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Level Up Items,[1][2] or Permanent Upgrades,[3] are special equipment that can grant new powers and abilities to whoever is wearing them. Unlike most items, Level Up Items are permanent and are not lost when a character dies. It is possible to skip some Level Up Items or get some Level Up Items early if one takes advantage of some glitches, but it is not recommended to skip them or not get them.

Games with Level Up Items

List of Level Up Items

A means the Level Up Item is in that game and it is optional to obtain, means that it is mandatory to complete the game.

Level Up Item User Ability granted SA SA2 S06 SU
Light Speed Shoes Sonic Light Speed Dash

Crystal Ring Sonic Halves time for Light Speed Dash and Light Speed Attack
Ancient Light Sonic, Shadow Light Speed Attack

Bounce Bracelet Sonic Bound Jump

Flame Ring Sonic, Shadow Fire Somersault

Magic Gloves Sonic Magic Hands
Mystic Melody

Sonic, Miles, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Eggman

Creating paths at Ancient Ruins



Light Chip Sonic Light Speed Dash

Red Gem Sonic Slow
Blue Gem Sonic Mach Speed
Green Gem Sonic Tornado
White Gem Sonic Homing Smash
Yellow Gem Sonic Thunder Guard
Sky Gem Sonic Gun Drive
Purple Gem Sonic Scale
Stomping Shoes Sonic Stomp

Wall Jump Shoes Sonic Wall Jump

Air Boost Shoes Sonic Boost in mid-air

Jet Anklet Tails Increased flying speed
Rhythm Badge Tails Rapid Tails Attack

Bazooka Tails Increased Volkan Cannon power (break Steel Containers)

Booster Tails Hover briefly after jumping

Laser Blaster Tails, Eggman Lock-On Missiles explode on contact
Shovel Claw Knuckles Dig

Fighting Gloves Knuckles Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack
Hammer Gloves Knuckles Increased attack power (break Steel Containers)

Air Necklace Knuckles Stay underwater without drowning
Sunglasses Knuckles See invisible objects
Warrior Feather Amy Spin Hammer Attack

Long Hammer Amy Enlarges attack range
Power Rod Big Longer casting distance
Life Belt Big Stay afloat while swimming

Lure x4 Big Catch bigger fish
Jet Booster Gamma Hover briefly after jumping

Laser Blaster Gamma Blast damages enemies in a wide pattern
Air Shoes Shadow Light Speed Dash

Air Chip Shadow Light Speed Dash

Memory Shard (blue) Shadow Chaos Boost Lv. 1 and Chaos Snap

Memory Shard (red) Shadow Chaos Boost Lv. 2 and Chaos Lance
Memory Shard (black) Shadow Chaos Boost Lv. 3 and Chaos Blast
Treasure Scope Rouge See invisible objects
Iron Boots Rouge Increased kicking power (break Steel Containers)

Pick Nails Rouge Dig

Large Cannon Eggman Increased Volkan Cannon power (break Steel Containers)

Jet Engine Eggman Hover briefly after jumping

Protective Armor Eggman Increases Eggwalker's health
Single-Layered Extreme Silver Hold Smash
Power Bracelet Silver Grab All
Heart of Wind Silver Teleport Dash

Shock Bracelet Silver Psycho Shock


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