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Lew Stringer's self-drawn caricature from Sonic the Comic #61.

Lew Stringer (born 22 March 1959, England) is a comic book writer. He and Nigel Kitching wrote the vast majority of stories in Sonic the Comic, published by Fleetway Editions. Lew Stringer created several of the most popular original characters in the series, including Tekno the Canary, Shortfuse the Cybernik, Commander Brutus, and Metamorphia.

Sonic the Comic

Lew Stringer had been doing freelance work for Fleetway/Egmont for several years, writing and drawing humour comics such as Buster. He was approached by then-editor of Sonic the Comic, Richard Burton, who had seen his work and wanted to put more humour into the comic.[1] Lew's first story was "Metamorphia" in Sonic the Comic #30 (in which he introduced Metamorphia the shape-shifter), and he wrote several other one-off and short stories. Despite being hired to introduce humour, he avoided outright slapstick, and some of his stories soon became closer to the action-drama mix favoured by Nigel Kitching, the lead writer at the time, especially in his 4-part "Project Brutus" story that ran from Sonic the Comic #63 to #66. Lew also became the main writer on backup strips, particularly those featuring Tails and Amy Rose.

Between Sonic the Comic #158 and and #174, Lew Stringer was the only writer on the comic (three of the four strips having been given over to reprints), and in this time he concluded the Shanazar story arc and wrote popular stories, such as "Worlds Collide", "Planet in Peril", and "Game Over". After this, Nigel Kitching returned as sole writer for the final 10 issues before the series was made wholly reprint.

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