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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted

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"Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted" is the sixty-second episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the sixty-second episode, it aired as the fifty-first episode during the show's original run.







Sonic's costumes


Dr. Ivo Robotnik receives a rejection letter in the mail from Throbbin Screech, denying him the privileged of appearing on his talk show, Lifestyles of the Very Good. He turns on the TV to see that Sonic was chosen to be on the show instead. Very jealous and angry, Robotnik declares he will get revenge by catching Sonic on the show.

The next day, Robotnik has captured Throbbin Screech's niece and plans to force Screech into letting him on his show. Throbbin Screech says it wouldn't be too bad if his niece was dipped in lava, but he reconsiders and agrees to let Robotnik on the show.

Sonic and Tails tune in to watch Screech's show just to see the name changed to "Lifestyles of the Sick & Twisted". Robotnik is on the show wearing a suit and wig. Throbbin Screech tries to humiliate Robotnik, but then goes along with what Robotnik says to ensure the safety of his niece. Robotnik declares on TV that he will catch Sonic forever. Sonic and Tails laugh at him.

Robotnik takes Throbbin Screech for a ride in his Egg-O-Matic Evaporator Slash Sonic Smasher. They go and evaporate a lake and wait for Sonic to come and save the fish. Sonic gives the fish some fish bowl helmets then goes to get more water. Robotnik can't catch Sonic with his machine so he grabs Tails instead. Sonic refills the lake then realizes Tails has been taken. He quickly goes after Dr. Robotnik.

Back at Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Tails is chained up over lava next to Screech's niece. Sonic arrives and easily defeats Scratch and Grounder. Throbbin Screech tells Sonic to keep fighting because the audience loves it and that bad people are more interesting than good people. Sonic is disgusted that Screech cares about his ratings more than his niece. Sonic says that Tails is too important to him so he gives himself up in exchange for Tails' and the niece's freedom. Robotnik goes back on the deal and keeps Sonic, Tails and the niece captured. Robotnik declares he is going to broadcast the end of Sonic on the show tonight. As his last request, Sonic asks for a makeup person so he'll look good on TV.

While hanging over lava, Sonic and company are forced to watch Robotnik's show, now titled "Lifestyles of Robotnik Only". Scratch brings in Heckuba, Sonic's makeup person. She is a very ugly poodle lady. After Scratch leaves, she reveals that she is also a lock smith and she frees Sonic. She then uses makeup to make Sonic look like her and make herself look like Sonic. Sonic chains up Heckuba in his place. He unlocks Tails and the nieces chains, but tells them to pretend to still be trapped until everyone else leaves. Scratch and Grounder come and take Sonic and Heckuba away.

On the show, Robotnik is hosting and Throbbin Screech is sitting around playing solitaire. Robotnik brings Sonic on the show (who's actually Heckuba in disguise) and goes to pinch his nose, just to be a jerk. The nose comes right off. Robotnik then sees through Sonic's disguise, Sonic takes the disguise off and ties up Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder and sets Heckuba free. Robotnik says he still has Tails and the niece, but they show up revealing to him that they are free. Sonic puts the camera on Robotnik and uses a feather to force him to say good things about Sonic. Throbbin Screech gets his show back and everyone (except Robotnik) lives happily ever after.

Sonic Sez

Scratch and Grounder are vandalizing a playground. Sonic comes and ties them up, saying that "vandalism is very stupid and it's against the law".

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Comment vivent les gens malhonnêtes How dishonest people live
German Der rasende Studiogast The mad studio guest
Italian Come vivono gli imbranati e i fuori di testa How dumb and freak live
Spanish (Spain) Así viven los perversos y los villanos This is how the wicked and the villains live
Spanish (Latin America) Estilo de vida de los malvados y los lunáticos Lifestyle of the wicked and lunatics


  • Although it was an insult made by Tails, this episode marks the second use of the name "Eggman" in America, which was Dr. Robotnik's name only in Japan at the time this episode was made, until it was brought worldwide.
  • Bart the Barfy Bumblebee is possibly a parody of the popular Mexican comedy show El Chapulín Colorado or even possibly Bumblebee Man, a parody of the same show used in the popular prime time cartoon, The Simpsons.