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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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For the item in Sonic and the Black Knight, see Lily (item).

Lily (リリィ Rirī?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. She is a bird that got captured by Dr. Eggman during the Chaos incident, only to escape into the care of Amy Rose, who helped her find her lost siblings.


Lily is a small light blue bird with a white belly, a short yellow beak, three strands of hair on her forehead, brown eyes, and three-toed yellow feet. She also wears a locket that contains a Chaos Emerald along with a picture of her brother and sister.



Chaos Saga

Lily and her siblings were at some point kidnapped by Dr. Eggman.[1] However, Lily managed to escape Dr. Eggman and took the blue Chaos Emerald Eggman had acquired with her in her locket.[1][2]

Lily with Amy, Cream and Cheese.

When Sonic and Tails damaged the Egg Carrier during an aerial battle over Station Square, Lily slipped through one of the gaps in the ship. Landing on Amy Rose, who was watching the aerial battle, Lily fell unconscious. After recovering in Amy's care, Lily would accompany her, Cream and Cheese on a shopping trip, during which she received her name from Amy. Soon after, however, ZERO appeared, who kidnapped Lily and Amy.[3]

The pair was soon after imprisoned onboard the Egg Carrier. While in their cell, Amy assure Lily that Sonic would come and save them. Soon after, E-102 Gamma arrived at their cell to take Lily away. Amy refused to hand her over however, and instead asked Gamma to help them. Without notice, Lily flew out of Amy's hands and looked into Gamma's eyes, sensing that one of its siblings were inside Gamma, powering him. Having a change of heart, Gamma freed Lily and Amy from their cell.[4] Making their escape, Lily and Amy got caught by Eggman and his henchbots after making it to the Egg Carrier's outer deck. At the same time, Sonic and Tails arrived on the scene to help Amy. While Amy was busy dealing with the new arrivals and Eggman, Lily got nabbed by Decoe. Getting past Amy, Eggman seized Lily and took the Chaos Emerald from inside her locket. Having no use for her any longer, Eggman had Lily handed back to Amy. Soon after, Lily and Amy were flown off the crashing Egg Carrier by Tails. Down on the ground, the trio were found by Chuck Thorndyke, who took them to the Thorndyke Mansion. There, Lily showed Amy the picture of her and her siblings in her locket. After Amy understood how Lily had been separated from her siblings, she decided to help Lily look for them.[5]

Lily and her family departing for places unknown.

Concluding that Lily's siblings were still onboard the Egg Carrier, Lily and Amy went in search of where the Egg Carrier had crashed, but were unable to find any clues. Fortunately, they got help from Big the Bat, who pointed them in the direction of the Egg Carrier. After getting onboard the vessel however, the duo came across Decoe, Bocoe and ZERO. While they tried to flee from the robots, Lily and Amy stumbled upon a computer room that revealed that Lily's siblings were serving as the power sources of E-102 Gamma and E-101 "Kai". Having no time to waste, Amy took out ZERO and immobilized Decoe and Bocoe, allowing Lily and Amy to proceed. Soon after, Lily and Amy arrived in the middle of a battle between E-101 "Kai" and Gamma. After the two robots took each other out, Lily's siblings were released from the robot's innards. Happy about the return of her siblings, Lily thanked Amy for all her help and rejoined her family. The trio of birds then flew away to live in peace.[6]


Like her species would imply, Lily can only speak in a language consisting of chirps and tweets. While recognized as animal life, Lily is remarkably intelligent and sociable, being capable of understanding normal language and display striking insight.

Lily is shown to love her siblings very much, as she would shed tears of sorrow after being separated from them. She also likes Amy, who took care of her and loved her dearly.[5]

Powers and abilities

Like other birds, Lily is capable of flight.[3]





  • Lily plays the same role as Birdie from Sonic Adventure, with the difference that she has a name and is female instead of male.


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