters of Kingdom Valley, where Eggman uses it for a station for the Egg Carrier.
  • End of the World - All of the levels (expect Radical Train and Aquatic Base) combined to make one big stage, where Sonic's friends collect the Chaos Emeralds while avoiding time holes and save Sonic.

Sonic Rivals

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Sonic Rush Adventure

Sonic Rivals 2

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Heroes Story

Babylon Story

Unlockable tracks

Survival Battle

Survival Ball

Sega Superstars Tennis

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Sonic Unleashed

Sonic and the Black Knight

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Olympic Events

  • Alpine Skiing (Downhill): Whistler Creekside
  • Alpine Skiing (Giant Slalom): Whistler Creekside
  • Ski Jumping (Individual Large Hill): Whistler Olympic Park
  • Ski Jumping (Team Large Hill): Whistler Olympic Park
  • Freestyle Skiing (Moguls): Cypress Mountain
  • Freestyle Skiing (Ski Cross): Cypress Mountain
  • Snowboard (Halfpipe): Cypress Mountain
  • Snowboard (Snowboard Cross): Cypress Mountain
  • Speed Skating (Speed Skating 500m): Richmond Olympic Oval
  • Speed Skating (Short Track 1,000m): Richmond Olympic Oval
  • Speed Skating (Short Track Relay): Richmond Olympic Oval
  • Figure Skating: Pacific Coliseum
  • Bobsleigh (Skeleton): The Whistler Sliding Centre
  • Bobsleigh (Bobsleigh): The Whistler Sliding Centre
  • Ice Hockey: Canada Hockey Place
  • Curling: Vancouver Olympic Centre

Dream Events

  • Dream Alpine: Seaside Hill
  • Dream Ski Jumping: Good Egg Galaxy
  • Dream Ski Cross: Mario Circuit
  • Dream Snowboard Cross: Radical Highway
  • Dream Short Track: Egg Factory
  • Dream Figure Skating: Dream Figure Centre
  • Dream Bobsleigh: Nocturnus Gate
  • Dream Ice Hockey: Bowser Castle
  • Dream Curling: Sherbet Land
  • Dream Snowball Fight: Christmas Village
  • Dream Gliding: Sky Gardens

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Chao Cup

Graffiti Cup

Egg Cup

Horror Cup

Samba Cup

Monkey Cup


Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Episode I/Episode Metal

Episode II

Sonic Free Riders

Sonic Colors

  • Tropical Resort - The park's main entrance, complete with shops, beautiful scenery, and amusemnt rides.
  • Sweet Mountain - A planet that is part of the park filled with tons of sweets, including donuts, candy, and cakes.
  • Starlight Carnival - A parade filled up with shiny lights, dazzling floats, and a breathtaking view of outer space.
  • Planet Wisp - A planet that's home of the Wisps until Dr. Eggman mechanized the planet, with cranes and machines drilling for Hyper-Go-On energy.
  • Aquarium Park - A planet based on Japan, complete with Japanese-themed buildings, all while water surrounds the planet.
  • Asteroid Coaster - A waste-filled planet filled with ooze, like Toxic Caves, with dangerous roller coasters and huge asteroids.
  • Terminal Velocity - The only entrance and exit to the park. Sonic goes and runs down the structure during the stage. It's also where the final boss is held.
  • Game Land - A video game-based world, where the Sonic Simulator can be played as well as the multiplayer mode.

Sonic Generations

Console and PC

Classic Era 

Dreamcast Era

Modern Era

3DS Levels

Classic Era

Dreamcast Era

Modern Era

Sonic Jump (2012)

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Dragon Cup

Rogue Cup

Emerald Cup

Arcade Cup

Classic Cup

Bonus level

Sonic Dash

  • Seaside Hill Zone
  • Beach Zone
  • Temple Zone
  • Green Hill Zone
  • Sky Sanctuary Zone
  • Snow Mountain Zone
  • Mushroom Hill Zone

Sonic Lost World

Unlockable/Special Levels

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Olympic Events

  • Alpine Skiing Downhill: Rosa Khutor Alpine Center
  • Ski Jumping Large Hill: RuSki Gorki Jumping Center
  • Freestyle Skiing Moguls: Rosa Khutor Extreme Park
  • Freestyle Ski Cross: Rosa Khutor Extreme Park
  • Biathlon: Laura Cross-Country Ski & Biathlon Center
  • Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom: Rosa Khutor Extreme Park
  • Snowboard Slopestyle: Rosa Khutor Extreme Park
  • Snowboard Cross: Rosa Khutor Extreme Park
  • Speed Skating 500m: Adler Arena
  • Short Track Speed Skating 1000m: Iceberg Skating Palace
  • Figure Skating Singles: Iceberg Skating Palace
  • Figure Skating Doubles: Iceberg Skating Palace
  • Skeleton: Sanki Sliding Center
  • 4-man Bobsleigh: Sanki Sliding Center
  • Ice Hockey: Bolshoy Ice Dome
  • Curling: Ice Cube Curling Center

Dream Events

  • Winter Sports Champion Race: Mini Russia Island
  • Groove Pipe Snowboard: Mushroom Bridge
  • Mario's Figure Skating Spectacular: Dream Skating Center
  • Sonic's Figure Skating Spectacular: Dream Skating Center
  • Roller Coaster Bobsleigh: Speed Highway
  • Snow Day Street Hockey: Delfino Plaza
  • Hole-In-One Curling: Green Hill Zone
  • Snowball Scrimmage: Snow Collosseum
  • Bullet Bill Sledge Race: Sweet Mountain

Sonic Jump Fever

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Sonic Runners

Special Event Stages

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Sonic Runners Adventure

Sonic Mania

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Sonic Forces

Episode Shadow Stages

Extra Stages and Secret Stages

Team Sonic Racing

Planet Wisp

Seaside Hill


Casino Park


Rooftop Run

Final Fortress

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