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The Link-Rings are objects that appear in the Sonic the Comic series. They are a pair of rings that are joined together and can be used for combat.


The Link-Rings resemble a pair of golden rings which glow and sparkle with an unknown yellow energy. This energy forms a solid tether of energy streaming between the rings, linking them permanently together. Much like a rubber band, the tether between the rings of the Link-Rings are solid and can be extended, allowing the rings to move a certain distance apart.[1]

While their exact purpose is unclear, the Link-Rings can be used to perform acrobatic stunts or jumping great distances for combat.[1]


Link Ring Action

Mighty and Vector using the Link-Rings to destroy the Porker Metallix.

A pair of Link-Rings belong to the Chaotix. When the group and Sonic faced the Porker Metallix on the chain leading to Miracle, Mighty pulled out their Link-Rings to combat the robot. Joining together with the Link-Rings, Mighty was able to swing Vector at the Porker Metallix with enough power for Vector to deliver a punch strong enough to destroy it.[1]


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