Life Energy is the very energy of living organisms. It is never explained what exactly Life Energy is other than the fact it is life itself.

Game appearances

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Throughout the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Dr. Eggman's models of robots were powered by life energy. They were known as Badniks and were powered by small animals. The animals themselves are trapped inside the robots while all the while drawing energy from them to stay active. However, a hit from the character could easily destroy them entirely harmlessly freeing the hostage within them.

Minus some exceptions in certain Sonic games, this method of powering Eggman's robots continued up until the game Sonic Heroes, as Eggman's new Egg Pawn robot line did not release any captured animals when released, suggesting they were powered through other means. However certain games, such as Sonic Rush still had animals trapped inside Eggman's robots.

Condensed Life Energy takes the form of a green liquid.

In Sonic Lost World, Dr. Eggman restarted his Badnik series, which, as before, was powered by living animals, and showed the process of how the animals are "robotized" into Badniks (simply taken out of the capsule and dropped inside a vacant Badnik). Dr. Eggman also constructed a machine known as the Extractor which, like his Badniks with single little animals, is able to draw the Life Energy of the world itself and condense it into a green liquid state that can be consumed by robots and organic creatures alike to increase their own strength, as it is the same form of energy that powers Badniks only in liquid state. The machine, however, was made only to siphon off small, harmless amounts of energy from the planet. However, the Deadly Six eventually took over the control of the Extractor to extract all the life energy from the world, growing more powerful over time. After Sonic defeated the Deadly Six and Dr. Eggman, Tails managed to reprogram the Extractor to return the stolen energy back into the planet, restoring natural life.

In other media

Sonic X

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During Series 2 (Season 3) of the anime series, Sonic X, a villainous group of aliens known as the Metarex sought after Planet Eggs, which are said to be the life force of each planet of the universe. Without it, the planet will eventually "die" which can happen in many ways depending on the planet.


  • It is most likely that Life Energy is, or is connected to, Chaos Energy, as the Chaos Emeralds are thought to be the source of all life in Sonic's World.[1][2]
  • Life Energy could consist of various organic energy such as bioelectricity, body heat or based on various esoteric energy philosophies such as Qi, Mana or Vitalism.
  • In the British comic Sonic the Comic, the victims that powered Dr. Robotnik's Badniks were recognised as organic batteries. The vacant Badniks could be active but with limited capabilities until it takes in a victim. Sonic had to be careful fighting Badniks due to them holding a hostage.
  • Life Energy can be compared to Ki from the DragonBall series. All life in the series possesses some degree of the energy which, to those who know how to manipulate there own, can use it in powerful attacks or contribute it to other powerful attacks like the Spirit Bomb. However, unlike the DragonBall series, Life Energy is regarded just for living while Chaos Powers can be more comparable to the kind of techniques seen in the DragonBall series.
  • Sonic's world's Life Energy can be compared to the Lifestream from Final Fantasy VII, in which it is the essence of the life of Gaia itself which can be extracted in a green liquid energy state known as Mako energy.


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