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The Light Speed Attack (ライトスピードアタック Raito Supīdo Atakku?, lit. "Light Speed Attack"), also called the Light Attack (ライトアタック Raitoatakku?) is a move that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. When using the Light Speed Attack, the user uses the Light Speed Dash to attack all enemies within range at the speed of light, making it the most powerful version of the Homing Attack.[1]


The Light Speed Attack has barely changed from game to another. When using it, the user charges at different opponents at the speed of light with midair Homing Attacks and destroying every lesser enemy in the vicinity (including those far away or above the player), whether in direct or circular succession. The Light Speed Attack is more powerful than the regular Homing Attack and faster than the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack.

Since this move allows the player to attack and destroy multiple enemies in rapid succession, the Light Speed Attack is particularly useful when the player is outnumbered.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure

The Light Speed Attack first appeared in Sonic Adventure where it is only used by Sonic the Hedgehog. To perform it, Sonic must possess the Ancient Light. To use the Light Speed Attack, Sonic must go into a Spin dash for a few seconds. Sonic will then stop spinning and be surrounded by orbs of white light as long as the player holds down the action button. Releasing the button will make Sonic unleash the Light Speed Attack. Like the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack, the Light Speed Attack can be used to deal double damage to Chaos 6.

Sonic Shuffle

In Sonic Shuffle, the Light Speed Attack is referred to as the Light Speed Spin Attack, and is used only by Sonic. In this game, it serves as Sonic's Special Attack Ability, dealing anywhere from one to seven points of damage.

Sonic Adventure 2

In Sonic Adventure 2 and its remake, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, the Light Speed Attack is used by both Sonic and Shadow. In order for either of them to perform this attack, they have to possess the Ancient Light. To use the Light Speed Attack, the player must go into a Spin Dash until the playable character stops spinning and becomes surrounded by orbs of white light. Releasing the action button will then unleash the Light Speed Attack.

The technique is most useful when an Artificial Chaos P-100 transforms its body into cells, allowing the player to destroy every one of them with ease.

Sonic Heroes

In Sonic Heroes, the Light Speed Attack can only be used by Sonic while the Team Blast Gauge is resetting from performing Sonic Overdrive; when there are still enemies near Sonic, the player must press XboxX.png/Square/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png while in the air to activate the attack, and can cancel it with the same buttons. The attack can also be activated while throwing Sonic with the Fire Dunk and Thunder Shoot attacks. Super Sonic can also use it to intercept Metal Overlord's attacks by using either himself or his teammates to shoot himself like normal, but at the cost of five Rings. This is not recommended, especially when the player's Ring count is low.

In this game, the Light Speed Attack has its flaws. In some cases where objects (such as Cases) are in the way, the Light Speed Attack will collide with it indefinitely and cannot rearrange itself.






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