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The lighting switch (照明スイッチ[1] shōmei suitchi?) is a gimmick that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a type of switch that is used to light up rooms or for other purposes.


Overall, lighting switches are pull switches that are attached to the ceiling. As such, they consist of a wide handle that is connected to the ceiling through a chain or pole. When the playable character pulls the handle downwards, the chain/pole will extend, activating the intended mechanism. In gameplay, this mechanism can vary, but it is usually activated to light up rooms. To let go of the lighting switch, the player has to press the assigned jump button. However, the lighting switches' effects are only temporary.

Game appearances

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

A lighting switch in Sandopolis Zone Act 2, from Sonic & Knuckles.

In Sonic & Knuckles and the lock-on game Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, the lighting switches appear in Sandopolis Zone Act 2. In these games, they are featured as white and light gray handles that are attached to the ceiling through a red chain and a gray disc. In gameplay, they must be used by the player to light up the entire Act, and thus scare the Hyudoros away, though this is optional.

Sonic Lost World

A lighting switch in Silent Forest Zone 4, from the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World.

In the Wii U version and PC version of Sonic Lost World, the lighting switches are found in Silent Forest Zone 4. In these games, they are designed as extendable gray poles with yellow handles that have circular markers in their middle. These poles are attached to the ceilings via a yellow disk. In gameplay, they must be used to the player to light up the entire Zone, thereby making it possible for the player to hit targetable objects with the Homing Attack. Notably, while the light is on, the circle on the lighting switch is gray, but in the darkness, it glows cyan.

While the lighting switches are optional for the majority of their Zone, they are needed to combat Zor during his boss fight, namely by both identifying Zor among his shadow clones and making him a target for the Homing Attack.

Sonic Mania

In Sonic Mania and its expansion Sonic Mania Plus, objects that heavily resemble the lighting switches appear in Oil Ocean Zone Act 2, where they are featured as silver handles attached to a copper chain. In gameplay, these lighting switches to not light up the player's surroundings; instead, they are used to clear out poisonous smoke from the area.


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