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Lien-Da is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is the Light Mobius universe counterpart of Mobius Prime's Lien-Da. Prior to the timeline being altered by King Sonic, Lien-Da was the Grandmaster of the Dark Legion, though she had seemingly let go of her hatred for her half-sister Julie-Su. After receiving word from her son Rutan that Knuckles was going to make an alliance with the Kingdom of Acorn to stop world wide destruction due to the numerous occasions of immense stress on the space time continuum, she confronted Rotor Walrus and Cobar. She had the latter create a device that would allow her to remember the other time-line after King Sonic repaired the damage. After the timeline was altered, she was the Grandmaster of the Dark Presence and an enforcer of King Shadow. After Shadow's fall at the hands of the returned King Sonic and Lara-Su, Rutan was taken away from Lien-Da, and she vowed vengeance on those she felt were responsible for it. After she managed to release Shadow, he became intent on revenge and intended to release Tikhaos and after Lien-Da tried to convince him otherwise, he broke her spatial armband, causing her to disintegrate.



Full view of Lien-Da.

Lien-Da's appearance remains mostly the same in the Light Mobius dimension. She retains her cyborg enhancements and a black leather uniform. In the altered timeline she is also seen with her whip.

Lien-Da also looks very youthful despite her current age during "Light Mobius. The reasons for this are unknown but there have been Echidnas who age at a slow pace due to their connection to the Chaos Force, such as the Brotherhood. It's also never been established the actual concrete rate at which Mobians age.


25 Years Later (Unaltered)

Before King Sonic's alteration of the space-time continuum, Lien-Da settled down and had a son named Rutan by an unknown father. She lived with Rutan and her grandfather Dimitri, and ascended to the rank of Grandmaster of the Dark Legion, which had been reduced to little more than a social group. She hired Cobar, a brilliant Echidna mind, to be her chief scientist.

Lien-Da caught her son Rutan sneaking out one night to see his girlfriend Salma (Espio's elder daughter) at Locke's Park, after Lien-Da had specifically told him not to. Lien-Da was furious, but nevertheless helped escort Salma home. Later, Lien-Da questioned her son further about his whereabouts. Dimitri intervened, saying that Rutan was just a teenage boy, leading to an argument between Lien-Da and Dimitri about why he had never turned over control of the Dark Legion to her. Dimitri admitted that it was because she always acted in her own self-interest.

Rutan revealed that he had overheard Knuckles and Rotor talking about the collapse of the timeline. To his surprise, Lien-Da believed him and let him go without punishment.

After confronting Rutan, Lien-Da called Julie-Su, much to her half-sister's surprise. She was connected to a three-way conversation with herself, Julie-Su, and Queen Sally. They discussed the recent weather patterns connected to what Rotor was studying, hoping to hear more about it. Julie-Su also invited Lien-Da to dinner but the offer was declined.

Lien-Da later went to confront Cobar and Rotor about their experiments. She demanded from Cobar what information he was hiding from her. After hearing about the collapsing timeline, she forced Cobar to create a device for her which would help retain her memories after King Sonic altered space-time.

25 Years Later (Altered)

In the altered timeline, Lien-Da used her knowledge of the old timeline to serve the new King Shadow as one of his enforcers. She was also Grandmaster of the Dark Presence, the newest incarnation of the Dark Legion. Because of her elevated status in this altered timeline, she had no interest in the future being restored to its proper order.

She was responsible for the capture of Rotor, which earned her praise from Shadow, and was later assigned to inform Shadow's chief enforcer Knuckles to capture Sonic, Tails and his daughter Lara-Su. After their capture, Lien-Da celebrated these events (particularly the apparent end of the line of Edmund) in her home, much to the disappointment of Dimitri, who was reduced in this time to a cybernetic head in a glass orb. Dimitri saw Lien-Da's alliance with Shadow as on a level with his own association with Doctor Finitevus.

Five Years Later

After King Shadow's fall, Rutan was apparently taken away from Lien-Da. Displaying love for her son, she was deeply upset and vengeful as a result. As part of her plans for revenge, Lien-Da had the Dark Presence create several decoys for Lara-Su so that while King Sonic gave his speech at the celebration of his five year rule, she could fire at the hedgehog with a rocket. Surprisingly, Silver the Hedgehog appeared and stopped the projectile with his psychokinesis, saving the royal family. That night, Lien-Da and the Dark Presence invaded Castle Mobius and freed King Shadow from suspended animation. When Shadow wanted to use Tikhaos for punishing the world she tried to stop him, but he ripped off her spatial armband, costing her existence.


Like in the present time, Lien-Da would remain deceiving and wicked. In the unaltered timeline, she seemed to settle down with a more peaceful life but was still so much of a concern that the Brotherhood kept careful watch on her. Dimitri would often try to act as a voice of reason to her, promoting her to reestablish her relationship with Julie-Su. She was seen getting along with her half-sister as well.

In the altered timeline, Lien-Da seemed to be more brutal and darker as leader of the Dark Presence and working for the tyrannical King Shadow. She took pleasure in torturing Rotor and pride in the fact she had Lara-Su arrested by her own father. Dimitri would also describe her behavior as "despicable".

She however remains loving towards her son and their forced separation hurt her deeply. She becomes revenge-driven after King Shadow's fall and while she wishes to avoid harming Sonia and Manik if possible, she is eager to punish those she finds responsible for the current government and her situation, including Sonic and Lara-Su.



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