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A bright and bubbly pop star in the making, with a killer voice and dance moves to match. She's a go-getter, too; Li'l Kate doesn't sit around waiting for favors. "If life's a ride," she says, "then move over, 'cause I'm driving."

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Li'l Kate (リル・アン Riru An?, lit. "Li'l Anne") is a character that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. She is a human resident of Empire City and a talented singer and dancer who dreams of becoming a professional pop star.


Ever since she was a little girl, Li'l Kate dreamt of becoming a professional pop star. As she grew older, she never let go of that dream.

During the event of Sonic Unleashed, Li'l Kate met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip when they first came to Empire City, where she greeted them and remarked they were strange, before telling them about her dream to becoming a singer. Later on, during nightfall, Li'l Kat met Sonic the Werehog and Chip, where she was surprised by Sonic's change in "hairstyle", though she still found it nice due to how hairy it was. Soon after, Li'l Kate saw Sonic fight Dark Gaia's Minions, and when Sonic later return, Li'l Kate told him what she saw before praising him being "hot stuff" and saying that she totally dug Sonic's werehog arms.

Later on, Li'l Kate met Sonic and Chip again, where she noted she had seen them around Empire City a lot and asked if they liked it here. During the same nightfall, Li'l Kate heard about how Dark Gaia's Minions showed up at night. She soon after found Sonic and Chip again, where she told them what she had heard and told them to watch out.

Later on, Li'l Kate learned that Def Big held auditions for singers. Seeing this as her chance to achieve her dream, Li'l Kate was overly excited and decided to use this opportunity. Soon after, Li'l Kate met Sonic and Chip again and told them about Def Big and his audition, before noting how there was no way she was not going to miss this.

Applying for the audition, Li'l Kate made a demo tape with her singing and sent it to Def Big for evaluation. Despite her confidence, however, Li'l Kate became so nervous about making the cut that she could not sleep or eat. She would, however, relief her worries by talking to Sonic and Chip and tell them about her dream to be a singer.

Eventually, Li'l Kate could not wait any longer and began seeking out Def Big to hear the result. As such, she went on a stakeout on a place where Def Big came by often and waited for him to come by. While waiting during the night, she met Sonic and Chip again, where she explained her plan to talk to Def Big, but guessed she would have a better chance during the day. True enough, Li'l Kate spotted Def Big the following day on nearby street, and began to chase after him. While running after him, however, Li'l Kate met Sonic and Chip again. Seeing this as a perfect timing, Li'l Kate asked Sonic to catch Def Big for her after telling him where she saw him. As Sonic accepted the request, Li'l Kate thanked Sonic. When Sonic returned with Def Big, Li'l Kate nervously introduced herself to Def Big and asked if he had listened to her demo tape. Recognizing her, Def Big told Li'l Kate that he had narrowed his choice down to her and another guy with much talent as well. While Li'l Kate was surprised to hear another was in his consideration, she became even more surprised to hear that she was among Def Big's two final candidates. As Def Big left, Li'l Kate told Sonic that she was concerned about the other guy Def Big had chosen.

Later on, Li'l Kate met Sonic and Chip again, where she told them that she had learned Def Big's other candidate was named Shadi and that she expected competition, but she had no idea who it would be. Regardless, Li'l kate vowed not lose.

Soon after, Li'l Kate met Shadi, and the two of them began duking it out over the competition. On the day where Def Big would announce the result, Li'l Kate and Shadi were still arguing until they saw Sonic and Chip nearby. After Li'l Kate explained to them what was going on, she began to wonder who won and asked Sonic to find Def Big so they could settle this. Before he could go, however, Li'l Kate told Sonic that she thought Shadi was talented and that even though she wanted to win, she thought Shadi still deserved a chance.

Def Big eventually came to Li'l Kate and Shadi, where he announced that both of them had won the competition as he had decided to let them debut as a two-person singing act, which both Li'l Kate and Shadi happily agreed on. Later on, Li'l Kate met with Sonic and Chip again, where she proclaimed that with both her dream fulfilled and meeting her perfect partner, they would make the whole world fall in love with their music.


Li'l Kate is a bright and bubbly individual with a firm determination towards achieving her dreams. She is as well a go-getter; Li'l Kate does not sit around waiting for favors and instead follows her own philosophy "If life's a ride, then move over, 'cause I'm driving."


  • The name "Li'l Kate" is most likely a parody of Lil' Kim, who is an American rapper.


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