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Lightmare from Sonic the Comic #98. Art by Richard Elson and colouring by Steve White.

Lightmare is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is Lord Sidewinder's most loyal servant and thus an enemy of the Chaotix Crew. She resides in New Tek City in the Special Zone.



Lightmare reveals herself as Sidewinders daughter, from Sonic the Comic #98.

Lightmare wears blue body-coverings, heavy white robes and a golden mask. This outfit makes most people (including Chaotix) believe that Lightmare is male, although in fact she is Lord Sidewinder's daughter. Beneath the mask, she has dark pink skin, green eyes and long blonde hair, as well as an upturned nose (like her father) and pointed ears.[1] The only part of her body usually exposed is a pink, worm-like tail. Lightmare wears several gold rings, and a gold chain around her neck with a crescent symbol on it.


Sonic the Hedgehog first encountered Lightmare as one of Lord Sidewinder's "associates" after Sidewinder bailed Sonic out of jail.[2] Following Super Sonic's treachery and the arrival of Chaotix she fought Charmy Bee. When Super Sonic was trapped inside the Omni-Viewer, she and the rest of Sidewinder's gang used the distraction to escape.[3]

She later helped Sidewinder in his attempts to steal Super Sonic,[4] but when he became increasingly obsessed she began to fear for his sanity. Refusing to leave him, she instead sought out Sonic and Chaotix to help thwart Sidewinder's schemes,[1] which they did.[5]

Lightmare was eventually arrested along with the rest of Sidewinder's gang by Lieutenant Furor.[6]


Although loyal to Sidewinder, her father, she is willing to question him when he makes poor decisions, as shown when she says "I told you it was folly to trust this demon," when the crime lord is betrayed by Super Sonic.[2] She is more concerned with Sidewinder's well-being than with executing his evil schemes, as shown when she called off a mission to capture Super Sonic in order to get Sidewinder an antidote for Bio-Hazard's toxic waste.[4] She remained loyal to him even after beginning to fear for his sanity when he became obsessed with usurping the powers of Super Sonic, although she secretly sought Chaotix's help to ensure his plan was not carried out (again, largely to prevent Sidewinder from being killed).[1]

Powers and abilities

Lightmare carries around a small, gold Nightmare Box (aka the Box of Nightmares), attached by a chain to her left wrist, and the key to the box is on her right wrist. She can use this Nightmare Box to conjure utterly convincing nightmarish illusions, forcing people to confront their fears. For example, she made Charmy hallucinate a giant can of bug spray,[3] Sonic think he was blind in a dream and trapping Mighty the Armadillo in an invisible cage.[1] These nightmares last as long as the Box is kept open.[4] She also seems to have the ability to teleport in a cloud of smoke.[1]

Robotnik Reigns Supreme

When Doctor Robotnik absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds and reshaped reality so that Sonic the Hedgehog and Chaotix never existed, Sidewinder (now calling himself Overlord Sidewinder) was ruler of the Special Zone. Lightmare was still his closest ally.

Lightmare believed that battling Sonic (whom Robotnik was torturing by removing his speed and abilities) was too easy. Sidewinder privately explained to her that after defeating Sonic they could try to steal Robotnik's power so that Sidewinder could rule the universe. The omnipotent Robotnik overheard this, and in fury he turned Sidewinder, Lightmare and all of Sidewinder's minions to stone, as a warning to anyone else that might betray him.[7]


  • Lightmare's pink tail was incorrectly coloured blue in Sonic the Comic #98, "Doomsday, Part 2".


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