The following is a list of episode summaries for the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. The series ran for 26 episodes in total from 1993 to 1994 and consists of two seasons, each with 13 episodes. Note that the following episodes are listed in their airing order.

Episode list

Season 1 (1993)

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
1 1 "Sonic Boom" Dick Sebast Len Janson September 18, 1993 11
Sonic and The Freedom Fighters journey to Robotnik's underground air base in a mission to reprogram the launch data on Robotnik's fleet of Stealth-Bot aircraft. 
2 2 "Sonic and Sally" Dick Sebast Pat Allee & Ben Hurst September 25, 1993 05
During a mission to one of Robotnik's factories, Sally is taken prisoner by Robotnik and Snively, who construct a roboti-sized "Sally" clone, complete with Sally's personality, and mannerisms. 
3 3 "Ultra Sonic" Dick Sebast David Villaire October 2, 1993 06
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters journey to Robotnik's lab in hopes of deciphering his roboti-sizer system. 
4 4 "Sonic and the Secret Scrolls" Dick Sebast Janis Diamond October 9, 1993 13
Sally, Rotor, Bunnie and Antoine take off in a homemade airplane, bound for an ancient city hidden deep in the Great Mountains, while Sonic follows via his favorite transportation -- his sneakers. 
5 5 "Super Sonic" Dick Sebast Jules Dennis October 16, 1993 12
While on a mission to the big city to replace Nicole's malfunctioning microchip, Sonic and Sally encounter the Guardian, a mysterious cloaked figure who guards a dormant wizard named Lazar and his computer of evil spells. 
6 6 "Sonic Racer" Dick Sebast Len Janson October 23, 1993 07
Sonic is hired into an obvious trap when a frustrated Robotnik decides to appeal to the Hedgehog's ego and announces a "race to determine the fastest on Mobius". 
7 7 "Hooked on Sonics" Dick Sebast Randy Rogel October 30, 1993 08
Sonic conquers Robotnik's latest evil - a vehicle designated to locate and destroy living tissue matter - during a solo mission to the Badlands. 
8 8 "Harmonic Sonic" Dick Sebast David Villaire November 6, 1993 09
When Robotnik launches a spy-orb that will uncover the Freedom Fighter's Knothole location, Sonic and Robot launch themselves up to the orbiting spy-sphere aboard a home-made rocket powered by Robotnik's discarded booster engine that fell in the Great Forest. 
9 9 "Sonic's Nightmare" Dick Sebast Frank Santopadre November 13, 1993 10
When Sally uncovers Robotnik's plan to seed the cloud with toxic rain, they attempt a daring mission to sabotage the dirigible-like craft being transported by land vehicles. 
10 10 "Warp Sonic" Dick Sebast Matt Uitz 20 November 1993 04
When Sonic and The Freedom Fighters take out Robotnik's main computer, they're trapped by Swat-Bots in an underground tunnel, only to be rescued by a handsome teenager named Griff. 
11 11 "Sub-Sonic" Dick Sebast Barbara Slade November 27, 1993 03
Robotnik severely upsets the ecosystem above and below the surface, when he sends explosive, Robotnik snake probes drilling deep under ground in search of oil lakes. 
12 12 "Sonic Past Cool" Dick Sebast Kayte Kuch & Sheryl Scarborough December 4, 1993 02
Tails brings a new friend home to Knothole - a baby Terra-Pod who has strayed from the herd that is currently migrating. 
13 13 "Heads or Tails" John Grusd Len Janson December 11, 1993 01
Sonic reluctantly takes Tails with him to the Big City to find some cotter pins for the Freedom Fighters catapults. 

Season 2 (1994)

No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
14 1 "Sonic Conversion" Ron Myrick Pat Allee & Ben Hurst September 17, 1994 15
The Freedom Fighters, with new addition, Dulcy, develop a De-Roboti-sizer and try it out on Bunnie. 
15 2 "Game Guy" Ron Myrick Pat Allee & Ben Hurst September 10, 1994 14
The Freedom Fighters run into a Swashbuckler, named Ari, battling Swat-Bots. 
16 3 "No Brainer" Ron Myrick Pat Allee September 24, 1994 16
Sonic attempts a solo rescue to prevent prisoners from being roboti-sized and is hit by a Memory Scrambler that erases short-term memory. 
17 4 "Blast to the Past, Part 1" Ron Myrick Ben Hurst October 1, 1994 17
After a disastrous failed mission, Sonic laments that they can't go back and prevent Robotnik's take-over. 
18 5 "Blast to the Past, Part 2" Ron Myrick Ben Hurst October 8, 1994 18
In Part II, Sonic and Sally steal the Roboti-sizer plans, stop the Destroyer from polluting the Great Forest and save Little Sonic, Little Sally and Dulcy's mother, Sabina. 
19 6 "Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted" Ron Myrick Len Janson ("Fed Up With Antoine") Pat Allee ("Ghost Busted") October 15, 1994 19
Fed Up With Antoine: Antoine decides to study martial arts but after he wrecks most of Knothole Sonic sends him off to practice in the woods, where he runs into a scurvy band of Road Warrior-types, called the Nasty Hyenas.

Ghost Busted: Tails begins his training to become a real Freedom Fighter by learning tracking skills while on a camping trip with Sonic and Antoine. But after a scary ghost story about a “Headless Gopher with a Gold Medallion” he believes a ghost kidnapped Antoine. 

20 7 "Dulcy" Ron Myrick Pat Allee & Ben Hurst October 22, 1994 20
After Dulcy exhibits strange behavior, Sally discovers she's going through a "rites of passage" stage of her adolescence. 
21 8 "The Void" Ron Myrick Ben Hurst October 29, 1994 21
After Sonic is almost sucked inside the Void, he finds a huge Ring which Sally believes is an ancient relic but it turns out to be trick of the Sorcerer, Nagus. 
22 9 "The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca" Ron Myrick Len Janson ("The Odd Couple") & Pat Allee ("Ro-Becca") November 5, 1994 22
The Odd Couple: When a blizzard hits Knothole causing Dulcy to demolish a few huts during a landing, Sonic is forced to bunk with Antoine.

Ro-Becca: During a rainstorm, Rotor is putting the finishing touches on his new female robot assistant, named Ro-Becca, when he has to leave. While he's gone, Antoine accidentally activates her and it is love at first sight…for her. 

23 10 "Cry of the Wolf" Ron Myrick Pat Allee November 12, 1994 23
On a mission to contact the first Freedom Fighters on the King's List, Sonic and the others are forced to travel through a tunnel which carries a "curse" against all intruders. 
24 11 "Drood Henge" Ron Myrick Ben Hurst November 19, 1994 24
When Uncle Chuck's "bug" reveals Robotnik's search for the legendary Deep Power Stones, he informs Sally, who tries to retrieve data regarding the Royal Family Secret. 
25 12 "Spyhog" Ron Myrick Ben Hurst November 26, 1994 25
After Antoine saves Sally's life during a raid, Sonic can't stand his bragging and zips in to see Uncle Chuck, who finds out his "bug" in Robotnik's HQ is malfunctioning. 
26 13 "The Doomsday Project" Ron Myrick Ben Hurst December 3, 1994 26
When a Pod lands in Knothole, Sonic and Sally realize the Doomsday Machine is already in operation. The Freedom Fighter groups break into the Doomsday Machine, only to find Robotnik let them in. 

DVD releases

DVD Name Episodes Release Date
Sonic the Hedgehog: Super Sonic
  • 1. "Super Sonic"
  • 2. "Sonic Racer"
  • 3. "Sonic Boom"
  • 4. "Sonic and Sally"
  • 5. "Sonic and the Secret Scrolls" (first release only)
February 26, 2002
Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Series
  • 1. "Heads or Tails"
  • 2. "Sonic Boom"
  • 3. "Sonic and Sally"
  • 4. "Ultra Sonic"
  • 5. "Sonic and the Secret Scrolls"
  • 6. "Super Sonic"
  • 7. "Sonic Racer"
  • 8. "Hooked on Sonics"
  • 9. "Harmonic Sonic"
  • 10. "Sonic's Nightmare"
  • 11. "Warp Sonic"
  • 12. "Sub-Sonic"
  • 13. "Sonic Past Cool"
  • 14. "Game Guy"
  • 15. "Sonic Conversion"
  • 16. "No Brainer"
  • 17. "Blast to the Past, Part 1"
  • 18. "Blast to the Past, Part 2"
  • 19. "Fed Up with Antoine/Ghost Busted"
  • 20. "Dulcy"
  • 21. "The Void"
  • 22. "The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca"
  • 23. "Cry of the Wolf"
  • 24. "Drood Henge"
  • 25. "Spyhog"
  • 26. "The Doomsday Project"
March 27, 2007
Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fight for Freedom
  • 1. "Ultra Sonic"
  • 2. "Hooked on Sonics"
  • 3. "Warp Sonic"
  • 4. "Sonic and the Secret Scrolls"
September 16, 2008
Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Goes Green
  • 1. "Heads or Tails"
  • 2. "Sonic's Nightmare"
  • 3. "Sub-Sonic"
  • 4. "Sonic Past Cool"
March 3, 2009
Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Forever
  • 1. "No Brainer"
  • 2. "Blast to the Past, Part 1"
  • 3. "Blast to the Past, Part 2"
  • 4. "Fed Up With Antoine" (half-length, originally with "Ghost Busted")
  • 5. "Ghost Busted" (half-length, originally with "Fed Up With Antoine")
  • 6. "The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca"
March 16, 2010

Other releases

A box set of the first twelve episodes has been released in Korea and a box set is currently planned for the UK.[1]


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