The Lightron[2] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is Silver the Hedgehog's racing car that is styled after Silver's own appearance.


The default Lightron is predominantly gray at the lower half and light gray at the upper half. It features glowing cyan lining at the front, the rear and the sides. It has a cyan windshield that is connected to a cyan line ending in a circle at the front. The wheels have cyan lines as well as circles at the casings, which each have a gold center, like Silver’s gloves and boots cuffs. Behind the seat, there is a small generator of sorts encased in cyan glass.

Like other cars in Team Sonic Racing, its appearance can be customized with different paint jobs, performance parts and decals. Its horn can also be changed.


In Team Sonic Racing, Silver appears with the Lightron as his vehicle as a member of the newly formed Team Vector to join Dodon Pa's racing Grand Prix.


  • The Lightron somewhat resembles a Mercedes Biome.


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