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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Why does it always have to happen this way? I don't even have time to spend with my little boy. I may be a great actress but I'm a... terrible mother.

— Lindsey Thorndyke, "Party Hardly"

Lindsey Thorndyke (リンゼー・ソーンダイク Rinzē Sōndaiku?, lit. "Linsey Thorndyke") (neè Fair[2]) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. She is a human, the wife of Nelson Thorndyke, the mother of Christopher Thorndyke and the older sister of Sam Speed. She is a very famous and talented actress whose reputation has made her a celebrity. Because of her work, she spends most of her time traveling the world or on the movie set, and as such spends little time with her family. Nonetheless, she is a loving mother and wife who cares deeply for her family.


Lindsey is a well-endowed female human of average height. She has neck-long orange hair that sticks out at the ends, pale peach skin, thin eyebrows, and blue eyes. She also has a beauty mark below her mouth on the left side of her face.

Lindsey's standard attire includes a soft red dress with short sleeves, a red waist belt with a golden buckle, a pearl necklace, elaborate earrings, yellow and white bracelets, and red heels. As an alternative, she sometimes wears a pink shirt, beige pants and white heels. She also always wears red lipstick.




The sister of Sam Speed, Lindsey eventually became a highly famous movie star and married Nelson Thorndyke. Together with Nelson, Lindsey had a son who came to be named Christopher Thorndyke. Together, they would live in a luxurious mansion in Station Square. Wanting to give their son the best, Lindsey and Nelson chose to focus on their careers so that Chris would never need anything. However, they unintentionally ended up neglecting Chris, who just wanted parental love. This led to Chris developing unnoticeable problems dealing with separation.[3]

New World Saga

Sometime after Chris turned twelve, Lindsey gave Chris a call to tell him that she would not be home anytime soon due to rainy weather on the movie set having delayed her work. During this, Lindsey heard Chris admit that he went swimming last night in the adult pool in order to fish a cat out of the water. Forgiving Chris for breaking his promise of not swimming at night in the adult pool, Lindsey bid her son farewell and called Nelson to tell him about Chris' escapade, resulting in Nelson calling Chris shortly thereafter to make sure he was alright as well so Chris had to ease his father's concern like his did his mother's.[4]

Lindsey and Nelson hugging Chris at home.

Eventually, both Lindsey and Nelson found the time to return home from work at the same time. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by Ella, Mr. Tanaka and Chuck. While Lindsey was eager to see Chris, he did not come home from school as promised. While Nelson grew increasingly worried, Lindsey convinced him to trust Chris and wait. Eventually though, Lindsey grew worried herself and contacted all the TV news stations for a special report. When evening fell though, Chris finally came home, and Lindsey and Nelson gave their son a loving embrace before having dinner with him as a family.[5]

Settling down at home in hopes of resuming her motherly duties, Lindsey decided to have a house party and invite Sam to it. During preparations, Lindsey welcomed back Chris when he came home from school. As Lindsey thought about what to wear for the party though, she noticed that Chris and Chuck looked distressed. In an attempt to hide Cream and Cheese, who were in the living room, from Lindsey, Chuck and Chris convinced to go to her room and get dressed for the party. Soon after though, she called for Ella to help find her dress. Just as Lindsey was getting ready though, she received a phone call from a director who invited her to star in a new movie. While Lindsey accepted the role, she wanted to wait until tomorrow in order to attend her son's party. However, delaying the production was out of the question, meaning Lindsey had to leave immediately or forfeit her role in the new film to someone else. This made Lindsey consider herself a bad mother for leaving Chris again so soon. Informing Ella and Tanaka of her departure, Lindsey, with a heavy heart, left for the movie set.[6]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Lindsey being haunted by the Booms.

Later on, Lindsey had Chris and his friends over to visit the set of one of her more notable movie screenings that had them filming at a haunted castle that was under the control of King Boom Boo and his minions, the Booms. After night fell following a long day of acting, despite a few retakes when there was trouble with the cameraman regarding a Talisman blocking his view of Lindsey and sound man when he heard a strange noise near a wall Lindsey stepped past, Lindsey bid her son goodnight and retreated to her chambers, changing back into regular clothes from her costume for the filming. While she was alone in her room and putting on makeup however, the Booms decided to pull tricks on her before kidnapping her. She was later saved by Chris when he used the Talisman against King Boom Boo and his minions to free her and the other people that the Booms had kidnapped from their prison dimension. Afterward, Lindsey was taken to safety by Chris and his friends, who sealed up the angry King Boom Boo in his catacombs once they were scot-free. However, Lindsey believed it all to be a dream, or part of a movie. Afterward, they were let in on the ghosts' past by a local policeman.[7] Later, Lindsey and Nelson would sponsor a race between Sam Speed and Sonic so Sam could race Sonic in his new Rocket Car. At the end of the race, Sonic won by a long shot, and Lindsey congratulated him on his victory.[8]

While Lindsey worked on another of her movies in Filmdom City, Nelson appeared on the movie set disguised as her co-star, having planned to surprise Lindsey on their anniversary by giving her the purple Chaos Emerald as a gift, specifically a ring. Unfortunately, Nelson's plan backfired when he tripped and fell at a critical moment in his plan, causing the Chaos Emerald to be exposed and emit powerful discharges that damaged the sound stage as it reacted to the Emeralds that Sonic and Knuckles were holding until Mr. Tanaka managed to contain the Emerald again in its case. This angered Lindsey and led to an argument with Nelson as she believed he was trying to ruin her career and retaliated as to how Nelson would feel if she disrupted one of his business meetings in a similar way. However, the argument got interrupted by the arrival of Dr. Eggman and his robots in the Egg Fort II. With Rouge entering the fray as well and stealing the Emerald from Nelson, Lindsey's gift ended up in the hands of Dr. Eggman, who unleashed E-74 Weazo to attack Lindsey and Chris, forcing Nelson to protect them until Sonic and Knuckles were able to destroy Weazo, at which point Eggman withdrew, still having possession of the Chaos Emerald. Having failed to protect the Thorndykes, Mr. Tanaka wanted to tear off his uniform out of dishonor, but Lindsey and Chris convinced him that he did well. Despite the severity of it all, the incident managed to strengthen the family bonds between Lindsey, Nelson, and Chris. Both Lindsey and Nelson also forgave each other, and received the best of wishes from Chris and his friends on their wedding anniversary.[9]

Chaos Saga

Lindsey giving a Chaos Emerald to Cream.

Approximately six months later, Lindsey found the yellow Chaos Emerald in a jewelry store and bought it on a whim. Unaware of what she had acquired, Lindsey gave the Emerald to Cream (whom she still thought was a child in a bunny costume) as a gift when she had a meeting with her and Chris. Lindsey soon had to cut her time with her son short, however, due to other obligations. Bidding her son a warm farewell, Lindsey left in such a hurry that she forgot all about the Chaos Emerald.[10]

Shadow Saga

Lindsey waving goodbye to Chris as he leaves Station Square.

Following Perfect Chaos' attack on Station Square, Lindsey returned home. There, she helped her house staff clean up her home's furniture that had suffered flood damage. Later, she said goodbye to Chris when he, Chuck, Cream, Cheese, Ella, and Mr. Tanaka had to move to another residence in the capital while the Thorndyke Mansion got cleaned up and underwent repairs.[11]

Emerl Saga

Lindsey receiving a phone call from Nelson during work.

During the filming of a scene in her latest movie, Lindsey got a call from Nelson, who told her that Chris had a fever. Disregarding her work, Lindsey jumped into the helicopter her husband arrived in and returned home at once. There, Lindsey and Nelson began examining their son. Chuck, however, would chastise them for recklessly abandoning their work over their son's mild fever. This prompted an argument between Nelson and Chuck that did not go well. To lighten the mood, Lindsey suggested they should all bake a cake. In the kitchen, however, Lindsey had trouble opening the fridge, even with Ella's help. Soon after, Lindsey was attacked by an electronic mixer, but Nelson shielded her. When more electronic appliances then came to life and attacked them, Sonic and Emerl took care of them. Everyone soon after learned though that electronic appliances all over the city were going berserk. Since the appliances were weak to water, Lindsey's heroic friends went to work restoring the city's water supply, which had been cut off. At first, Lindsey refused to let Chris go help his friends due to his fever, but when Chuck and Mr. Tanaka began heading to the dam to restore the water, Lindsey was convinced by Chris to let him go help, although on the condition that she came along. At the dam, Lindsey and her group managed to open the dam with the aid of Nelson, Tails and Amy, which allowed those fighting the appliances to stop the latter permanently.[12]

Soon after, Lindsey saw Nelson and Chris fight each other in the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up tournament. However, she was left disappointed at her husband when he was defeated with ease by Chris.[13]

Homebound Saga

Eventually, Lindsey took some time off with Nelson and held a family barbecue. However, the idyllic mood did not last long. The very same evening, Lindsey and Nelson received a visit from the President's adviser, Christina Cooper, and Dr. Kim Bickley, at the mansion. They revealed that Sonic and his friends had to return to their world soon, or time would stop forever. It was then that Lindsey discovered that Chris had been listening, but the boy refused to believe that Sonic had to leave, and ran away. When they could not find Chris, Lindsey was at a loss at what to do until Chuck told her that Chris was looking for Dr. Eggman. Although Lindsey was unnerved by this news, Chuck told her that it would be good for Chris to see Eggman. Much later, Chris returned, safe and sound, prompting Lindsey and Nelson to embrace their son in relief and escort him back to his room.[14]

Not long after, Lindsey had some breakfast with the family until Chris went to school. When the day then finally came for Sonic and his friends to return to their world during Project Homebound, Lindsey and Nelson initially stayed behind in the mansion when Chris and the others left, but then decided to follow them and watch Chris in secret. At the site of the portal leading back to Sonic's world however, Chris shut off the portal when Sonic had to go through.[15] Chris then took Sonic and escaped with him, shocking Lindsey.[16]

Lindsey and Nelson looking for Chris.

Lindsey and Nelson awaited Chris' retrieval at the site of the portal, but neither Mr. Tanaka or Topaz were able to find him or Sonic. Losing her nerve, Lindsey resorted to crying, only wishing for Chris to come back home. She even made an appearance in a TV announcement where she pleaded for her son to come back. Back in the mansion, Lindsey continued to cry while Nelson called everyone he knew who could help them find Chris. Eventually however, Lindsey and Nelson were interrupted by Chuck, Tanaka and Ella. Talking in a scolding tone, Chuck told Lindsey and Nelson that the reason Chris left with Sonic was because he did not want to be left alone again, like how Nelson and Lindsey left Chris to himself while they worked on their careers to give him the best they could offer him. With that, Lindsey and Nelson understood that they had been neglecting Chris in spite of their good intentions. Chuck then added that, as Chris' parents, they would know where to find Chris. Remembering their summer vacation spot, Lindsey and Nelson went there in hopes of finding Chris and making things up to him. There, they found Chris, alone but happy, whereas Sonic had returned to his own world.[16]

Metarex Saga

Over six years after Sonic and his friends' departure from Earth, Lindsey and Nelson discovered that Chris had recently gone to Sonic's world through a portal he had made. Meeting up with Chuck, Helen, Frances and Danny at the portal, they learned that they were unable to reactivate the portal and follow Chris to Sonic's world. Although Lindsey was very worried about Chris, Nelson convinced her to have faith that Chris would be fine.[17] When Chuck later figured out how to send items through the portal, Lindsey and Nelson would send extra luggage to Chris through the portal to support him while he was with Sonic and his friends.[18]

Archie Comics


Lindsey is a very caring and kind-hearted, yet ditsy mother who only wants what is best for her son and tries to devote as much time as she can to him, even if she usually has no idea of which direction to turn. Chris is nothing short of the most important person in Lindsey's life, and she often buys him presents during her trips. Like her husband though, she can be oversensitive when it comes to Chris. When she does not know where Chris is or how he is doing, she tends to freak out and cry excessively.

Lindsey has been regretful of how her busy lifestyle constantly keeps her away from her son. Whenever they get together, it usually is not for very long and it has led her to believe that she is a terrible mother on occasion.[6] Regardless, Lindsey was oblivious how deeply emotionally scarred Chris was by her and her husband's absence in his life, but they made it better in the end when they remembered a special vacationing area they all visited when they seemed more like a normal family.

Lindsey is very over-excitable and, due to her ditsy thoughts and actions, often takes things to the extreme. For example, she sky-dives from a helicopter in order to land on the balcony of her house just so she could visit Chris when he had a small cold. She sometimes tends to act a bit oblivious to certain things as well.[7][10]

Although a very talented actor and having a household to cover all her homely duties, Lindsey does not mind getting her hands dirty or doing some house work herself.[6][11][12] In fact, she seems to enjoy carrying out her motherly duties at home, like working in the kitchen (although she has proven to be a terrible cook), and always tries her best.[6]

Powers and abilities

Lindsey is a great actress who can play virtually any role while putting in a lot of emotion.[7][9][12] She is also physically fit as demonstrated by the stunts she pulls off during action movies.[12]





"If this were a film I'd ask for another take... isn't there anything we can do?"
—"The Beginning of the End"


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