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This group exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Come on, boys! Let's go lose a battle!

Chameleon, "Lightning Bowler Society"

The Lightning Bolt Society are antagonists that appear in the Sonic Boom series It is a secret society consisting of the small-time crooks and regular folks[3] on Seaside Island who have joined together to ascend as villains. However, they are very inept and small-minded (their master plan being to control all the fruit in Hedgehog Village and beyond) and the members are considered two-bit crooks at best.[1] As such, heroes deem them harmless while supervillains look down on them with contempt, despite many of the members admiring the latter.[1]


TV series


The Lightning Bolt Society was founded by a number of its members, including Dave the Intern.[4] Being wannabe villains, they would roam the Village to commit "evil", which primarily involved stealing fruits and being general annoyances. They would also repeatedly search Dr. Eggman's trash for anything of worth, including the Mutant Seed Gun.[1]

Season one

The Lightning Bolt Society including Tails into their group.

While scouting, the Chameleon saw Tails destroy an orchard. Interpreting this as an act of maliciousness, the scout reported back to the members Willy, Dave and a Weasel Bandit, who agreed Tails would be a significant addition to their organization and recruited him, though Tails had no idea of their alignment until after the Lightning Bolts made him their leader. As Sonic, Amy and Dr. Eggman then intruded, each to foil the Lightning Bolts for their own reasons, the Lightning Bolts tried fighting Sonic when ordered by Eggman, but utterly failed. Instead, the majority would swarm Eggman for autographs, enabling the heroes to get away.[1]

The Lightning Bolt Society later met up for an emergency meeting to seize Eggman's abandoned lair. All they did was lounge around in the lair though. While trying to use the lair's systems, they launched several random attacks on Seaside Island and shut down Orbot and Cubot. Later noticing Team Sonic and Eggman were trying to stop them, the Lightning Bolts Society set an ambush for them, but got outsmarted and fled the lair.[2]

The Lightning Bolt Society stirring up trouble.

When the Tree Spy discovered Sonic had retired and Team Sonic was out of town, the Lightning Bolt Society took this chance to attack the Village by harassing the villagers before sending sheep on a stampede through town. However, Sonic returned to halt the stampede. Then, when Willy "insulted" the villagers as his group moped, the Lightning Bolts were forced to attend Amy's sensitivity seminar.[5] Following this incident, the Lightning Bolt Society would play pranks on the villagers with coins glued to the ground, though without Dave (whose mother had forbid him from hanging out with them).[4]

Against all odds, the Lightning Bolt Society got called to Eggman's lair by Eggman himself to join his league of villains to destroy Team Sonic. After some leadership arguments and team exercises, the Lightning Bolt Society agreed to Eggman's leadership after Shadow the Hedgehog left the group criticizing them. Attacking Team Sonic, the Lightning Bolt Society helped divide the heroes into different fights with them. Even with robots provided by Eggman and their new allies though, they lost to the heroes.[6]

Season two

The Lightning Bolt Society's core members were soon assembled by Dave the Intern to crash the party at Meh Burger's reopening as payback at Mr. Slate for firing Dave. However, most of them abandoned Dave's plan in favor of the party. These members thus came along with the attendies when Dr. Eggman trapped them in a force-field and sent them towards space in Meh Burger. Dave and Sticks rescued them however, when they foiled Eggman's plan.[7] The members later came together when malware-infected robots overran Hedgehog Village. During the chaos, the Lightning Bolt Society got acknowledged by Knuckles while he rallied the villagers to help Team Sonic battle the robots, with Dave himself joining the fight.[8]

The Lightning Bolts as bowling superstars.

Having lost their eightieth consecutive battle (thanks to Team Sonic) when trying to commit villainy, the Lightning Bolts' core members decided to try out bowling as a new vocation and formed the Lightning Bowler Society. The group quickly became bowling celebrities, but their success soon made them disband. During Team Sonic's attempts to reunite them, which got interrupted when the heroes had to fight Eggman, the Lightning Bowlers were reminded of their happier days as villains and friends. Deciding to become Lightning Bolters again without bowling to threaten their friendship, the group accidentally helped Team Sonic beat Eggman's Mega when trying to defeat Team Sonic. Refusing the Pin Dashers a rematch though, the Lightning Bolts got scared off by Sonic.[9] Later on, when local gossip revealed that Dr. Eggman was no doctor, most of the Lightning Bolts' main members began seeing him as a joke. They thus joined the villagers in mocking Eggman during the scientist's next trip to the Village. Most of the core members soon after joined Professor Kingsford's Evil Science class to get doctorates (they even formed a study group with fellow-student Eggman). Over the next eighty-seven weeks, they witnessed Eggman face continuous failures and ruin their point grade average. However, the Lightning Bolts failed the final exam by not cheating (unlike Eggman).[10]


The attire worn by the Lightning Bolt Society.

All members of the Lightning Bolt Society wear long purple robes adorned with lightning bolts and hoods, the latter which they use to hide their faces. They also each wear a red fez with the Lightning Bolt Society's insignia on the front, which depicts a fist clutching two lightning bolts.


  • Despite claiming that they are a secret society, the Lightning Bolts are not very discrete in their actions, presumably due to their ineptitude. While Tails had never heard of them, Sonic and Eggman knew of their activities. The group even has an online profile, complete with status updates.[1]
  • The Lightning Bolt Society's insignia bares resemblance to the Clipper Fist, an emblem associated with cyber-activity rights.
  • The Lightning Bolt Society does not have a leader because it is not a well-organized group.[11]




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