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Li Yuen is a resident of Stormtop Village, whose family has lived at Stormtop Village for years.


On the hundredth day of the blazing fire on Mount Stormtop made by the Iron Queen, Sonic and Tails came to the house of his granddaughter, Li Moon, and asked for water as they had been exposed to the heat of the fire. She said that she could not as water was being rationed as the village's supply was low, and Li Yuen then explained further to Sonic and Tails and told how the Iron Queen had used her magic to keep the fire going and how the Iron King had locked away the Fan of Fen Xing, the only thing that could put out the fire and return their village's lifestyle to normal. Upon the trio's arrival after retrieving the fan and putting out the fire, Li Yuen said he was not surprised at their success as they had had help from the fabled Monkey King. (StH: #60)


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